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Excursion: A day in Chamarel, Mauritius

  • 04/27/22
  • Activities, Destination

Fancy a refreshing walk in the mountains? Head for Chamarel, a charming village overlooking the magnificent Morne lagoon. Mauritius mountain ranges hold many unexpected and authentic encounters with the locals in these quiet little villages. Join us for a fun-filled day, with walking shoes or sports shoes.

Winding road and breath-taking views

When leaving Marguery Villas, head for Le Morne. Once you have passed through the village of Petite Rivière-Noire, take the road that runs alongside the church and climbs steeply towards the summits of the Gorges National Park. It is already getting colder, even though the difference in altitude is not very significant. The winding road opens up into dense, bright green forests. Keep an eye out for the many monkeys that live in this unspoilt environment.

After ten minutes or so, you will reach the viewpoint for your first stop: a breath-taking panorama where the emerald of the forests gives way to the turquoise of the lagoon. The island unfolds in splendid natural beauty, revealing its unique beauty from on high.

Picking Chinese guavas!

The good treat of this April outing is the Chinese guava season, a tradition that is an integral part of local folklore. From April to June in Plaine Champagne (about ten kilometres away), Mauritians, equipped with a bag, set off in search of these bushes bearing the precious red fruits. There are two kinds of guavas in Mauritius: the red, slightly acidic “China” guavas and the larger, yellow, slightly more acidic “China de France” guavas (don’t try to explain it). Guava trees grow on both sides of the road, so you just have to park and walk into the thick vegetation, often growing tall. The task is not always easy, everyone calls out to each other to avoid getting lost, but the result is worth it: guavas can be eaten plain, with a touch of salt and chilli or in jelly and jam. You can eat them generously during the harvest, but be careful not to let yourself get carried away.

A good Mauritian meal

After this epic harvest, you are in the mood for a good meal. You can choose between a typical lunch in one of the village’s “tables d’hôtes” or a more gastronomic break at the restaurant Le Chamarel. In both cases, you will enjoy Mauritian cuisine, but the table d’hôtes provides a more intimate and interesting experience of sharing with the villagers.

Visit to the Chamarel Rhumery

Featuring a stunning stone chimney, a distillery and acres of fruit plantations, the Rhumerie de Chamarel is an interesting place to learn all about the making of quality agricultural rhum. Watch the production process with the copper stills and the cellars with their oak barrels where the rhum is aged. Parents will enjoy tasting the different kinds of rhums and bring back a 100% local gift in their luggage.

Excited about this excursion? Ask your concierge to book a lunch spot and let yourself be charmed by the experience!