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Eco-responsible and sustainable initiatives in Tamarin: what can you do to contribute to the collective cause?

Mauritius’ natural beauty may seem untouched. However, the island’s insular character also makes it vulnerable. Global warming, pollution. Many factors can interfere and impact on resources and landscapes. Awareness is fortunately gaining ground as a number of initiatives are being launched. Recycle, waste sorting, solidarity actions. You can also do your bit to preserve Mauritius.MJ Holidays’ commitmentTourism, while essential to the local economy, can also have a significant impact on the environment. In recent years, Mauritius’ hospitality industry has focused on the issue of how hotels operate and a number of green practices have been introduced for guests. MJ Holidays has therefore committed itself to eco-responsible and sustainable development.A collaboration made in MauritiusBy partnering with Signe Natir, a community project led by Business Mauritius to improve the environmental sustainability of our island, MJ encourages its guests to become partners in this community project. Our goal is to work in harmony with nature and the surrounding community for a sustainable and prosperous future in Mauritius and to help create a greener environment for present and future generations. Upon moving into your private villa at Marguery Villas or one of our Mythic suites and villas, should you wish to join in and work towards the preservation of this unique environment, do not hesitate to contact us. Through simple and ecological practices, everyone can help create a global and responsible awareness: limit water consumption when showering, turn off unnecessary lights, reduce the need to change towels and linens too often, and buy local products.Tamarin: a shared eco awarenessThe natural and rugged landscape of the West coast of Mauritius together with its rich cultural and social diversity are undoubtedly contributing to the ecological and responsible actions undertaken by the island’s inhabitants. Local, commercial or charitable, the initiatives are numerous and gain the commitment of Mauritians as well as foreign residents and visitors. Do you feel like getting more involved in sustainable and responsible development? Here is an overview of some of the great solidarity projects to which you can contribute.The Charity Shop: when buying second hand contributes to social projectsFive minutes away from Marguery Villas, this non-profit charity organisation devoted itself to fighting against the overpopulation of stray dogs and cats in Mauritius in 2013. The charity has since developed a wider range of services. People donate goods (clothes, toys, decorative items, books etc.) still in good condition and resell them at a very affordable price. The Charity Centre team, which is mainly composed of volunteers, is in charge of sorting and pricing the items for sale.The money collected is donated to various NGOs that help:– Underprivileged children and adults by giving them the opportunity to receive an education and participate in activities to help them avoid the evils and dangers on the streets.– To reduce the number of stray dogs by organising sterilisation campaigns, providing treatment and donating food for the island’s dogs and cats.– The disabled by providing them with special equipment.– The environment by keeping Mauritius clean (for example, a monthly partnership with BEM Recycling resulted in the collection of 450 kg of electronic and electrical waste in September).To come and drop off or buy clothes or a book is to get involved in the local community by choosing which cause you want to help! The Charity Shop is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.https://www.facebook.com/Charitycentretamarin/The recycling binsYou will come across them in various places in the villages of Tamarin and Black River: the recycling bins are used to collect plastic bottles (mainly sodas) in PET for recycling. Empty bottles are a major ecological problem and their biodegradability in nature is extremely long. You will find one just behind Marguery on the road leading to the supermarket. Don’t hesitate to use it!The eco-friendly commitment of Super UCongratulations on the ethical and ecological commitment of the large supermarket at the entrance to the village of Tamarin. Super U has long been committed to reducing its environmental impact, and one of the most important aspects of this engagement is waste management and waste reduction. The many social and environmental initiatives taken by the group in recent years are all aimed at facilitating the transition of its business model to a more integrated, responsible and sustainable system. The idea is to encourage the emergence of a sustainable economy through various initiatives, environmental investments and work with various companies and NGOs involved in the sector.Acclaimed initiatives: recycling workshops and exhibitions, cleaning up the beach of the bay, donating ecological bins to the District Council, providing sorting containers (plastics, cans and cardboard) in the car park, compacting and composting packaging cardboard, recycling packaging plastics, using personal containers in the fresh produce section.the book drop box: get along, there is plenty of reading!The book box in Tamarin, created by a passionate reader, is just behind Marguery Villas, at the entrance to the London supermarket. Open to all and free of charge, it is a place to celebrate sharing, whether it be books, magazines or textbooks. Pick up or drop off one or more, and someone else will come along and pick them out. Rather than taking a big novel back home with you, pass it on to a reader and join the virtuous circle of sharing. There are books in French, English, Russian, German and Norwegian and the box is rarely empty.Other initiatives at a glance:– The Bioil frying oil recycler at the entrance to the London supermarket– The recycling bins (paper, cardboard, plastic) of the We-Recycle at Paul et Virginie school which can also collect from you (https://www.wecycle.mu/)– Your old mobile phone will be recycled at the Emtel stand at Super U– Buy organic and local with Meeta’s delicious certified organic vegetables (LINK)Being more than an enthusiastic spectator of the beautiful landscape while being a proud actor of change is possible during your stay at Marguery Villas. Whether you’re on holiday for a few days or a long-term resident, you can take action to help preserve resources and leave a positive footprint on our island. 


Big game fishing: the 100% adrenaline activity in 5 points

If you are a thrill-seeker or a fan of fishing, this is the perfect choice for you! Mauritius (and Black River particularly) is reputed to be one of the best destinations in the world to indulge in this sportive fishing activity which requires patience and perseverance in attempting to catch a fish. Beginners or professionals, set your fishing lines! Marguery Villaswhen can I go fishing?– When to go? The best time of the year for big game fishing in Mauritius is from October to April for the largest catches. Willing to catch a good-sized fish? No problem, with favourable weather conditions all year round and very fishy waters, big game fishing boats are out all year round: they will seek out the best spots for your adventure.–  Which kind of fish?Mauritius is known worldwide for the wealth of its marine life. Indeed, the waters beyond the coral reef are abounding with large fish sometimes reaching impressive sizes. The fight can be sporty and requires a great deal of patience according to the type of fish caught. Here are the species that you can come across: the blue marlin (more or less all year round), the black marlin (harder to find), the swordfish, the dorado, the snapper, the coryphene, the yellowfin tuna, the wahoo as well as various species of sharks (mako, hammerhead, blue, bulldog…)Good to know: the catch remains the property of the boat. If you wish to bring back your catch or stuff your trophy, it is possible to buy it back.What is a typical day like?– On which fishing boats?Mauritius big game fishing providers operate game boats, often equipped with outriggers, towers, reels, lures, harnesses, large bait traps and freezers and measuring between 9 and 15 metres in length. They are powered by large outboard, semi-outboard or inboard motors with speeds up to 30 knots. The boats are handled by skippers who are skilled in local weather conditions, familiar with currents and know how to spot schools by observing bird activity. These boats can accommodate 6 to 8 people.– How long does it last?  A half-day tour or a full day (9 hours) if you are an enthusiast. If you spend the whole day, you will be served lunch on board. A great opportunity to have a nice boat trip and maybe see dolphins. – What kind of fishing? The crew will give you all the necessary advice on the different fishing techniques: trolling, casting, long-lining, jigging or drop shot fishing (relatively light weights and small plastic lures).Fishing methods have evolved, especially in relation to the awareness of the need to preserve the environment: this is why ‘tag & release’ (catch & release) is now encouraged by some operators.An exciting and emotional experience, big game fishing is for those who love the sea. Our ethical recommendation: our partner FISH WHISPERER offers a recreational and educational experience for children.


The village of Black River

The land between Flic en Flac and Le Morne is known to most Mauritians under the name of Black River. One of the most recent coastal areas of the island to have known development, this small village grew great strides in recent years. Despite the sudden appearance of modern structures, Black River also offers a more active but also a calmer experience. The resorts are rare and you have the choice between the sea and mountains to explore. Sensational hikes, picturesque shores, peach upscale and interesting historical remnants are all at your fingertips. The district of Black River took its name mainly from greyish and black natural basaltic rocks that are the trademarks of the region. There are other natural phenomena that explain its exoticism. The region is best known for the Black River Gorges National Park. Beach of La PreneuseThe opportunity to stop at La Preneuse is not to be missed. It’s the most beautiful beach of the West Coast that fascinates visitors. This beautiful beach is ideal for swimming, playing on the sand, build castles or chase the tiny crabs in their lair. Grande Rivière NoireThe next stop is Grande Rivière Noire, another coastal village with about 2000 inhabitants, mainly fishermen, but who are now moving towards jobs in tourism and hospitality. However, the village has lost none of its specificity: this part was well-known for the typical creole sega, another aspect that requires tourists, young couples or those who love these things to spend a few days to enjoy the variety of entertainment available. Dancing the sega on a sensual music, the sizzle of the skirts and other amazing rhythms carry the public to a unique world. Big game fishingThe village became famous as a major center for fishing. It has a modern museum called “Snellorama”, the first of its kind in the Indian Ocean region. It houses unique specimens of shells collected in the Indo Pacific Lagoon to the delight of conchili farmers. ActivitiesCanoeing, kayaking, snorkelling, kitesurfing, hiking, riding, cycling, walking, photography, hunting, the admiration of the virgin beauty complete the dream of nature and adventure lovers. The tourism authority and other stakeholders are working together to offer tourists the pleasure and agitation, perhaps designed in their wildest dreams. Feel free to call the concierge of Marguery Exclusive Villas for any activity booking.


Islets around Mauritius

If you chose Mauritius as a vacation destination, you will not regret it. Mauritius is not only a haven of peace where the beaches are breathtaking. Mauritius is an island surrounded by wonderful islets, do not miss the opportunity to visit them. Whether you’re staying in a hotel or villa, the visit of the islets is not a big task and is accessible to all, with the exception of some nature reserves accessible on request. However, those which are inaccessible can be observed by boat excursions or sailing around the islets. Ile aux CerfsIle aux Cerfs is known for its white sandy beaches, its beautiful lagoon and its wide range of activities and facilities. At Ile aux Cerfs, you are sure to spend a day of relaxation and entertainment on one of the best beaches in Mauritius, to swim and to snorkel in the lagoon. Every day, tourists visit Ile aux Cerfs, spend a whole day and enjoy the many facilities and activities on the island. Over the past years, Ile aux Cerfs has become one of the most popular tourist destinations of Mauritius. Round IslandLocated 22 kilometers north-east of Mauritius, this island is an ecological treasure. Many species of endemic plants, some of which are no longer on the main island and the presence of endemic reptiles make this island a unique place. It measures approximately 150 hectares and rises like a cone out of the water to reach a maximum height of 300 meters. The composition of geological basis is an agglomeration of volcanic ash deposited in compact layers that look like to rock. Flat Island Also North of Mauritius, Flat Island is one of the biggest islets of the island, with an area of 253 hectares. It has a rich endemic flora. You will see an old lighthouse in the South-West of the island that will simply amaze you. A dive site of 20-40 minutes journey by boat is accessible to the public upon request. As the sea can be rough, diving must be organized in advance and divers must be experienced. Ilot GabrielIlot Gabriel is a sheltered cove offering an interesting place for snorkeling. You can spend a day on the island and have lunch on a catamaran. With its captivating turquoise waters, you will certainly not miss a swim. Diving takes place around Pigeon House Rock, where the main attraction is the proliferation of sharks, especially from November to April. Ile aux AigrettesThis popular ecotourist destination is a nature reserve of 26 hectares, located on an island about 800 meters from the coast. It preserves very few remnants of the coastal forests of Mauritius and is a refuge for many endemic and endangered wildlife species. Visits are possible as part of a guided tour. Highlights include the giant tortoises of Aldabra, the Ebony trees, wild orchids, the threatened pink pigeon and other rare species of bird. Ile aux BénitiersLocated off of La Gaulette (South-West of Mauritius), Ile aux Bénitiers is a large island of coral sand of about 65 hectares. On the northern tip of the island, there is a small colony of migratory seabirds which will fascinate any visitor. The lagoon is wide and shallow, with large fields of relatively healthy coral. The area around the island was a fishing spot for residents who, for years, have used the island for recreational purposes and as a stop when fishing in the lagoon. Feel free to call the concierge of Marguery Exclusive Villas for any activity booking.


Fun activities for children in Mauritius

Spending time with your children on an island looks exciting – you can combine the perfect blend of sun, sport and family fun! So, when it comes to planning a family vacation, you can be really stressed searching for the ideal family activities. If you are looking for a place where all of your family can swim in the turquoise water, sunbath on the white sandy beach, discover the beautiful marine life and do exciting activities, then Mauritius is perfect for your holiday destination. Casela World of AdventureAn indispensable place for families with children! Casela World of Adventures is a natural park of 14 hectares, offering fun and entertaining activities. In addition to being a zoo of big cats, giraffes, rhinoceros, exotic birds, and African mammals, you will have the chance to indulge in fun activities such as karting, zip lines, quad, canyoning, pony rides, slides, a children’s farm, and the list goes on. Vanilla Crocodile Park – Reserve of the MascarenesDiscover the world of the amazing reptilians! With magnificent animals, a spectacular aquarium life, a fun corner for children, an insectarium and a museum, the Vanilla Crocodile Park is a great place for families. It is home to the second largest crocodilian and one of the largest species of turtles in the world! This natural park covers 3.5 hectares with lush vegetation composed of beautiful palm trees, banana trees, giant bamboo, and other beautiful shrubs, reflecting a tropical forest. L’Aventure Du SucreL’Aventure Du Sucre is a former sugar factory converted into a museum where you will have the unique opportunity to discover the history of Mauritius and its plantations of sugar cane from the Dutch, French and British periods. This is worth a visit with members of the family and the children, where they can all learn the history and culture of the Mauritian sugar. During the visit, you will have the opportunity to watch evocative movies of the early years before discovering everything there is to know about the sugar industry in Mauritius. Normally, it takes about two hours to complete the tour and it ends with different sugars and Mauritian rum tasting session. Maurice AquariumIdeal for children, the Aquarium of Mauritius offers you an authentic experience of marine discovery! Located in the Northwest of the island of Mauritius, the aquarium houses many marine species, including sharks, giant morays, squirrels, clown fish, butterfly fish, lobsters, crabs, and sea turtles. Cross the five well-designed buildings of the aquarium and discover the rich aquatic life inhabiting the crystal-clear waters of the Mauritian lagoon. The aquarium offers the possibility to attend the feeding sessions that take place every day at 11:00 and 15:00. Vallée des CouleursThe Vallée des Couleurs is one of the most famous and unique attractions that fascinate the locals and tourists. Nature lovers and families will love the Valley des Couleurs, which offers a unique experience of wildlife and native flora, as well as various activities and fun excursions, adapted to all ages. Visitors will enjoy natural landscapes, including trays, mountains, valleys, craters, and crater lakes. Feel free to call the concierge of Marguery Exclusive Villas for any activity booking.


Everything to know about Flic en Flac

Flic en Flac, located along the West coast of Mauritius, became the second-best tourist region of Mauritius after Grand Bay. The West coast of Mauritius has grown much more slowly than the northern region, however, beautiful villages like Flic en Flac developed from small fishermen villages to a choice holiday destination.From a small fishermen village, Flic en Flac grew rapidly over the past 200 years to become a major tourist area. Today, Flic en Flac is a very popular destination that attracts both tourists and locals. Flic en Flac is an ideal place to spend your holiday where you will find excellent beaches, a range of water activities and a peaceful setting for a complete relaxation. It offers a nice and charming setting with beautiful white sand beaches and gorgeous blue lagoons. Along its very long beach, there are of many restaurants, hotels, shops, and malls. ClimateAs Port Louis, Flic en Flac is immune to the Tradewinds of the Indian Ocean and is one of the hottest places in Mauritius. Here, the temperature never drops below 26 ° C and easily reaches 30 ° C. The lagoon temperature varies from 26 to 28 ° C depending on the season. The beach itself is very spacious and lined with Casuarina trees that help provide shade. The climate of Flic en Flac is reflected in its lagoon, crystal clear warm water contributing to a wonderful aquatic life. Scuba diving and snorkel in Flic en FlacThe Flic en Flac beach is nearly two kilometers and you can also practice swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving year-round. Indeed, the beach is a paradise for diving with its many caves and wrecks like the Cathedral and the Rampart. Divers will really enjoy the lagoon of Flic en Flac, because the current is almost non-existent while visibility is optimal. So, prepare your diving equipment for the magnificent coral reefs and colorful underwater life of Flic en Flac. It is advisable to wear protective shoes or diving flippers to protect you from sea urchins and corals. Casela Nature ParkThe Casela Nature Park is located just after the town of Flic en Flac, near the village of Cascavelle. It houses more than 1500 birds of different species, as well as lions, zebras, giant turtles, monkeys, tigers, etc. Many tourist activities are also available out there like zip lines, walks with lions, quad rides, safari photo, segway, canyoning, via ferrata, etc. It is one of the best nature parks of the island and is well worth a visit. Hot tropical nightsMauritius night is a festive world. In the evening, Flic en Flac looks just like Ibiza! The bars and nightclubs of the village are open into the wee hours of the morning with clubbers dancing on the local and international rhythms. The Shotz club hosted well-known DJs in the past. This nightclub is one of the best places for local youth. So what are you waiting for? Take the time to visit Flic en Flac to discover the natural charm of this unique village of Mauritius! Feel free to call the concierge of Marguery Exclusive Villas for any activity booking.


What to do in Mauritius on a rainy day?

We all dream of the sun and blue sky when we go on vacation in a tropical country, but sometimes nature can be quite temperamental. Don’t despair, we have compiled a list of things to do in Mauritius on a rainy day. We know that you did not come to Mauritius to go bowling or watch a movie. Therefore, we have kept the spirit of exploration and relaxation by creating this list. Discover the great journey of sugarL’Aventure du Sucre in Pamplemousses, in the north of the island, is a museum located in a former sugar factory. It shows the fabulous saga of the evolution of the sugar industry over the years and, through it, the history of Mauritius, on an interactive tour of 5000 m2. There is a lot of information for anyone wishing to learn the history of this paradise island. The site also offers a restaurant and a very well stocked boutique. Visit the market in Port LouisThe covered market Port Louis, its stalls of fruit, vegetables, herbs, sugars and spices, will make you travel. You can take beautiful pictures, soak up the atmosphere of the place, passers-by, the warm, colors and smells, and end your visit by a small Alouda “stopover”, a refreshing drink loved by Mauritians. Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius and its market was the center of the local economy in the Victorian era. Souvenir shoppingThis is a no-brainer; a rainy weather is a good time to go shopping for souvenirs for your family at home! Yes, like everywhere else in the world, one of the best things to do in Mauritius when it rains is shopping! There are a variety of memories beyond the Dodo refrigerator magnets, so take the time to browse stores and find the perfect gift for your loved ones. If you have the chance to visit the Caudan Waterfront, we strongly recommend you to visit the Craft Market. It is full of beautiful objects of local crafts. Visit a house of illusionThe Curious Corner of Chamarel: adults and children will be attracted by the strangeness of this palace of optical illusion. Through the house and exploring different rooms, you won’t believe your eyes! Take your camera to take incredible pictures in different configurations, and make sure you go to the beautiful Chamarel rum distillery, which is nearby, to enjoy a unique rum and enjoy a tasty lunch. Journey through timeEureka La Maison Créole invites you to a time travel experience in a colonial mansion, which houses Victorian period furniture. You will also have the possibility to taste the restaurant’s home cooking, with typical creole dishes served on the terrace. In the north of the island, you can visit the majestic Chateau de Labourdonnais to taste refined rum and fruit delights. Feel free to call the concierge of Marguery Exclusive Villas for any activity booking.