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8 picturesque village names in Mauritius

  • 04/27/22
  • Destination

During your stay in Mauritius, discover the island and let yourself be charmed by the mysterious names of some villages. History, anecdotes and other cultural heritages have contributed to the naming of the villages of Quatre Cocos, Curepipe and Pointe du Diable.

– Poudre d’Or

According to Bernardin de Saint-Pierre, author of the novel “Paul et Virginie”, it is the particularly golden sand that gives its name to the coastal village about fifteen minutes from Mythic Suites & Villas on the east coast. It is also opposite this village that the author sets the shipwreck of the Saint-Géran, which is honoured by a monument on the waterfront.

– Trou d’Eau Douce

The name of the village comes from the confluence of a drinking water source and the sea. Trou d’Eau Douce was one of the Dutch anchorage and supply points on their way to their colonies to the East Indies.

Quatre Cocos

The name of the small coastal village of Quatre Cocos pays tribute to four historical figures from the beginning of the 20th century, four “Cocos” who worked for the region as well as for the country.

– La Pointe du Diable

Between Anse du Petit-Sable and Anse-Bambous, Pointe-du-Diable was an important military base for the French. There is a fort and a battery of anti-vessel cannons to help protect against English invasions from the sea. Its strategic proximity to Grand-Port is a reminder of Napoleon’s sole naval victory in 1810.

– Quatre-Soeurs and Deux-Frères

The neighbouring villages of Quatre-Soeurs and Deux-Frères owe their names to the six heirs of the Chéron family. It is one of the most peaceful coasts in Mauritius. Bordered by beautiful green mountains, life flows quietly between the sea and the peaks.

– Mahébourg

The southern village is a tribute to the French governor Mahé de Labourdonnais, who erected the original walls in the early 1800s. The charming village is certainly one of the most strongly impacted by the island’s colonial history, featuring a unique naval museum.

– Gris-Gris

On the south-east coast, this rugged landscape reminds us of Brittany and its cliffs overlooking the deep blue waters. With constant waves, sea spray and wind, the atmosphere is beautifully nostalgic, hence the name.

– Le Morne

Twenty minutes from Marguery Villas, this mountain, after which this coastal village is named, was the site of a tragedy. In 1835, following the abolition of slavery in Mauritius, a detachment of English policemen was sent to inform the maroon slaves of Le Morne of their free status. But they misunderstood their intention and, in panic, jumped off the cliff.

– Curepipe

Curepipe, an important stop along the stagecoach, was a place where travellers could smoke and clean their pipes, as the Napoleonic soldiers used to do in the garrison in the town.  

Don’t hesitate to set off along this route of poetic names of villages from the east to the west coast of Mauritius to enjoy the multicultural heritage of the island.