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Green and Eco-friendly discoveries in the South and West of Mauritius

The Indian Ocean gem of Mauritius boasts more than just heavenly beaches and luxurious resorts. For environmentally concerned travelers looking for something authentic, the south and west of the island are full of eco-friendly activities to explore. Marguery Villas, set within this unspoilt region, are the perfect hideaway for travelers in search of green experiences. Here are four must-do activities for exploring nature and conservation in Mauritius.1. Explore the island on an electric bike: head for Chamarel or the wild southThere’s nothing like exploring the natural treasures of Mauritius while reducing your carbon footprint. Opt for an electric bike tour through the picturesque villages of the south and west. Cycle along unspoilt coastlines, past sugar cane fields and tropical fruit plantations. Explore the island’s picturesque villages and lush countryside, with our experienced guides for an unforgettable adventure.For families on holiday in Mauritius, DunienZil offers a range of child-friendly outdoor activities. Our guides will be delighted to accompany you on a fun-filled escape through the trails of our cultural heritage, offering an exotic adventure for all the family.Our electric bike tour of Chamarel starts with a panoramic view from Le Chamarel restaurant, followed by a visit to the Rhumerie de Chamarel to discover the secrets of Mauritian rhum making. Along the way, enjoy a visit to the village of Chamarel, take in the local waterfall and the Seven Colored Earth, and observe the giant tortoises. End your day with an optional lunch at Restaurant l’Alchimiste at La Rhumerie de Chamarel, for an authentic Mauritian gastronomic experience.Discover the authentic south-west of Mauritius with our electric bike excursions. Thanks to this technology, exploring the breathtaking landscapes, fauna and flora becomes a real pleasure where effort is replaced by wonder.Catch unforgettable memories on this unique excursion in Mauritius with DunienZîl, offering a true immersion in places often unknown to visitors. Our Marguery Villas concierges can arrange electric bike hire for an eco-friendly exploration of the area.https://explorenouzil.com/2. Ornithology on Île aux Aigrettes: discovering a preserved sanctuaryGet up close to Mauritius’s endemic wildlife on a birdwatching excursion to Ile aux Aigrettes. This protected nature reserve is home to an incredible diversity of birds, including the famous egret, as well as giant tortoises and rare indigenous plants. Guided by an experienced nature lover, visitors can learn about the conservation efforts being made to preserve this fragile ecosystem.One of the most remarkable attractions is the presence of the emblematic Pink Pigeon, an endangered species endemic to Mauritius. Ile aux Aigrettes is also a sanctuary for other native birds such as the Bulbul, the Tchitrec, the Sparrow and the Mourning Martin.Thanks to conservation efforts on the island, visitors have the unique opportunity to observe these species in their natural, preserved habitat. Guided tours are organized to raise awareness of the island’s flora and fauna, providing an educational and immersive experience.By exploring birdwatching on Ile aux Aigrettes, bird enthusiasts learn about a fragile island ecosystem and help to preserve it, while benefiting from an unforgettable experience in the heart of Mauritian nature.https://www.mauritian-wildlife.org/mwf-files/files/files/MWF%20Brochure%202022%20French.pdf3. Discovering Bel-Ombre Biosphere:Go deep into the heart of the Bel-Ombre biosphere, an unspoilt nature reserve in the south-west of the island. Hike along shady paths lined with refreshing waterfalls and lush vegetation. This reserve is home to an incredible wealth of flora and fauna, offering visitors an immersive experience of Mauritian nature. Enjoy lush natural surroundings as you hike along picturesque trails, observe endemic bird species and discover rare plants. Photography enthusiasts will also be delighted by the breathtaking scenery around the reserve.What’s more, the Bel-Ombre Biosphere Reserve is an ideal place to raise awareness of environmental preservation and biodiversity conservation. Conservation efforts in this reserve contribute to preserving unique natural habitats and protecting endangered species.Bel-Ombre Biosphere Reserve in Mauritius is an enriching experience to reconnect with nature, appreciate its beauty and understand the importance of preserving it for future generations.https://www.belombrenaturereserve.com/fr/aventures/unesco-biosphere-reserve4. Exploring the Ebony ForestDiscover the mystical Ebony Forest, a unique ecosystem located in the highlands in the west of the island. This indigenous forest is home to a rare population of endemic trees, including the famous ebony, as well as a variety of unique birds and plants. Take a hike through the forest’s winding trails, soaking up the magic and tranquility of this unspoilt natural sanctuary.The conservation team is committed to saving some of the world’s most endangered plants and animals by helping to reverse the impacts of habitat destruction and invasive species and providing a refuge for the island’s threatened wildlife.https://www.ebonyforest.com/Find out more about our conservation programme. Hike through the magnificent ebony forest of Mauritius. Make a contribution to nature by visiting the ebony forest and discovering the island’s rich biodiversity. Spend a few hours or the whole day exploring nature, hiking, bird watching, benefiting from the best views of Mauritius and much more. Educational programmes are designed to engage children and encourage them to take an active part in wildlife conservation, training the next generation of conservationists.By staying at Marguery Villas, travelers can not only benefit from luxury and comfort, but also engage in eco-friendly experiences that contribute to the preservation of Mauritius’ nature. These activities are a unique opportunity to discover the natural beauty of the island while supporting the conservation of its unique environment. 


The Most Amazing Trails with Premium Stay at Marguery Villas in Mauritius

Well-known for its white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, Mauritius unveils a lesser-known but equally fascinating activity during the winter season. For those with a passion for adventure and outdoor action, winter in the south provides a unique opportunity to take in the breathtaking natural scenery while practicing their favorite sport: trail running. Mauritius is the perfect playground for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Trails through its verdant mountains, lush valleys and steep paths guarantee an unforgettable experience for those seeking adrenaline and discovery. Ideally located close to the best trail circuits in Mauritius, Marguery Villas offers luxury accommodation where you can recharge your batteries after the effort. So why not benefit from our special Trailers offer to live out your passion to the full?Mauritius trails discovery during the Austral winter seasonJune, July and August in Mauritius are ideal for trail running, with mild temperatures and sunny days. This means you can fully enjoy each and every kilometer without being affected by the hot tropical climate.Mauritius’ trails are a runner’s paradise. With rolling green hills, lush rainforests and panoramic views, every stride along them is an experience you’ll never forget. As an experienced runner looking for a technical challenge or an amateur looking to explore new horizons, Mauritius has something for everyone.Taking part in a trail during the Mauritian winter is about more than just sport. It’s a unique opportunity to discover the richness of Mauritius from a different angle. Every step is an exploration, every turn a new discovery. You’ll pass through picturesque villages, meet friendly locals and other sports enthusiasts and discover the local culture in an authentic way. The atmosphere and organization will live up to Mauritians’ reputation: friendly and festive!Find your challenge among the most popular trails:The UTMB World Series Event, which takes place in Bel-Ombre in the south, features 3 distances 20km, 50km et 100kmThe Marathon de KFC in the south features 4 routes open to all: 5km, 10km, 21km and 42kmLast but not least, Mauritius’ most famous trail, the Dodo, brings together the best in the sport over 4 circuits of 25km, 50 km and Xtreme 50 Km.Benefiting from the southern winter to take part in a trail run is much more than just a sporting activity. It’s a total immersion in Mauritius’ unspoilt nature, along with moments of relaxation and well-being. Be you a seasoned athlete or a passionate amateur, get ready for an extraordinary adventure in the heart of the Mauritian paradise.Marguery Villas – The perfect comfort oasis for your Trail in MauritiusAt Marguery Villas, the importance of combining trail adventure with quality accommodation comes as no surprise. Whether you’re traveling alone or with your family, our setting is perfect for your next trail getaway in Mauritius.Close to the Black River Gorges, Marguery Villas is within easy reach of some of the island’s best trails. Following a challenging day of exploration, unwind in your private villa with a swimming pool, a haven of relaxation for tired muscles.Our villas, close to the sea, also give you the opportunity to relax on the white sandy beaches, keeping effort and relaxation in balance. Our central location provides easy access to sports facilities, adding to your training with a variety of activities nearbyOur Special Offer for TrailersMarguery Villas has an exclusive offer for participants in upcoming trails! Benefit from special rates with a 20% discount on accommodation and our delicious breakfasts and dinners, which are compulsory for this special offer. A 20% discount will also apply to meals, which can be adapted to suit the diet if required.From 17 May to 11 July 2024, benefit from exclusive rates for a sporty, rejuvenating break in an exceptional setting. For both beginners and experienced runners, our luxury villas offer a haven of peace after an intense day on the trails.Marguery Villas, with its spacious accommodation and top-of-the-range services, is the ideal place to relax and physically and mentally get ready for your races. What’s more, for your convenience, we can organize post-event massages and transport to the trail venue if you wish. Book Online and Save 20% on Your Mauritius Trail StayImmerse yourself in a sporting adventure in Mauritius with our exclusive offer. Book online directly on our website and benefit from a 20% discount on your dinners and breakfasts during your stay and take part in an unforgettable trail through the magnificent landscapes of the island. Thank you for choosing Marguery Villas as your home away from home during your Mauritian adventure.Our online booking system is safe and convenient, so you can plan your stay with complete peace of mind. Book your getaway now, for a minimum of 2 nights and a maximum of 8 nights, to benefit from this unique offer. This offer is valid for stays from 17 May to 11 July.Please note that bookings must be made at least 4 days before arrival to guarantee your stay in this tropical paradise. Book now.The trails of Mauritius during the austral winter make for an incredible experience. With special offers for enthusiasts, Marguery Villas stand as an oasis of comfort at the heart of this thrilling adventure. 


Top places to grab a bite to eat and to go gourmet shopping in Black River, Mauritius

Check out our favorite places to enjoy delicious food and go gourmet shopping as you explore the western region. The best restaurants on the coast invite you to take an authentic plunge into culinary diversity, while the tables d’hôte offer typical dishes in a friendly atmosphere. Don’t miss out on our recommended picks for fresh produce and gourmet souvenirs. Make the most of your stay in Black River by checking out our advice on how to fully enjoy these exciting culinary experiences.Black River, an atmosphere like no otherWelcome to Black River, on the west coast of Mauritius, a haven of tropical serenity and vibrant living. At the heart of this stunning destination is Marguery Villas, your gateway to an unforgettable experience. Be you a resident, or a visiting travel and food enthusiast, Black River is sure to stimulate your imagination and nourish your soul and senses.Nestled between the ocean and the mountains, Black River is an ideal destination for visitors looking for authenticity and unforgettable adventures. The spectacular panoramas of the Tourelle mountain and the magnificent Black River Gorges make for a wilderness getaway, ideal for hikers and adventure-seekers. The iconic beaches of Tamarin and La Preneuse are stretches of golden or grey sand caressed by the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean. For surf enthusiasts, Tamarin Bay is a world-renowned surf spot, offering perfect waves for an unrivaled aquatic adventure.Last but not least, savor our delicious cuisine as you discover everything from traditional Mauritian dishes to international delights in Black River. Embark on a sensory journey of discovery. Our selection of the best local restaurants offering an authentic culinary experienceThree gourmet addresses to discover during your stay on the west coast of Mauritius.Our top pick ***: S’Arrastu Ristorante Gelateria BarTake a trip to the Pavarotti of Italian cuisine in Black River, a five-minute drive from Marguery Villas. A culinary experience that combines exquisite flavors with elegant dishes. Savor southern Italy’s finest delicacies prepared by Chef Rocco, an expert in Sardinian and Sicilian cuisine. The garden area serves the finest fresh Italian produce and highly flavored cuisine, accompanied by excellent Italian or South African wines.Oriental experience: Sitar Indian RestaurantKeen on Indian cuisine? The Sitar restaurant, just a ten-minute drive away in the village of Tamarin, is the place to go for a refined culinary experience. While the overall setting is that of a shopping center, the restaurant has established its own signature style and cuisine. Discover a palette of traditional North Indian flavors, prepared by expert chefs trained in some of India’s top hotels. Bonus: get a glimpse of the chefs at work from the open kitchen. A well-stocked menu, with many vegetarian dishes, a special focus on lamb and succulent desserts, will delight your taste buds.Along the water, “Le Poivrier La Rivière“La Rivière” offers a culinary escapade and absolute relaxation in an idyllic setting on the banks of the Tamarin River. We love this verdant, undulating restaurant, delicately set in lush natural surroundings. Under parasols and in a relaxed atmosphere, savor a cuisine that fuses French savoir-faire and Italian verve, using fresh seasonal produce.Recommended tables d’hôte offering typical dishes and a friendly atmosphere.Looking for an immersive and authentic experience, hosted by Mauritians eager to share their culinary passion and love of their island?“Grain de Sel”, 100% MauritianLooking for authenticity and a taste of Mauritian cuisine? Then head to Audrey’s table d’hôte in Tamarin village, just five minutes from Marguery Villas. An excellent chef, Audrey concocts old traditional local recipes, updated with masterly flair. Small grated potato fries, aubergine gratin, salted fish “achards” style, a variety of chilli pastes and tasty achards…Get some height with Le Palais de BarbizonDespite its very French name, this table d’hôte in Chamarel, high above the Black River Gorges, offers “Chamarelloise” cuisine. Marie-Ange and Rico welcome their guests in a charming and authentic setting to (re)discover forgotten flavors and ingredients: vacoas fruit, salted fish, banana hearts and manioc leaves. A place to try after a trip to the Seven Coloured Earths!Our favorite delicatessens and local marketsFancy cooking in your Marguery villa or a gourmet aperitif with a change of scenery? Here are our favorite food shopping addresses in the area.S’ArrastuNext to the restaurant, the delicatessen shop tickles our taste buds with displays of excellent fresh Sicilian and Italian produce: hams, sausages, cheeses, wines, oils, etc.Agribio’s certified organic vegetables and Audrey’s temptationsOn Saturdays, between 10.30am and 4pm at Super U Cœur de Ville de Tamarin, you’ll be able to sample delicious organic vegetables with international certification for healthy, gourmet pleasures.Have you enjoyed Grain de Sel’s cuisine? Chef Audrey will be selling delicious local souvenirs for you to take home with you, right next to the Agribio stand, around the same hours.African HutIn La Mivoie, this boutique sells typical South African groceries to delight the taste buds: groceries, biltong, meats…Practical tips for getting around and making the most of these addressesMost of our gourmet addresses are within easy reach by car, within five to ten minutes. If you prefer, take the opportunity to explore the village on foot throughout the day and check out our gourmet suggestions.Looking for a local experience? Catch the bus from the stop opposite Ruisseau-Créole shopping center, next to our Marguery Villas hotel residence.Don’t hesitate to ask our concierges for more advice, reservations and the best gourmet experience in Black River!


Explore the Black River Gorges in Mauritius

Mauritius immediately conjures up images of fine sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, but the hinterland also reveals some exceptional natural treasures. Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast or love a good hike through lush vegetation, Mauritius has something for everyone. Head to the heart of the natural wonders of Mauritius, close to your luxury hotel residence, with our complete guide to the Black River Gorges. Nestled on this spectacular west coast, Marguery Villas’ individual villas with private pools promise a luxurious haven from which to enjoy authentic experiences and sought-after tranquility. Let us guide you and discover why the Black River Gorges will be one of the highlights of your next stay in Mauritius.Introduction to the Black River GorgesOn land or sea, Mauritius’ unspoilt nature reveals its secrets through captivating hikes, memorable boat trips and unforgettable wildlife watching.The Black River Gorges in Mauritius are a natural jewel of wild, unspoilt beauty. With its many hiking trails, this getaway offers total immersion in the island’s exotic nature.The Gorges are home to a unique biodiversity, including the large green parrot, the Mares pigeon and the Mauritius kestrel. Birdwatchers will be delighted by the opportunities for wildlife observation in this unspoilt natural sanctuary. You may also come across the playful Mauritian macaques monkeys.Outdoor activity enthusiasts will love the Gorges’ captivating hiking trails and panoramic views of the waterfalls and streams. The Gorges are accessible to all the family. You don’t need to be a great sportsman (unless you want the sportier, longer version that requires breath and fitness), a 30-minute walk takes you to an in-branch river ideal for cooling off.For a more authentic and unrivaled experience, stay at Marguery Villas, just a 10-minute drive from the Black River Gorges.Marguery Villas are just near the GorgesFor an unforgettable adventure, Marguery villas combine the thrill of adventure with the luxury of comfort.These peaceful havens feature exceptional amenities, modern facilities and a range of high-end services to make your stay both comfortable and memorable.Each individual villa is carefully designed to offer a unique and intimate living experience. Enjoy your private swimming pool and tropical garden. The spacious and elegantly decorated interiors guarantee an exotic getaway while providing the privacy you need for a dream holiday.The Marguery villas offer much more than mere accommodation. Set in peaceful surroundings, they promise absolute tranquility, with panoramic views of the Tourelle mountain and the beaches just a five-minute walk away. Picture yourself on your private terrace, surrounded by serenity, before setting off on an adventure through the Black River Gorges.What Marguery Villas offers is the chance to combine the thrill of exploring the Gorges with the comfort and privacy of our accommodation. Enjoy a truly authentic experience whilst benefiting from the absolute comfort of a luxury accommodation.Why Visit Black River Gorges from our VillasMuch more than just a getaway, the Black River Gorges in Mauritius offer an unparalleled adventure, and nothing beats the experience from our luxurious Marguery Villas. Far from the anonymity and crowds of the big hotels, our individual villas are an experience like no other. The exceptional privacy of your private pool and garden, our Villas’ high standard of amenities, daily housekeeping staff and personalized concierge service are what set us apart and make you feel at home. See for yourself!Picture yourself waking up in a villa surrounded by natural beauty, with a private pool inviting you to relax after a day exploring the Gorges. Enthusiastic testimonials from our guests eager to discover the lush nature less than a ten-minute drive from Marguery attest to the perfect harmony between the unique experience of discovering the Black River Gorges and the exclusive comfort of our villas after that refreshing day.It’s truly an opportunity to experience Mauritius in a way that goes beyond traditional tourist routes, leaving you with lasting memories steeped in luxury and adventure.Practical tips for a successful visitTo make the most of your experience in the Black River Gorges, some useful advice is essential.The Gorges can be visited all year round, but if you want to avoid the summer heat, opt for the months of May to September, when the weather is mild, to fully explore the natural beauty of the Black River Gorges. The pleasant temperatures make hiking more comfortable.The well-maintained, well-marked trails offer a variety of levels, from beginner to advanced. Discover the local flora and fauna while following routes such as the one leading to the Tamarin waterfall. Don’t miss the panoramic views from the Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire, the island’s highest peak.Our recommendation for a 100% immersive experience: arrange to be accompanied by Yann, guide, trekker and great sportsman.After a day of adventure, relax in your individual villa pool and round off a wonderful day in one of Black River’s excellent restaurants.  Mauritian, Indian, Chinese or Thai flavors will satisfy your appetite after an active day.Our favorite: Ousa Porn, the Thai restaurant set in a lush garden just five minutes from your villa. Our concierges will take care of your reservations.Get to the heart of the adventure with our comprehensive guide to the Black River Gorges in Mauritius. Discover the luxury and serenity of our individual villas with private pools, an ideal retreat for nature lovers, adventurers or those seeking tranquility. Our Marguery Villa collection promises a memorable experience for each and every traveler. Whether you’re traveling with the family or looking for an outdoor adventure, Black River Gorges offers an authentic experience in the heart of Mauritius. Plan your unforgettable escape now.


Animals of Mauritius

Mauritius in the Indian Ocean is home to an impressive diversity of wildlife, with endemic and exotic species that make it unique. This tropical island’s wildlife is rich and diverse, forming a unique and fascinating ecosystem. The waters surrounding the island are teeming with marine life. Mauritius island, a paradise for animal loversMauritius is a jewel of biodiversity. Animal lovers will be delighted by a variety of unforgettable experiences.Snorkeling gives you the chance to explore the extraordinary marine biodiversity of Mauritius in the crystal-clear lagoons, while outings at sea are an opportunity to spot dolphins or whales in their natural habitat.Hiking through the nature reserves or Black River Gorges National Park offers the opportunity to observe protected species. Mauritius is also home to several sanctuary islands, such as Ile aux Aigrettes, where conservation projects have saved endangered native animal species.If you want to discover marine life without having to put your feet in the water, you’ll love the Odysseo aquarium which aim is conservation efforts and education to the preservation of our underwater wildlife.The island’s nature parks also offer special encounters with exotic land animals.Wildlife in MauritiusMauritius is reputed to have been home to the legendary dodo, now extinct. However, many species still live on the island in their natural habitat. Whether terrestrial or marine, you’ll be amazed by the island’s unique ecosystem and conservation activities.Land animalsMauritius is home to a wide variety of land animals.Among the notable inhabitants of Mauritius is the famous dodo, a species of bird that is sadly an extinct one. This clumsy bird was endemic to the island and stands as a symbol of the impact of human activity on the local fauna.In the island’s forests, you can spot the Java deer, impressive nocturnal bats, as well as mongooses, macaques and wild boars.The birdsMauritius is a veritable paradise for birdwatchers. Among the island’s emblematic species is the Pink Pigeon, endemic to Mauritius and one of the most endangered birds in the world.The island is also home to the famous Mauritius Kestrel, an endemic falcon that has been saved from extinction thanks to intensive conservation status. The island’s rainforests are home to the green cateau, recognizable by its green plumage and bright red beak.Unfortunately, many of Mauritius’ bird species are endangered due to habitat destruction and predation by invasive and non-native species. Conservation efforts are crucial to preserve these unique birds and ensure their long-term survival of Mauritian wildlife.ReptilesMauritius is home to a small fauna of reptiles and snakes. These include the endemic gecko. Mauritius is also the last refuge of certain rare species, such as the Rodrigues Island rose hips. The island is making great efforts to protect these threatened species and preserve their natural environment in constituent reserves.Aldabra tortoises are fascinating creatures, among the largest land tortoises in the world, introduced to Mauritius for conservation. Their massive shells and long necks are distinctive. Mauritius has set up protection programmes to preserve these prehistoric creatures, which can be seen in many wildlife parks.Snakes are rare on the island. The snake is one of the few species present. The boa of Ile aux Aigrettes is another endemic snake, preserved on this sanctuary island.Marine animalsMauritius is home to an incredible diversity of marine animals that enchant nature lovers. The crystal-clear waters that surround the island are home to some fascinating creatures.CetaceansThe cetaceans of Mauritius are a source of wonder and fascination. Among the most commonly seen species are dolphins, especially spinner dolphins. Humpback whales are also regular visitors to Mauritian waters, offering nature lovers a breathtaking spectacle during their seasonal migrations. Numerous boat excursions provide wildlife lovers with the opportunity to get up close and personal with these remarkable creatures, while at the same time raising public awareness of the importance of preserving these marine species and their habitat.The fishOur tropical island is teeming with brightly colored and fascinatingly shaped fish. Among the most emblematic species are the butterfly fish, the royal angelfish, the humpback parrotfish and the grouper. The crystal-clear waters of Mauritius offer exceptional diving opportunities to admire these underwater creatures.However, among this variety, one fish deserves special attention because of its potential danger: the stonefish. This discreet animal camouflages itself perfectly among the coral and rocks, becoming almost invisible to unwary divers. The stonefish is formidable because of its venomous spines, which can inflict severe pain and serious injury.The sharksMauritian sharks are fascinating creatures. Among the most common species are the grey reef shark and the blacktip shark. These majestic predators play an essential role in the balance of the island’s marine ecosystem.Sea turtlesThese marine reptiles, particularly green turtles, find refuge on the island’s beaches to nest. Visitors to Mauritius have the chance to observe these magnificent creatures in their natural environment by diving or by glass-bottomed boat or in some of the islet National parks. Where to spot wildlife in Mauritius?Among the must-see sites, the Ile aux Aigrettes reserve is home to endemic species such as the pink pigeon and the Madagascar cistude. Dolphin enthusiasts can get up close to them on a sea excursion to Tamarin. Nature parks around the island, such as Ebony Forest reserve abound in colorful birds and monkeys.Go on safariGoing on safari in Casella nature park is an unforgettable experience. It enables you to get up close and personal with lions, pygmy hippos, giraffes, tigers, ostriches and zebras, as well as a superb bird park. Vanilla Crocodile Park is dedicated to crocodiles and turtles, and is a great place for the whole family to discover.


Organize a trip to Mauritius for cheap

Characteristics of the island Mauritius, located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, some 2,000 km east of Africa’s eastern coast, north-east of Reunion Island and east of Madagascar, is a stunning destination with unique features. It belongs to the Mascarene archipelago, which also includes Réunion and Rodrigues. Despite its small size, the island spreads over 2040 sq. km, and is 65 km long and 45 km wide. Its privileged geographical location makes for a warm tropical climate, with average temperatures ranging from 25° to 30°. December to February are the hottest months, with temperatures reaching up to 35 degrees, while June to August record the coolest conditions, averaging around 18 degrees inland. Mauritius is characterized by a rainy season from November to April, with more frequent and abundant rainfall, while May to October is drier and sunnier, ensuring pleasant weather all year round. An island of varied landscapes, with a mountainous hinterland dotted with lush green hills and valleys, and a coast boasting white sandy beaches, lagoons and picturesque coral reefs. The hills abound in lush vegetation, with fruit trees, sugar cane plantations, tea fields and native forests. The island is also bordered by popular islets such as Ile aux Cerfs and Ile aux Aigrettes, and feature magnificent nature reserves like the Black River Gorges National Park, Bois Chéri (famous for its tea fields) and the verdant valleys of Ferney or the Seven Colored Earths geological curiosity. Mauritius is home to many endemic species and a rich plant and marine biodiversity. The surrounding waters are ideal for diving and snorkeling, boasting exotic fish and colorful coral reefs. Mauritius is renowned for its multicultural and multilingual population. In 2021, according to the World Bank, the island was home to around 1.3 million people. Much of this diversity may be seen in Mauritius’ languages, music, cuisine and traditions. The majority of the population is of Indian origin (68%), followed by African descendants (27%), as well as a Chinese, Muslim and European minority. English is the official language and is widely used in business, education and government. French is commonly used in the tourism industry and diplomacy, while Mauritian Creole is the predominant language in everyday life. Mauritius is a multi-faith and multi-cultural society where religious freedom is protected by the Constitution. There is no official religion, but the majority of the population is either Hindu (around 48%) or Catholic (around 26%).  All in all, Mauritius is an ideal destination for visitors all year round, offering the chance to travel affordably while enjoying its exceptional natural and cultural heritage.The History of Mauritius  Mauritius is the result of several centuries of colonization. In medieval times, Arab sailors reached its shores, followed by Europeans from the 16th century onwards. The Portuguese were the first to land in 1505, but did not settle there for long. In 1598, the Dutch took control of the island and named it “Mauritius” in tribute to Prince Maurice of Nassau. However, their colony did not prosper, and they left in 1710. In 1715, the French took possession of the island, boosting sugar cane production, which became the main economic activity. The island also served as a launching point for French expeditions to India and Asia. The British captured the island in 1810 during the Napoleonic Wars, turning it into a British colony and renaming it “Mauritius”. The sugar industry was further strengthened and Indian indentured labor was imported for the plantations. Mauritius gained independence from the UK in 1968 and became a republic in 1992. Since then, it has enjoyed sustained economic growth thanks to the diversification of its sectors, including tourism with luxury hotels, the booming real estate sector, financial services, and agriculture, notably the production of sugar cane, tea, tropical fruits and vegetables. This economic diversification has propelled Mauritius into one of the most developed economies in Africa, with a relatively high GDP per capita.   Best time to visit Mauritius for budget travelers  The best time for budget travelers to visit Mauritius is generally during the low tourist season. Although Mauritius is a popular year-round destination due to its pleasant tropical climate, there are times when accommodation rates are more affordable and tourist crowds smaller. On the other hand, the low tourist season is the perfect time to find more affordable rates and avoid the crowds. This period runs from February to April and from October to November. For example, between 15 May and 30 June 2023, Marguery Villas was offering rates of €300 for a night in a superior villa with swimming pool for two people. At Mythic Resort, during the same period, a Grand Luxury Suite for two people was available at €240 for one night. For those looking for special offers all year round, various options are available for travelling to Mauritius at a lower cost. Early booking enables you to benefit from discounts by booking in advance. The premium offer provides discounts on specific categories of rooms. Spending at least 7 nights in one of these resorts also entitles you to discounts. In addition, a family offer means that an extra room is free for two people, making it possible for several people to travel together at a lower cost. This means that a luxury trip can become affordable for travelers on a budget. When to travel for budget flights If you want to travel at a lower cost, it’s best to choose the low season for your trip to Mauritius. Flights are less in demand during this season, which means reduced airfares and special offers from airlines, so you can save money on your tickets. What’s more, accommodation such as Marguery Villas and Mythic Resort, as well as activities and excursions on the island, often offer more affordable rates with discounts around this time of year. Fewer tourists also mean fewer crowds at popular attractions, beaches and sites, offering a more peaceful experience. You get a more flexible travel option to plan your itinerary, with flight prices up to 50% cheaper than in peak season. However, be sure to check on the availability to specific activities in low season given weather conditions. All in all, low season means savings, a more authentic experience and less tourist hustle and bustle.Tips for cheap flights to Mauritius The various low-cost airlines Opt for low-cost airlines. Air Austral, based in La Réunion, serves the Indian Ocean, Africa, Asia and the Pacific, with competitive flights to Mauritius. Air France, a major French flag carrier, connects Paris to the island. Emirates, a major airline of the United Arab Emirates, serves over 150 destinations worldwide, including Mauritius via Dubai. Turkish Airlines, one of the oldest, operates to over 300 destinations. Corsair, which specializes in long-haul flights from France, also offers connections to the island. These choices offer attractive fares recommended by travel agents. Tips and advice  There are a number of tips to follow to find unbeatable airfares with these airlines. You need to be flexible when looking for flights, especially when it comes to dates. Flight prices can vary considerably depending on the day of the week or the time of year. Our advice is therefore to search over several days, or even several weeks. You can also sign up for price alerts, for example on selected travel websites, to get notification of price cuts for flight tickets to Mauritius. This means you can be informed of special offers and promotions. If you want to get competitively-priced tickets, avoid peak seasons such as school holidays, annual leave and public holidays. Offers are also available for early bookings. So, book your tickets as early as possible for a cheap trip to Mauritius. Fares tend to rise as the departure date approaches, so booking early can help you save money. Subscribing to newsletters and following them on social networks will keep you informed about discounts and early booking offers. And don’t forget to consider any connections and additional costs before booking your flight. Our final piece of advice is to use flight price comparing sites such as Skyscanner, Kayak, Google Flights or Momondo to check the prices offered by different airlines. Such sites can help you find the cheapest options available for your travel dates. Flight prices can fluctuate and there is no absolute guarantee as to when you will get the best deal. Make sure you carry out regular searches, compare prices and book as soon as you find an attractive offer that suits your needs for your dream trip to Mauritius.Affordable transport in Mauritius Scooters and car rental Affordable transport is plentiful in Mauritius, particularly scooter and car rental. You can explore the island at lower cost by hiring these vehicles, but it’s essential to take into account a few useful details to help you make the most of your stay. For coastal journeys and flat roads, scooters make a popular and affordable choice. You can hire them from various agencies in the main tourist areas such as Port-Louis, Grand-Baie and Flic-en-Flac. Rentals are generally affordable, offering great freedom of movement. Don’t forget to compare prices, read customer reviews and negotiate to get the best deal. Car rental agencies such as Wonder Island and Endeavour are also available. Our concierges can help you book your transport easily. Rates vary according to vehicle size and model, so be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully, including insurance and deposit policies. Before hiring a vehicle, find out about local driving rules, such as driving on the left, compulsory wearing of seatbelts, the ban on using a mobile phone without a hands-free kit and legal blood alcohol limits. Wearing a helmet is also compulsory for scooters. Rental options are flexible, ranging from one day to several weeks, depending on your needs. Be sure to check the insurance conditions and the deposit required. Additional insurance is recommended for peace of mind in the event of an accident or theft. Our concierges can provide you with information on local rules of the road and direct you to advantageous rental offers. We strongly encourage you to make use of their services, as we maintain trusted partnerships with local professionals. Caution and respect for the rules of the road are essential when travelling in Mauritius. Compliance with the highway code is often haphazard, pedestrians and dogs cross freely and certain right-hand-drive reflexes may reappear, particularly at roundabouts. Vigilance and caution are the watchwords for a worry-free holiday. Affordable and eco-friendly transport Affordable and environmentally friendly transport options abound on Mauritius, offering residents and visitors a variety of ways to get around economically and ecologically. Among these choices, public buses stand out as a cost-effective and well-developed alternative for getting around the island. The public bus network extends through the main towns, tourist areas and residential neighborhoods, offering convenient connectivity. Fares for city buses, which serve destinations such as Port-Louis, Grand-Baie and Quatre-Bornes, generally range from 15 to 35 Mauritian rupees, depending on the distance travelled. For intercity journeys, such as from Port-Louis to Mahébourg or Flic-en-Flac, fares can range from 40 to 100 MUR (Mauritian rupees), depending on the distance. Another affordable option for exploring the picturesque landscapes of Mauritius while reducing your carbon footprint is to hire a bicycle. Bike hire services are readily available in popular tourist areas, offering travelers an environmentally friendly way to discover coastal and rural areas. The use of car-sharing is growing in popularity on the island thanks to online platforms such as Commute, which enable drivers to car-share their journeys with other passengers, reducing costs and environmental impact by optimizing vehicle use.  For those looking for an affordable transport option, shared taxis offer a convenient way to get around. Although they are slower than private taxis due to multiple stops to pick up and drop off passengers, they remain a cost-effective solution, particularly for group travel. Mauritius is also committed to promoting sustainable transport solutions, such as electric vehicles, and the introduction of the Metro Express linking Port-Louis and Curepipe.  However, it is important to note that buses can sometimes be late, so it is advisable to arrive at the bus stop in advance. Bus timetables vary according to route and time of day, with more frequent services at peak times. Buses can also be crowded at these times, so patience and sharing space with other passengers are essential to make the most of this affordable transport option. Must-see tourist attractions on a budget  Discovering the must-see tourist attractions of Mauritius on a limited budget is perfectly feasible thanks to hiking. The island has a multitude of trails that enable you to spend an enjoyable day exploring without having to spend too much money. Le Morne Brabant stands out as one of the most spectacular hikes on the island. Although challenging at times, the climb up this iconic mountain is rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views over the Morne lagoon and Ile aux Bénitiers. Moka’s ‘Les Trois Mamelles’ also offers remarkable hiking experiences, with trails that take in the local flora and fauna as well as panoramic views. The Black River Gorges National Park is home to hiking trails that will plunge you into Mauritian nature, with lush landscapes, waterfalls and the possibility of observing endemic bird species. For a more leisurely hike, the island of Amber offers unspoilt rainforest and secluded beaches.  In the Rodrigues region, Mont Piton offers a picturesque hike through lush green hills with panoramic views from the summit. For a successful hiking experience, proper footwear, food and water, as well as information on routes and weather conditions, are essential. Opting for a local guide is also recommended for a safe and rewarding experience. You can find a guide online, through the local tourist office, or by asking local people for advice. If you are travelling in a group, consider sharing the cost of a guide to reduce individual expenses and enjoy an affordable trip to Mauritius.The beaches  Mauritius is famous for its stunning white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and tropical landscapes, which attract visitors from all over the world. Among the island’s most popular beaches is the public beach of Trou-aux-Biches on the north-west coast, renowned for its calm, shallow waters, perfect for swimming and snorkeling. On the west coast, Flic-en-Flac beach stretches out majestically, offering spectacular sunsets and attracting water sports enthusiasts such as water-skiing and kite-surfing. At the foot of Morne Brabant, a UNESCO World Heritage site, lies the Morne beach, popular with surfers for its waves. Île aux Cerfs, accessible by boat from the east coast, is a delight with its coral reef-fringed beaches, ideal for diving. At Grand-Baie, in the north, a lively beach with plenty of activities, from water sports to shops and restaurants, is sure to enchant you. If you’re more into exploring the sea, consider a catamaran cruise to discover the lagoons and nearby islands. For tighter group budgets, motorboat hire offers a cost-effective option, with competitive rates available from various companies.  The island offers a variety of exciting activities on its beaches, from snorkeling and scuba diving to water sports (waterskiing, windsurfing, kite-surfing, paddle, sailing, kayaking…) and deep-sea fishing, not to mention relaxing and sunbathing. So even during the school holidays, an affordable trip to Mauritius is within reach. Cheap and delicious local cuisine. The island’s specialities  Mauritius is famous for its affordable and delicious local cuisine, which reflects a rich diversity of cultural influences, including Indian, Chinese, Creole and European. Among the island’s specialities, curry dishes stand out, prepared with a range of spices and containing meat or vegetables, always served with rice or dal (dried grains). Another of Mauritius’s food delights is ‘mine frit’, a Chinese dish consisting of fried noodles sautéed with vegetables, meat or seafood. The ‘dholl purri’ is one of the island’s gastronomic icons, a thin lentil-based pancake topped with various fillings such as curry, chutneys and achards. Chily cakes are small spicy fried dumplings made from lentils and fried chilies, a popular snack often accompanied by bread or ‘dholl puris’. Rougaille’ is a spicy tomato sauce that accompanies a variety of dishes such as rice, sausages or prawns. Vindaye’, of Indian origin, combines fish or meat with a mixture of spices, vinegar and mustard, often served with rice and achard. Farata’, similar to a thick Indian pancake, is eaten with dishes in sauces such as curry or rougaille. Ti’jacques’ is a Creole preparation of taro cooked in a spicy sauce. The sweet and festive ” potato cakes ” are made from sweet potatoes, flour, sugar and spices.   Where to eat local  In Mauritius, there are plenty of options for enjoying delicious local cuisine at affordable prices. Street vendors in the busy streets of towns and villages offer tasty street food such as samosas, meat kebabs, beignets and bouchons. Food courts, found in malls, are popular for their variety of competitively priced Mauritian dishes, such as briani, fried rice and rougailles.  Local markets, such as Port-Louis Central Market and Flacq Market, are full of fresh produce, spices, local crafts and Mauritian delicacies, including curries and rotis. Small local restaurants, known as “snacks” or “bouibouis”, offer authentic Mauritian cuisine at affordable prices, from sandwiches to pizzas.  Don’t hesitate to ask our concierges to suggest other hidden culinary treasures. Activities and experiences at low prices What to do  Discover affordable activities and experiences in Mauritius to make your stay unforgettable without emptying your wallet. Explore the cultural heritage by visiting colorful Hindu temples such as Grand-Bassin or Triolet’s magnificent Shivala temple, as well as mosques and churches reflecting the island’s religious diversity. Stroll among the exotic plants of the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden, immerse yourself in history at the colonial Eureka House, or visit the traditional villages of Chamarel and Mahébourg for an authentic experience. Stay active with hiking, cycling, snorkeling, surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, beach yoga, golf and running. Take the whole family to explore Casela, Vallée des Couleurs, Belle-Mare Water Park and take a rum-making tour at La Bourdonnais. Travel agencies such as Exotic Voyages, Voyageurs du Monde, Tropicalement Vôtre, Directours and Mauritius Travel can organize a tailor-made trip at exceptional rates. Make the most of Mauritius without breaking your budget. What to experience  In Mauritius, a multitude of exciting experiences are available at affordable rates, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a great value trip. The music scene provides a wide range of options, from live concerts in bars where local and international music is played, some with little or no admission fees. Music festivals, whether free or affordable, are an opportunity to enjoy local and international artists in a festive atmosphere. Other venues organize low-cost music evenings, while beach parties organized by hotels, bars and restaurants invite you to unwind while enjoying the island’s idyllic setting. Alongside these musical delights, you are welcome to discover Mauritius’ Creole culture by attending Sega dance performances and taking part in vacoa weaving classes with local craftsmen. Art lovers can try their hand at pottery in various workshops. Nature can also be explored with guided tours of the ebony forest and the Vallée de Ferney, a nature reserve rich in biodiversity.  In addition, the island is home to underwater trails thanks to Reef Conservation, an organization dedicated to preserving the coral reefs. Finally, for nature lovers, protected reserves such as the Black River Gorge National Park, Ile aux Aigrettes, Blue Bay Marine Park and many others offer a chance to immerse yourself in the local flora and fauna. Religious experiences complete this multicultural picture, with year-round festivities, temples, churches and public gatherings to discover. Our resorts’ offers  Saving on various travel expenses is an all-important consideration for travelers wishing to visit Mauritius without emptying their wallets. Two stay options at Marguery Villas and Mythic Resort stand out for their special offers throughout the year, ideal for thrifty travelers. Opt for direct booking to benefit from the best rates. Offers include the “Premium offer” with 15% discount on Deluxe Pool Villa or Prestige Pool Villa accommodation at Marguery Villas, and 25% discount on Penthouse Pool Suite or Elegance Pool Villa accommodation at Mythic Suites & Villas. The “long stay” offer gives you discounts of up to 45% for extended stays. Book early to save 15% or 20% on your stay. Travel as a group to save even more, with offers such as “pay for 2 out of 4 people” or “pay for 4 out of 6 people”. Direct bookings also offer you exclusive benefits, including a 10% discount, a flexible cancellation policy, personalized follow-up, and advantages such as early arrival, late departure (subject to availability) and 15% off meals. As a bonus, a surprise gift will be waiting for you on arrival. For even greater savings, opt for the low season, which offers more affordable rates due to reduced demand. Subscribe to our newsletters and social networks for monthly promotions, exciting competitions and promotional codes.Save money by combining good deals  To save money on your trip to Mauritius, consider these tips. Opt for local public transport instead of hiring a car or taking taxis, offering an authentic experience at a lower cost. Explore free attractions such as beaches and nature parks. Savor local cuisine in affordable restaurants and discover local markets for fresh produce at reasonable prices. Avoid tourist traps by getting advice from our concierges or experienced travelers. Bargain in the appropriate local markets, but respect the real value of the products. Monitor exchange rates before your trip to get the best rate and avoid airport currency exchange counters. With these few recommendations, you can make the most of an affordable trip to Mauritius. Conclusion and final tips for travelling to Mauritius on a budget    Finally, Mauritius offers a wealth of experiences, filled with diversity. Its varied landscapes and unique biodiversity mean there’s plenty to do, from visiting parks and public gardens to exploring museums and historic sites. You can also immerse yourself in the local culture by discovering villages, taking part in Indian dance, vacoa weaving or pottery classes, and attending Sega shows. Discover the island’s flora and fauna in nature reserves such as Ebony and Vallée de Ferney, and on hikes through its rich landscape. For a cost-effective trip, take into account the climate, with its summer and winter seasons influencing prices. Look for special offers throughout the year at our partner resorts such as Marguery Villas or Mythic Resort. Use flight comparators, subscribe to newsletters, be flexible, use loyalty programs and book in advance to save on flights and accommodation. The low tourist season offers more affordable prices. What’s more, by using public transport such as buses, trams or shared taxis, and travelling in a group, you’ll achieve maximum savings. So, make the most of your Mauritius getaway without breaking the bank. A few more tips  Negotiating is a common practice in Mauritius, but it must be done with respect for the sellers and the locals. Avoid aggressiveness and criticism. Ask about prices before you buy, and offer a slightly lower price. Be prepared to discuss and adjust your prices until a mutually satisfactory agreement is reached. Remain calm, patient and open to cultural exchange if you want to negotiate successfully. Use travel apps such as TripAdvisor, Skyscanner, Lonely Planet, Guide du Routard, or Tripwolf to find special offers on restaurants, tourist attractions, and savings on flights. Meetup applications and Facebook groups are useful for meeting locals and other travelers. Check reviews and comments for reliable information. These tips will help you save money on your trip to Mauritius while enjoying its beauty.  


What to do in Mauritius?

Mauritius is a popular travel destination for visitors looking for an exotic change of scenery. With its superb white sandy beaches, crystal clear lagoons, national parks, endemic forests, unique flora and fauna, Mauritius is the perfect place to enjoy a holiday full of discoveries, sports and leisure activities, but is also ideal for those who love to relax and sunbathe. Whether you stay for five days or ten, as a couple or with your family, there is plenty to do and see around the island, with tailor-made tours to suit all your desires. Follow the guide and plan your dream vacation. The very best Mauritius has to offer Mauritius has everything you could possibly want or expect from a destination with so many unique assets.   Mauritians’ authentic hospitality What sets Mauritius apart from other holiday destinations is the friendliness of its people, which makes it one of the cornerstones of its international reputation. The bilingualism (French/English) combined with Creole breaks down the language barrier. In addition to the warm welcome, Mauritius is an extraordinary cultural melting pot. A land of successive and diverse immigrants, Mauritians are a fine blend of European, African, Malagasy, Chinese and Indian cultures. From this fantastic cultural and ethnological combination was born a tasty cuisine, rich in colours and exotic spices, a real culinary odyssey filled with diversity, enough to satisfy the most demanding palates. Sumptuous beaches Mauritius’ other asset is its miles of magnificent beaches and turquoise lagoons. The beautiful beaches of Trou aux Biches, Mon Choisy, Flic en Flac or Belle-Mare and the paradise-like Ile aux Cerfs boast stunning landscapes with transparent waters inviting you to laze around or to engage in fabulous discovery and leisure activities. The islands surrounding Mauritius make for exceptional excursions by boat or catamaran to explore the wild beauty of these beaches. Between sea and land, there is a wide range of activities: snorkeling or scuba diving to discover the richness of the seabed, boat trips to visit the islands or to see dolphins in their natural environment, surfing, kite or paddle, parasailing, water skiing, skydiving, beautiful and easy hikes, discovery of local fauna and flora in the parks and nature reserves, visits to extraordinary geological sites and fascinating museums to better understand the history, exceptional culinary and cultural heritage ….  Your stay in Mauritius will leave you with unforgettable memories.  What to do in Mauritius in five days? Your stay will be short but intense. How to enjoy the best of Mauritius in a short stay? Here is a non-exhaustive programme of activities and excursions focused on sea, nature and Mauritian culture to optimize your time here. Day 1: Enjoy the beaches to the full No matter where you’re staying, there’s always a beautiful public beach within a short drive. Whether you like deserted beaches lined with filaos rustling gently in the wind or more vibrant beaches where you can satisfy your passion for water and land-based activities, discover the beautiful lagoons where swimming in crystal clear turquoise or emerald waters is ideal year-round. Soak up the beautiful Mauritian sunshine and start tanning on the beach at Mont Choisy or Trou aux Biches or try your hand at kiteboarding in the Morne lagoon and surfing in Tamarin! Day 2: Cruise to Ile aux Cerfs or the Northern Islands The mythical Ile aux Cerfs gives postcard beach lovers a taste of paradise on earth. Accessible by boat from the small coastal village of Trou d’Eau Douce, just a short distance from Mythic Suites & Villas, Ile aux Cerfs is a must during your stay in Mauritius. Have fun exploring its creeks, discovering the underwater life of its coral reefs by snorkeling, sunbathing on its fine sandy beaches, having lunch barefoot in the sand, and enjoying the many water and land activities offered to visitors. You can also opt for a day trip aboard a catamaran to the northern islands, where you will discover the islets surrounding Mauritius and enjoy the pristine beaches and beautiful lagoons of Gabriel Island or Plate Island (https://www.croisieres-australes.com/fr ), with a barbecue on board. Day 3: Discover dolphins in their natural environment and Robinsonnade This is one of the most popular excursions to do during your stay in Mauritius. On the west coast and departing from the fishing village of Tamarin, embark with one of our service providers respectful of the observation guidelines to discover the pods of dolphins that live off the Mauritian coast. It is possible to get into the water to watch them swim. After this exciting experience, take a day trip and picnic on “Ile aux Bénitiers”. Snorkel for tropical fish and spend a Robinson-like day exploring the islet.  DAY 4: Explore Mauritius’ lush natural surroundings Nature lovers? Put on your sports shoes and head out for a hike in the Black River Gorges National Park. Located on the south-western coast, a ten-minute drive from Marguery Villas, the island’s major national park is home to exceptional and endemic flora and fauna in its native forest. Ask our concierge to prepare a picnic lunch for you the day before so that you can make the most of your excursion. From endemic trees to protected birds, explore the waterfalls, hiking trails and panoramic views of the south and central part of the island from its forested mountains.  After this green interlude, continue south to Mauritius’ small coastal and fishing villages, where the rhythm of life is unique. Take a look at the magnificent mountain of Le Morne, with its tragic history, which was once home to the maroon slaves who ran away from the estates and threw themselves into the void out of fear of repression. Listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it overlooks a beautiful public beach with trees and a magnificent lagoon where you can learn to kite and watch the ballet of multicoloured sails. DAY 5: The Thousand Faces of Port Louis The capital of Mauritius is best visited on foot to discover its historic heart and to better immerse yourself in its rich multicultural and historical heritage. Accompanied by a private guide during an exciting discovery with a gastronomic or historical theme (https://mymoris.mu/ ), or simply on a walk, Port Louis will immediately give you a change of scenery in a profusion of colours and smells. Start your discovery with the explosion of colours and scents of the central market, called “bazaar”. Here, all strata of the Mauritian population come together to look for fruit and vegetables, spices or textiles, meat or fish, amidst pyramids of unfamiliar vegetables and fruit, exotic spices, the hailing of merchants, giant tuna carried on the backs of men, local crafts, herbal tea makers… Wander the ancient cobbled streets and admire the sumptuous Jummah Mosque, the Saint-Louis Cathedral and the Chinese pagodas. Discover the street art in Chinatown and try the local culinary specialities in street food mode. Shop in the malls, bazaars and shops. Get a bird’s eye view of the harbour from Fort Adelaide (La Citadelle). This condensed itinerary will enable you to explore some of Mauritius’ beautiful attractions in five days. There is much more to discover on this beautiful island during a longer stay! What to experience in Mauritius on a 10-day trip? If you have 10 days to explore Mauritius, you can enjoy more activities and visit more sites. Here is a suggested itinerary:   Day 1: Discovering Port Louis and Pamplemousses Start your journey by exploring Port Louis, our capital city. Visit the central market to stock up on spices and smells, the historic Place d’Armes and its great men and women, and the street art of Chinatown. Visit the Blue Penny Museum on the harbour to learn about the history of the island and admire the Blue Penny, one of the rarest stamps in the world. Nearby, at the Aapravasi Ghat, walk in the footsteps of the first ‘indentured’ Indians, Chinese, Malagasies and Africans who came to the island to supplant the slaves after the abolition of slavery and who became the original inhabitants of the island in a beautiful interactive display. For local and international shopping, head to the Caudan Waterfront or wander the central streets to browse through the capital’s small shops for local gems. You may also want to visit the Pamplemousses area with its Botanical Garden created by the famous Pierre Poivre, whose 25 hectares are home to thousands of species of plants and flowers, some of which are unique to Mauritius. Go ahead and check out the Aventure du Sucre, an ecomuseum five minutes away from the Garden to learn about and understand the central role played by sugarcane in the history and economic development of Mauritius.  Day 2 and 3: Relaxation and activities on the beach A good way to get into the Mauritian rhythm on one of the island’s white sandy beaches. While popular beaches include Trou aux Biches, Mont Choisy and Flic en Flac, there are just as many different atmospheres and beaches to discover in Mauritius. The grey sandy beach at Tamarin in the west, where the coastal village is home to the best known surfing spot, Dale, where you can try your hand at surfing or swimming in this beautiful bay where dolphins live year round. The powdery sand of Grand Bay in the north, with its clear turquoise waters, is the starting point for excursions to the northern islets. The confidential beaches of Casita and Cap Malheureux, lined with coconut trees, with an exceptional view of Coin de Mire, Round island and Flat island, and wonderfully fishy lagoons. The wilder beaches of Grand-Gaube, Roches-Noires, Trou d’Eau Douce, and Belle-Mare with its whitewashed kilns and Hindu temples. The jagged cliffs of Gris-Gris in the south, with a touch of Brittany, or the deserted beach of La Cambuse… You are spoilt for choice when it comes to relaxing or having fun with the many water sports on offer, the most accessible of which is snorkeling to discover the underwater life.  Day 4: The north of Mauritius: shopping and local cuisine on the menu The north of the island is more touristy and cosmopolitan. On the road, stop at the factory shops selling locally made textiles for the international brands. In the north, some of the most popular beaches in Mauritius are spread out, both for Mauritians and visitors. Sunbathing, swimming, shopping and tasting local dishes are on the agenda. Trou aux Biches with its fine white sand and clear waters has plenty of water activities. It borders on the famous beach of Mont Choisy with its huge turquoise lagoon and its trees that are perfect for a nap. Cap Malheureux offers an awesome view of the Coin de Mire and is home to many art galleries and shops. Finally, the seaside village of Grand-Baie is the most lively place on the island. Very busy, lined with dozens of restaurants, shopping centers, discotheques and bars, an artisanal market and shops of all kinds, it is situated on the edge of a sublime turquoise bay and serves as a departure point for numerous excursions and activities. Grand Bay offers all types of Mauritian cuisine, from finger food to fine dining restaurants, you’ll be spoilt for choice! End the day with a cocktail at one of the bayfront clubs. Day 5: Discovering the East of Mauritius The wilder Windward Coast is full of surprises for lovers of uncrowded beaches and typical Mauritian villages. Numerous fishy creeks to explore with children, the emerald and clear waters of the large lagoons, temples emerging in the middle of sugarcane fields, vegetable plantations, lime kilns now inactive … visit Poste Lafayette, Belle-Mare, Trou d’Eau Douce, all poetic and evocative village names where you can make beautiful and authentic encounters. Don’t hesitate to take a very accessible hike in the Bras d’Eau National Park to discover the local fauna and flora. Have lunch in one of the many Mauritian restaurants and taste the amazing Mauritian cuisine. Day 6: The mini-cruise: dolphins, fishing, picnic or discovering the islets If you like sailing, Mauritius is the ideal place to combine the joys of sailing and discovery. Many activities linked to the ocean will satisfy your desire for the open sea and beautiful surprises. The dolphin trip at Tamarin is a must to admire these cetaceans in their natural environment and during the Mauritian winter (June to October) to follow the migration of humpback whales. You can also spend the day on a catamaran with swimming and snorkeling stops and grilled food served by the crew for a midday trip to Ile aux Bénitiers. Try your hand at big game fishing in the fishy waters and try to catch a tuna, bonito or swordfish on a well equipped boat. In the north, the main excursions consist in discovering the islands around Mauritius on a catamaran mini-cruise, an opportunity to admire the breathtaking view of the Coin de Mire, to sunbathe on immaculate beaches and to swim in the crystal clear waters of the islets. During the off-season, you’ll enjoy the feeling of exclusivity on deserted beaches. Day 7: Golf course and a matinee at Ile aux Cerfs Head to the beautiful Anahita International Golf Course while the rest of the family enjoys an exotic day out on the stunning Ile aux Cerfs. Head to the east coast to drop off the family’s Tiger Wood at the 18-hole professional golf course with its breathtaking views across clear lagoons and green mountains (https://www.anahita.mu/en/golf-mauritius ).  While you perfect your slice, the family boards one of the boats in nearby Point Mauritius for the short crossing to this little paradise. White sandy beaches, turquoise waters, small isolated coves: on the programme, sunbathing, lunch and the joys of the beach to perfect your tan or to try out one of the many activities offered on site.  Day 8: Discovering the west of the island Authentic and less developed in terms of tourism, the west of Mauritius is home to many fishing villages. Start with Albion lighthouse and its jagged cliffs from where humpback whales can be spotted during the southern winter, then enjoy a coconut or a pineapple on the famous Flic en Flac beach, after a dive in its transparent and warm waters. On the way to Tamarin, and if you dream of feeding a giraffe or walking alongside a lion, stop at Casela, a huge wildlife and activity park that will delight the whole family. Rhinos, lions, giraffes, cheetahs, tigers, monkeys, ostriches, zebras, magnificent birds…, you will be carried back to Africa in the heart of the Mauritian savannah. Zip lines, 4D cinema, mini-farm, quad bikes, suspension bridges… rediscover your child’s soul in these fun and open-air places (https://caselaparks.com/ ). End the day on the grey sandy beach of Tamarin, a tiny fishing village where everyone practices surfing on the mythical spot of Dale or paddling on the bay or river. Very family friendly and relaxed, it is a tradition to watch the beautiful sunset on the beach with a local beer in hand.  Day 9: Acting as an eco-friendly guest Like all islands, Mauritius is vulnerable to climate change and human impact on nature. Take a guided tour of one of the island’s nature reserves and contribute to the conservation of endemic species thanks to the income generated. One such example is the Ile aux Aigrettes nature reserve off the south-east coast, which is home to unique fauna and flora and is considered one of the most important biodiversity conservation areas in Mauritius. Restored by the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation, the nature reserve is now home to a wide variety of endemic species, including the pink pigeon, the Mauritius fruit bat, the Mauritius gecko, the Aldabra giant tortoise…  Other wildlife sanctuaries include the Heritage Nature Reserve on the south coast of Mauritius, the Ferney Valley in the south-east, the Ebony Forest and the Black River Gorges Park. Day 10: The south of the island On this last day, explore the south of the island, taking the coastal road to discover the typical and peaceful life of the small Mauritian villages. Don’t hesitate to stop and soak up these authentic places where time seems to have no hold. Head for the charming village of Mahébourg, colourful, lively and overlooking a magnificent bay renowned for its pirogue regattas. The historical museum of the Mauritian Navy is a must-see, offering a nostalgic and fascinating look at the island’s past, with its collections of maps, furniture, objects, weapons and old cannons. Stop by the Rault biscuit factory, which has been making delicate manioc biscuits for more than a century, ideal for gifts. If you’re a marine life enthusiast, head to the magnificent Blue Bay beach and its protected marine park, the ideal place to discover the exceptional underwater life by snorkeling or paddling. Continue on the road to the wild south to Chamarel and its famous Land of 7 Colours, a surprising geological singularity with a beautiful palette of colours, and a superb refreshing waterfall. A visit to the nearby Rhumerie will give you the opportunity to bring back some local rhums before your flight back home.    An intense stay alternating between peaceful days and active holidays with this tour designed for ten unforgettable days. Contact our concierge to book your activities.