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The advantages of having a concierge service at the heart of the Resort

A holiday or a long stay in Mauritius, a dream come true, and now you have settled in your superb individual Villa at Marguery, all ready to explore our beautiful island and its treasures. Where to start, what to see, where to dine, find a babysitter or order a massage in the Villa? At your service, our concierges are the best planners and organizers to satisfy all your needs!The concierge, a dedicated service for your happinessOur three Marguery Villas concierges, Jonathan, Olivier and Vinesh, under the leadership of Alexandre, are at your disposal 24/7 from 8am to 8pm at the reception. Their sound advice and knowledge of their island contribute greatly to an unforgettable experience. Their role? To assist you in the planning of your stay. Their services range from personalised and tailor-made activities to providing accurate answers to all your questions about Mauritius.From your arrival to your departure, one contact person, the conciergeOur absolute priority is to ensure you are happy, relaxed and carefree. The concierge service uses all its know-how, availability and kindness to make your stay a success from the first to the last day. As your first contact with the staff of our hotel residence, our privileged concierges will do their utmost to meet your expectations.Do you need to rent a car on arrival in Mauritius, hire a taxi or benefit from a private transfer? We take care of all the formalities to make your life easier. In case of early arrival at Marguery Villas or late departure, our concierges are there to assist you.Helping you organise your stayOur concierges use their years of experience and their excellent knowledge of Mauritius to advise you, suggest and book activities or recommend reliable service providers we work with. Excursions, cultural outings, shopping, delivery of groceries, restaurants, local life …: tell us your needs, your desires.From daily management to special events: a dedicated teamWhen you stay at Marguery Villas, you benefit from a whole range of top-of-the-range hotel services in a villa. To order a fresh breakfast, book a wellness treatment, have a chef come to your home or be catered for at lunch or dinner, all you need to do is make a quick phone call.On honeymoon or in Mauritius to celebrate your wedding anniversary? Share your ideas and we will help you with our enthusiasm and tailor-made solutions to make it a magical and unique moment!With our concierge service, experience not only memorable discoveries, but also the satisfaction of a chic and refined stay. Guided and accompanied by your private concierge, Jonathan, Olivier or Vinesh, live each day at Marguery Villas to the full.Book your trip directly on our website.


4 ideas where to picnic in West Mauritius

Mauritius summer is just wonderful. Midday is around the corner and you don’t feel like having lunch indoors. Why not treat yourself to a meal in the middle of nature?A lunch break surrounded by trees: our 4 green west coast suggestionsHere are three addresses combining the greenery and the gustatory pleasure as well as a magnificent place to picnic, close to our hotel residence Marguery Villas.– Vanilla VillageThe most bohemian and pleasant place to combine a healthy/savoury lunch and enjoy local crafts. In the shade of its large, century-old trees, taste delicious fresh salads or excellent burgers, accompanied by homemade iced tea, before discovering the region’s local talent in the charming little shops.– OusapornThe best Thai restaurant in the west welcomes guests in a beautiful and lush tropical garden. Shaded by large Malagasy umbrellas, surrounded by the fragrant flowers, the cuisine is rich in flavours and surprising culinary discoveries. Generous portions (as is the chili pepper, not for those with sensitive stomachs!), welcoming patrons, an assortment of delicious dishes, Ousaporn is a great place to treat yourself to a bucolic lunch, both for the palate and for the eyes.  – Le ChamarelTake in the spectacular panorama of Black River from Chamarel. A narrow and picturesque road climbs to the top of the highest mountain in Mauritius, about 15 minutes’ drive from Marguery Villas. Before having lunch at Le Chamarel restaurant, enjoy the breath-taking view over the lagoons of Le Morne and Black River.Le Chamarel is set in a rustic, tree-shaded setting with its wooden terrace with a stunning view over the surroundings. It serves refined Creole cuisine with many local products on the menu: it is an opportunity to discover some Mauritian specialities in a lush setting, either on tasting menus or à la carte.– A picnic in the GorgesDuring the month of February, it’s in the Black River Gorges that one goes in search of freshness and open space. The National Park is only five minutes away from Marguery Villas and the change of scenery is immediate.Ask our concierges to organise a take-away picnic (but pack light, as you’ ll have to walk a little): fresh salad or sandwiches and drinks. Park at the Gorges car park and follow the main path. In the shade of indigenous trees, you may come across the famous kestrel or pond pigeon, both protected species, and certainly the green chough.Several paths lead to river beds with clear, invigorating water for a swim in its lively waters. After the pleasures of water, sit down on the huge rocks and enjoy your picnic. A nap with the soft flow of the river sounds like a great time. Remember to take your rubbish to the bins situated on the car park, which are more frequently emptied than those in the park.To fully enjoy the charms of Mauritius, take your time to discover different activities. The west coast has some nice culinary surprises in store that do not require long drives.


Walking around Marguery Villas

Within 10 minutes walking distance from Marguery Villas: a relaxing day at the beach with your family.Situated between the mountains and the beach, in the heart of the village of Black River, with easy access to restaurants, shops and other useful addresses, your hotel residence Marguery Villas boasts a wide range of activities accessible on foot during your holiday or long stay, all of which are described in this Travel Guide.Within 10 minutes walking distance from Marguery Villas: a relaxing day at the beach with your family.Put on your slippers and swimming costumes and head for the beach for a relaxing day at the beach with a choice of 4 activities.7.45am: Dolphin tour at La PreneuseChoose your day and let our concierge take care of booking this West Coast highlight. When you leave Marguery Villas, just cross the road and walk a few hundred metres to the public beach of La Preneuse. There, a boat is ready to take you ashore. Luckily, the dolphins are there and make the early wake-up call worthwhile.At 10.30am: lagoon exploringThe beach of La Preneuse is the perfect place to gently explore the shallow lagoon. With a mask and a snorkel, it is a wonderful playground for children to discover and splash around in complete peace of mind. Numerous corals shelter multicoloured fish, eels, octopuses cleverly hidden in cavities. Adults can push the exploration further, as there is no current and no need to wear flippers.At midday, several restaurants offer light meals nearby. After lunch, relax under the shady filaos around the public beach kiosk for a siesta, lulled by the sound of the sea and the rustle of the trade winds in the trees, or read that novel you didn’t have time to open.At 3pm: visit to the Martello TowerLocated at the entrance of the public beach of La Preneuse, it is one of the 5 Martello Towers built in Mauritius by the English in the 19th century to protect the Mauritian coast from being attacked by ships. Listed as a National Heritage Site, fully restored in 1992 and converted into a museum in 2000, its short-guided tour offers a fascinating insight into the life of the soldiers inside their fortress and reveals the British ingenuity. There are old firearms, cannons, officers’ clothing and two wax soldiers created by the Tussauds Museum, and there is a breath-taking view of the Black River Lagoon. A life-size historical immersion that will fascinate children!At 5.30 pm: the sunset at La PreneuseBeing on the west coast, Mauritius’ reputation for the most beautiful sunsets is well justified. Mauritians enjoy it with their excellent local beer or a glass of white wine. After this day filled with great experiences, make time to sit back and enjoy a moment of total relaxation. The light of the last rays of the sun, when the sky is blazing, turns everything into a beautiful and timeless experience. A lone fisherman, a slow swaying pirogue, the song of turtle doves and Cape serins, the happy laughter of your children: moments that will remain in your memories for years to come.Exploring Tamarin and Black River on foot means taking the time to live, to savour, to soak up, and to leave with more enriching and lasting memories and experiences.


Top 9 of our favourite places to have a drink in the evening in Tamarin, Mauritius

Holidays are for relaxing but also for enjoying Mauritius nightlife. If you want to go for a drink in the evening, we recommend our favourite pub and bar nightspot, all within a ten-minute drive from Marguery Villas. Time to enjoy the famous and award-winning local Phoenix beer or an excellent old Rhum from the Rhumerie de Chamarel, while tasting the local side dishes, called “gajacks”.Drinking and dancing?There are two places in Tamarin where you can find good vibes: ‘Big Willys’ (the Big for friends), a large outdoor bar and restaurant at the village entrance, is particularly friendly and relaxing. It’s a popular weekend hangout for both locals and expatriates living on the west coast. On football or rugby match nights, the atmosphere is great thanks to the giant screens in the garden. You can dance or enjoy live music from local performers while enjoying local specialities.The Chute Bar, of the restaurant La Bonne Chute, already mentioned is another nightlife hotspot on the coast. The place is charming, the atmosphere relaxed. There is karaoke on Wednesdays, happy hour and DJ on Fridays. You can also watch matches on the big screen. Great entertainment team, good cocktail menu. A must for your holidays and an ideal opportunity to meet Mauritians in all modesty.Drinking while listening to music?The Veranda hotel on Tamarin bay regularly stages local musicians on Fridays as well as international artists at its renowned and annual Jazz Festival. With its West Coast surf spirit, enjoy your favourite cocktail with both feet in the sand, facing the ocean, in a warm and typically Mauritian atmosphere.Roots Spirit is just across the road from your hotel residence, just cross the street to reach this bar in the middle of a large garden. Brandon welcomes his guests in a relaxed and very friendly atmosphere around his circular bar. Enjoy your favourite drink while listening to local musicians on special weekends.The Frenchie, on the road to the River Gorges National Park, is a pleasant bar located in a small mall. It is nestled among a coral square and hosts a DJ or Mauritian artists for live music on weekends. Excellent atmosphere, good music, no big crowds, the ideal place for a drink with your partner.Enjoy a good glass of wineFancy going on a tour of Chilean, South African or French wines? We recommend the Moustache, a small wooden pallet terrace on the front of an old truck, which offers an interesting wine list. The atmosphere is discreet and cosy.Don’t miss our traditional sundownerYou can’ t miss out on the traditional sunset. This is the west coast and it would be a shame to miss the magnificent sight of the sun diving into the ocean! Make yourself comfortable in the late afternoon hours at the bar of The Bay Hotel overlooking La Preneuse Beach. The sky is blazing, a fisherman is making his last catch, children are playing on the sand. The bar offers a wide range of cocktails, spirits and wines to enjoy with the local snacks for a magical and unforgettable moment.On the same beach, a few steps away, the deck of the Korail Rouge, Mariposa’s bar, serves delicious cocktails prepared by its barman, to be savoured under a large tree, facing the sea, with a light trade wind breeze. A romantic and intimate atmosphere guaranteed.For a more complete change of scenery between river and sea, head for the Seeloy bar at La Balise Marina. At the river mouth of Black River, on a large wooden terrace, watch the “zozo gasse”, sea birds with their loud shout, skimming the surface of the water to land on the bank. The view is magical and time seems to stand still. Between mangroves and filaos, watch the big fishing boats return to port while enjoying your favourite drink.Marguery Villas is ideally located to satisfy your nightlife desires. Regardless of your mood, your expectations or the number of guests, you will easily find the right atmosphere. Will you have enough time to try out our favourite places to go for an evening drink in Tamarin and Black River? That is why we suggest you to choose the long-term stay, where you can take time for yourself, to make the most of your holiday in Mauritius.


Top 4 cultural venues in Mauritius

A holiday in Mauritius is a cultural and historical discovery. Here are our suggested activities to learn more about the treasures of what is not just a tropical destination. Bring your family on a journey of 4 interesting and educational outings that will satisfy both children and parents.In the footsteps of the first indentured Indians at the Aapravasi GhatLocated in Port-Louis harbour, forty minutes away from your resort, this emblematic place is where the first Indian labourers disembarked from 1834 to 1910. 70% of Mauritian’s ancestors, originating from the large peninsula but also from Africa, Madagascar, the Comoros or South-East Asia, have gone through this restored building, which has been listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO since 2006.Mauritius was the first colony to recruit indentured labourers for a period of at least five years after the abolition of slavery, to replace slaves and work mainly in the fields. Between 1834 and 1920, almost half a million indentured labourers arrived by boat from India at the Aapravasi Ghat to work on the sugarcane estates of Mauritius or to be deployed elsewhere. On 1640 m2, follow the beautiful stone stairs and walk in the footsteps of the men, women and children who were temporarily housed there. Each new entrant was registered and photographed. The splendid sepia photographs in the permanent exhibition, undoubtedly one of the museum’s most precious documents, show beautiful, serious and moving portraits.There are also historical re-enactments, discovery activities on touch screens, the display of excavations carried out on the site and various artefacts. A fascinating visit, in a beautiful historical setting, which will appeal to children and adults alike, and will help you have a better understanding of the settlement of Mauritius.Please note that the entrance is free for all.Embark on a tour of the Mahébourg Naval MuseumLocated in the south-east of Mauritius, forty minutes’ drive from Marguery Villas, the village of Mahébourg has a rich historical and naval heritage. Facing the sea and featuring an important port in the past, Mahé bourg was named in memory of the most famous administrator the country has ever known and the real architect of its growth, Mahé de La Bourdonnais. It is therefore the appropriate place to host the only naval museum in Mauritius.The first sight of the museum is the elegant colonial house built in 1760, set in a beautiful garden with century-old trees. Its magnificent gate and the canon that greets visitors are precious reminders of Mauritius’ colonial past. Please note that this is a traditional museum, with no interactive guided tour: just move around at your own pace.An antique museum with lots of characterThe museum has an interesting collection of old maps of the former Isle de France.The museum also houses a collection of extinct species, such as the legendary dodo, the Rodrigues Solitaire (or dodo) and the giant Aldabra tortoise, which was common on Rodrigues but exterminated by the Dutch for consumption.Some objects deserve your full attention: such as the Saint-Géran’s bell whose shipwreck we have mentioned earlier (LINK). Paintings, a Navy piano, palanquins, antique furniture, weapons, canons and sailing equipment give a very interesting insight into the history of Mauritius.The healing of enemy brothersThe museum is known for having housed two wounded officers after the famous battle of Vieux Grand Port in 1810 between the French and the English. The English Captain Willoughby and the French Captain Duperré were treated here and underwent their convalescence together. It is an outstanding example of the respect for the enemy that prevailed in the navy. The Battle of Vieux Grand-Port is one of the great prides of Mauritians: it is indeed Napoleon’s only naval victory and is inscribed on the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.The worship circuit in Port-LouisMauritius is a perfect example of the harmonious cohabitation between religions. Discovering some places of worship means immersing yourself in magical places that vibrate with the faith of Mauritians. We recommend a visit to Port Louis, the capital, to discover the four major religions that are practised on the island. To begin with, leave your car in the large car parks of Caudan: Port-Louis is easily walkable. You can also do everything by taxi, but that would be to miss out on the historic atmosphere of the paved streets of the capital city.Our recommendation: make sure you are dressed accordingly. Mauritians are tolerant, but places of worship are sacred, so avoid wearing anything that might be considered inappropriate.The first stop is at the Jummah Mosque, the former ‘Mosque of the Arabs’, in the heart of the capital. The stunning building dates from the 1850s and combines Indian, Creole and Islamic architecture. Entirely white with green shutters, the mosque extends over several blocks. Its impressive nailed door comes from India and was intended to repel elephant attacks. With its black and white cobbled floor, its ablution fountain and its huge prayer hall, the Jummah Mosque is very busy, especially during the Friday prayers. A beautifully carved circular balcony overlooks the street. The interior can only be visited by appointment and with a guide. Ask the concierge at your hotel for more information.Second stop, the Koyratti temple, at the northern exit of Port-Louis, after the northern station. In this place, the bright colours sparkle in the sunlight, the incense perfumes the air, which is filled with the prayers of the devotees: it is a lively, vibrant faith. Take off your shoes and walk through the different rooms of the temple. Don’t hesitate to ask the Mauritians who came to leave an offering or invoke a deity, to identify the different gods and goddesses of the Hindu pantheon. Necklaces of bright yellow flowers, cut lemons, majestic arches, pandit (priest) in prayer… experience a special time of sharing and communion with the Mauritians.Third stop, St Louis Cathedral, the oldest in Mauritius, dates back to 1814. Rebuilt several times, this beautiful grey stone monument with its two towers is home to successive bishops buried under its floor. Equipped with beautiful stained-glass windows and Christian statues, it is open to all. The Catholic Mauritians often pray there throughout the day.Last stop, the Buddhist Kwan Tee pagoda at Les Salines (opposite Caudan), certainly the oldest in the Indian Ocean. Dedicated to Kwan Tee, a great warrior known for his righteousness, the red pagoda with its pointed roofs is accessible to all. Red, green and gold are the predominant colours in the pagoda as they stand for happiness, prosperity and purity. There are several altars to make an offering or a prayer for good fortune or to the ancestors. Light incense and greet the smiling gods.The iconographic heritage at the Museum of PhotographyIn the heart of Port-Louis and in the charming cobbled lane of the Vieux Conseil, the Museum of Photography has been the family work of Marie-Noëlle and Tristan Bréville since 1966. Tristan, a great Mauritian photographer, has been conserving and saving authentic historical treasures. In the old white Creole house, stroll through the impressive collection of over a thousand old cameras, all carefully preserved.Marvel at the ancient daguerreotype that was brought to Mauritius in February 1840, making Mauritius one of the first countries in the world to practice photography! Browse through the archive photos and follow the island’s fascinating history through the thousands of old black and white and more recent colour photographs. Everything is represented: portraits, landscapes, city and country sceneries, major events, biodiversity… The museum is also a research centre for iconography with more than 400,000 acetate negatives, 5,000 glass plates, 28 daguerreotypes, 10 autochromes of the Lumière brothers, more than 200,000 prints on the island’s history and landscapes, 9,000 old postcards, more than twenty-five hours of films on Mauritius and its inhabitants from 1939 onwards, a collection of newspapers from the end of the 19th century to 1945 on photography in Mauritius, books and newspapers on the story of the cinematographer in Mauritius since 1897. Something to delight history lovers!Despite its very recent history, Mauritius is a fascinating melting pot. The beaches are beautiful, but you will also be charmed by the kindness and hospitality of the Mauritians. Spending time understanding what is special about its people is certainly the best way to enjoy a unique and successful holiday.For all your cultural outings, Jonathan, Vinesh and Olivier, our Marguery Villas concierges, will be happy to help you organise your activities: concierge@marguery-villas.com


On the mauritian western route : Towards Marguery Villas

Mauritius is much more than an exotic holiday destination. It is an exceptional opportunity to discover an authentic and welcoming people. Considering its small area, it has a surprisingly large variety of scenery and surroundings to suit all tastes.Looking for an exciting and vibrant holiday with a special interest in exploration and adventure? Stay at Marguery Villas and experience the West Island’s intense atmosphere!From Albion to Le Morne, the sheltered coast is sunny and dry, which results in a savannah-like landscape, as the average rainfall is generally lower than on the rest of the island. Resting against the mountain ranges, it is home to some beautiful beaches that are very popular with Mauritians at weekends. Shaded by filaos and offering crystal clear lagoons they are perfect for a picnic or a day at the beach. The west coast is particularly adapted to the pleasure of water sports and the discovery of marine life.As you drive along the swaying cane fields, you’ll come across the Jurassic Park-like entrance to Casela. It is the ideal wildlife and adventure park for a family day out. Right behind, there is a not to be missed horse-riding club, Cavalia.Drive along Yemen, where the vestiges of an old train station that used to take the harvested cane to the factory have remained. Tamarina, opposite, has an excellent 18-hole golf course accessible to visitors. Find out more about our golf offer for Marguery Villas residents at our concierge desk. Cœur de Tamarin, a small smart city in the making, is home to a shopping centre, a French primary school and a sports complex. As you cross the historic Tamarin bridge, you may feel the change of atmosphere between past and future.Tamarin, the Surf & Sun spirit of MauritiusAn authentic coastal village between sea and river, with its history still marked in the black rocks of the last active salt pans on the island. Large flat pools of salt sparkle in the sunlight. These are the thousands of tiny reflections of the former white gold, salt, now abandoned because of its low profits. Dressed in large skirts and wearing straw hats, women gracefully collect the salt grains from the surface. Feel free to visit the saltworks shop and take home a souvenir of this unique product.Between the church and the Hindu temple, all the essence of Mauritius blends in this small fishing village. World-renowned for its surf spots, Dale, One Eye and Black Stone, Tamarin is one of the few open bays in the country. Its curved grey sandy beach is a place of wild beauty. Many surfers and morey enthusiasts gather here on swelly days, boards tucked under their arms, rushing to get into the water. It’s a great place to surf almost all year round. If you’re new to surfing, it’s best to stick to the small breakers in the bay as Dale is very busy and the competition is tough. And if you want to take this opportunity to learn this sport, our concierges will refer you to Cyril, the best surf instructor on the island.The bay is only covered in sand once you pass the small river branch that flows into it and swimming is pleasant any time of year. Many families relax under shady filaos or umbrellas. You can have lunch feet in the sand with Chinese food – dumplings, mines, fried rice – sold in small stalls. With swimming, surfing, morey and beach volley, the atmosphere is fun and sporty. A small forest runs along the beach and Flic en Flac can be reached by a very pleasant 30-minute walk.In the heart of the village, next to the football pitch, children are welcome to use the skateboard ramp.The bay, an invitation to relaxation and contemplationThe west coast of Mauritius is famous for its splendid sunsets and Tamarin has made the “sun downer” an established tradition. Late afternoon, all year round, people gather on the beach with their mats, children and cool boxes. In a relaxed atmosphere, they sip a local beer with friends and enjoy the sea until dusk. The fishermen coming back with big tunas or bonitos is a special moment. From March to October, the very traditional large net seining, an ancient but controlled method, brings together the fishermen’s boats in an aquatic ballet.The bay is also home to two species of dolphin, the long-beaked and a smaller species, which can be spotted on an early morning boat trip.From 5am in summer, people practice yoga and meditate in this unique setting, perfect for relaxing and rejuvenating body and mind. Members of a women’s senior citizens’ association stroll the beach at a rapid pace, while young professionals catch a few waves before going to work. Living in Tamarin is all about adopting a slow living approach and taking time for yourself. It is the perfect destination for the long-term stay that we recommend.Our concierge team will do their utmost to meet your needs and ensure you have an exceptional holiday. With their deep knowledge of Mauritius and their contacts, they will always recommend our best partners and advise you for a successful stay at Marguery Villas.Discover Marguery Villas and book your next holiday on: https://www.marguery-villas-resort.com/Embrace the west coast of Mauritius. Whether you are active or contemplative, experience an unforgettable holiday in a magical setting.


Where to find organic products in Tamarin Mauritius ?

The best of organic food! First of all, well done for your involvement in favour of your health, the environment and the planet! Eating organic means being sustainable, healthy and responsible in your lifestyle. You are planning a holiday in Mauritius and are gluten intolerant and worried about how to buy organic products? No need to pack your suitcase with your favourite products, we make it easy for you by suggesting our four favourite organic addresses in Tamarin and Black River.La Vie Claire Organic StoreLocated in Cap Tamarin Square, a six-minute drive from Marguery Villas, La Vie Claire offers a wide range of organic and gluten-free products. There is a great selection of food items, as well as organic skincare and beauty articles. Babies are also on the list, with food and biscuits. Special mention should be made of the local and Rodrigues organic products range: don’t miss their delicious herbal tisanes, honey, rice and achards.– Super UThe “Coeur de Tamarin” shopping centre, a six-minute drive from your resort, is home to a large U supermarket with an interesting organic dry and fresh produce section. You will not only find the house brand but also items from abroad, as well as care and beauty articles. Please note that in your holiday villa, your Concierges will provide you with basic necessities such as kitchen supplies (oil, salt, pepper, sugar, coffee…) as well as beauty products (shampoo, shower gel, skin lotion). – Meeta and her certified organic vegetablesLooking for a good salad or to get some local and organic food on your holiday in Mauritius? Just cross the entrance of Marguery Villas to the shopping mall of Ruisseau-Créole. Hearty recommendation for organic vegetables certified by EcoCert, an international certification body. Meeta and her team sell her organic vegetables on Wednesdays (3:30 to 5pm) and Saturdays (10:30am to 1pm). Leeks, oak leaf salads, mesclun, batavia or rocket, sweet potatoes, chard, white and red radishes… Here, organic is delicious!– Whatever : the organic wine specialist.And to complete your organic meals, an eco-friendly wine is a must. In Cap Tamarin square and next to La Vie Claire, the restaurant-bistro “Whatever” is an ideal wine cellar. Try its fine selection of wines from the French vineyards, most of which are organically grown, sustainable or even produced in a biodynamic process.Get your favourite organic supplies while on holiday in Mauritius and enjoy our addresses to discover Mauritian local products. Eating locally also means contributing to the island’s economic life, encouraging small businesses and reducing your ecological footprint. And this is what is so organic about it!