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The Black River Gorges: An adventure in the heart of nature

  • 03/17/22
  • Activities

In the mood for a full breath of fresh air? Do not miss the opportunity to discover the last endemic primary forest of Mauritius. The Black River Gorges National Park offers a multitude of possible activities accessible to all, with its forests, trails, waterfalls, rivers and mountains, just ten minutes from your resort, Marguery Villas.

Getting to know the Gorges?

It all depends on what you want to do. The park opens at 7am, a favourite with the early morning walkers and joggers who enjoy the coolness of the morning and the peacefulness of the site. On weekdays, the park is not very crowded, and at weekends it is more popular with families.

Some people choose to park at the entrance and then walk the 2.5km of quiet, shaded road to the grounds, following the children on their bikes or rollerblades. Want to save energy to explore the trails? Go directly to the car park.

Immersion in a preserved and endemic nature

Managed by the National Parks Conservation Service, the national park – with free access – covers an area of 67.54 km², a dry and damp forest and 60 kilometres of paths. Its forest covers 2.5% of the island’s surface and it is home to more than 300 endemic plant species and 9 species of birds unique to Mauritius, including the famous pink pigeon, the kestrel and the large green cape. The Piton de la Petite Rivière-Noire, the highest peak of the island, reaches 800m.

On arrival, don’t hesitate to visit the visitors’ centre, which lists the animal and plant life of the area, to help you spot the species you are bound to come across in the park.

Shaded walk and river branch

The first part of the walk is suitable for everyone. The tree-lined trail is rocky at times (watch out for ankles) and in the rainy season you are likely to cross a few water fords on the way. Around you, the tall trees rustle softly in the wind, a green swallow shrieks and you will probably see large bats flying over the trees in the late afternoon. Here and there, marked paths climb to the top. The kiosk is a popular picnic spot, but for more privacy, take one of the first paths past the car park and you’ll come across the cool white water. A dip in the water is a must in the summer, but during heavy rains, the water flow is rapid, so keep an eye on the children.

The Gorges trekking version for experienced sports lovers

If you’re a climber who isn’t afraid of the difference in altitude, then the trails are for you. Between Difil, Pétrin, Macchabées, Piton, the experience is great and the pleasures are equal to the difficulties. The important thing is to have the right shoes, water and if possible, to go in a group. There is no network in the park, so if you are solo, let the concierge know your expected return time: sometimes walkers get lost. The view from the top over the west coast and inland is absolutely fabulous and well worth the effort!

A refreshing and invigorating outing to do with family or sports friends. Let our concierges organise a picnic in the Gorges for you! Read all about it here