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Mauritius is an ideal holiday destination, offering its visitors over 200km of white sandy beaches and turquoise lagoons. In this paradisiacal setting with its tropical weather, the magnificent beaches are best discovered on water, in immersion but also seen from the sky! Close-up on six incredible activities.   Dolphin watching tour in Tamarin, Mauritius Meet the dolphins that live on the west coast of Mauritius five minutes away from your hotel residence. We only book operators who respect dolphin spotting standards, including distance and no contact with them. The preservation of these wonderful animals and their preservation and survival depend on the ethical and responsible behavior of operators and visitors alike. The skipper will give you a brief explanation of the rules and the species you are about to see, the long-beaked dolphins (Flipper type) and the Spinners Once the dolphins have been spotted, the crew will provide you with snorkels and flippers, and off you go! The dolphins are powerful and swim fast: just follow and observe them. Even if a dolphin passes by you, try not to touch it.  The encounter with these splendid creatures is unique and will be one of the unforgettable memories of your holiday in Mauritius.Snorkelling in the stunning Blue Bay Marine Park   To explore the fascinating and amazing world of marine life in Mauritius, all you need is a mask and a snorkel to visit our beautiful lagoons. Some are much more diverse than others and if you want to live an unforgettable experience, head for the Blue Bay Marine Reserve. Located in the south of the island, 45 minutes from Marguery Exclusive Villas, Blue Bay is a beautiful beach of golden sand running from Pointe d’Esny to Pointe Corps de Garde. It is a real paradise setting with its colorful coral garden. Considered one of the world’s most beautiful Ramsar sites and a national heritage site on the island, Blue Bay Marine Park is a must-see on your holiday for its wide range of marine resources.The coastal road heading to this great site is also spectacular and the beach is a real haven for all the family. Considered as one of the most beautiful Ramsar National Heritage sites in the world, Blue Bay Marine Park is a must-see destination for its biodiversity. Dive into the crystal-clear water and open your eyes wide! Parrotfish, groupers, trumpetfish, coach fish… hundreds of curious fish surround you in a spectacular variety of colours.  You will swim in a fabulous aquarium and discover the bustling life of the marine fauna of Mauritius No less than thirty-eight coral species and nearly seventy-two fish specimens are to be found in the 353-hectare marine reserve, one kilometer beyond the reefs, for diving enthusiasts Remember that you are in a marine park and a number of environmentally responsible rules of behavior apply: do not collect coral or alive shells, Do not set foot on coral and use an eco-friendly sun cream. Environmentally conscious? Discover the excellent work of the NGO Eco-Sud on the Blue Bay lagoon, among others: https://ecosud.mu/lagon-bleu/Surfing the legendary Dale wave in Tamarin   The legendary wave in the fishing village of Tamarin is world famous. During the southern winter, its right-hand side rolls out beautiful rollers, but you can surf almost all year round in Tamarin, the surfing Mecca of Mauritius. In case you have not brought your board, you can rent one at the boat house facing the bay. It is also possible to learn to surf, whether you are an adult or a child, with Cyril, an experienced surfer and instructor. Start on the waves of Tamarin Bay, less impressive (except in case of strong swells) but still perfect for dynamic memories.Introduction to kitesurfing in Le Morne On your top 10 to-do list, is kiteboarding: you are a passionate kiteboarder and thrill seeker?  Mauritius is the perfect place to start kitesurfing, in the stunning scenery of the Morne mountain. Less than twenty minutes from Marguery Exclusive Villas on the south-west coast, this mountain overlooks the splendid Morne lagoon, one of the most spectacular on the island, with its turquoise palette of transparent waters. It is home to the most renowned kite spot in Mauritius and internationally, suitable for beginners, freestylers and those who love waves and intense sensations. Your concierge has booked your beginner session with the excellent local kite schools. They are affordable and their teaching is efficient and adapted to your level. The equipment is rented and you are covered by insurance (kiteboarding is a thrill sport and can involve some risk). As you arrive, the tone is set: splendid multicolored sails fly over the crystal-clear water and rise into the air in breathtaking figures. The trade winds are there all year round in Le Morne, which is one reason why it is so popular with kiters from all over the world. Don’t worry, you will begin in shallow and relatively calm water, after training on the sand. You have to learn how to control your sail, use the wind, start and return. Kiteboarding requires discipline and endurance and the sensations are absolutely amazing.Gentle paddling It is certainly the easiest, the most ecological and peaceful way to discover the wonderful lagoons of Mauritius! Paddling is suitable for everyone, with no great difficulty, and can be enjoyed at one’s own pace. Tamarin Bay, five minutes from your resort, offers two possible options: the sea or the river. Your paddle has been booked the day before by your concierge at the hotel’s boat house or with Cyril, the surfing instructor. For an initiation, choose a quiet sea, until you find your right balance. Start on your knees in shallow water, and stand up, with legs spread for more stability. You will probably fall a few times which is quite normal. Once you start rowing, you quickly learn the best posture. Not very comfortable when standing? Sit cross-legged or kneel down, the feeling will be as enjoyable. Always check the direction and strength of the wind before setting off, so as not to row too hard on the return if you have a head wind. From the bay, head for the buoys in the centre. Early in the morning, you can often spot a school of small dolphins. Then continue towards the rocky coastline on your right. You will sail over a series of volcanic concretions surrounded by small fish. Have a swim in the crystal-clear water and admire Mauritius from the sea: the mountain of La Tourelle, the mountain ranges, the steep coastline and its forest, the beaches of Wolmar and Flic-en-Flac… On the way back, if the river estuary enables it, go upstream for a short stroll through the barachois (stone enclosure), along Tamarina golf course and woods to see the many birds and monkeys. If you have opted for an afternoon session, end the day like the locals, with a beer on the beach to admire the most mythical sunset of Mauritius. View from the sky: parasailing Mauritian holidays filled with high emotions? Well, parasailing is definitely for you! Traditionally found in the north and east of Mauritius, this short but exciting experience takes you over stunning lagoons with a boat-towed parachute. Add it to your excursion plans. A number of spots are ideal for parasailing: the lagoon of Grand-Baie, La Cuvette (fifteen minutes from Mythic Suites & Villas), Belle-Mare, Trou d’Eau Douce or Ile aux Cerfs, which are all about thirty minutes away from Marguery Exclusive Villas. You will enjoy a thrilled and unique overview on the beaches and lagoons. These fine sandy beaches are home to sumptuous lagoons that can be explored from several meters high, for an exceptional experience of beauty and excitement. Open to children aged 8 and over, parasailing does not require prior booking, with operators working from 9am to 4pm. Strapped into your safety harness, you take off from a platform and rise in no time. The view is simply stunning, once your heartbeat has calmed. Take the time to admire Mauritius from the air during the 20-minute flight and picture yourself as a bird: an overwhelming feeling of freedom and breathtaking scenery that will remain forever engraved in your best holiday memories.The beaches and lagoons of Mauritius make it the ideal destination for a holiday full of discoveries and emotions Whether you are contemplative or hyperactive, our 6 activities will be the highlight of your stay at Marguery Villas!


Individual services included with your villa rental in Mauritius

There is no greater luxury than to spend a dream holiday in the enchanting setting of a superb private villa with a tropical garden and swimming pool! To make you discover and embrace the pleasant lifestyle of Mauritius by enjoying an exceptional holiday in an enchanting setting far from mass tourism, we have designed spacious, luxurious, comfortable and fully equipped villas to make you feel at home. And for a dream stay where idleness goes with relaxation, enjoy the privacy of a top of the range villa while benefiting from the individual hotel services included in your rental.  Welcome to Marguery Villas!   Have an amazing holiday in a hotel residence! Because we want your stay in Mauritius to be an unforgettable experience, we have sublimated the luxury hotel residence concept. The philosophy? Feel at home in complete privacy in a luxury individual villa in a warm hotel setting and spend a tailor-made holiday in accordance with your wishes, with all the comfort of hotel services! Enjoy your holiday, we take care of the rest.The concept? An exclusive resort offering fully equipped hotel villas, on a human scale, with private swimming pool and exotic garden, a concierge at your service, very close to the beach and essential services (restaurants, pharmacy, supermarket, shops…)Discover our 100% equipped individual villas  In the very heart of the coastal village of Black River on the west coast of Mauritius, five minutes walk from “La Preneuse” beach and under the protection of “La Tourelle”mountain, Marguery Exclusive Villas has a choice of 27 luxurious individual villas for your dream holiday. Each of them is spacious, very bright, beautifully decorated and fully furnished, with its own enclosed tropical garden, private swimming pool and gazebo following the Mauritian concept of outdoor living.  The villas are adapted to the tropical Mauritian climate and are fully open onto the outdoor area. With its terrace and gazebo, garden and swimming pool, each day follows the rhythm of a gentle lifestyle.Our one-storey villas offer all the privacy wished for an ideal holiday for couples,families and friends. With 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, they can accommodate 6 to 8 people with all the comfort of a resort made for you. Each guest benefits from his or her own space and can find privacy at any time.  Feel like cooking or trying your hand at Mauritian cuisine?  Our villas have a large, open-plan kitchen, fully equipped with all the appliances you need to make your life easier. Our laundry room is also very functional. In the living areas, the TV room with satellite TV is ideal for children and teenagers. For meals, enjoy our beautiful dining room or our outdoor terrace. The gazebo is perfect for enjoying aperitifs in the middle of the lush garden. Our villas are not only functional, they also make you feel right at home in an enchanting and lush setting. At Marguery Villas, just bring your luggage and enjoy a luxury holiday in complete serenity.Daily hotel services for 100% relaxing holidays The rental of your private villa in Marguery includes hotel services so that your only constraint is to decide the program of discoveries or activities of the day. Thus, benefit from all the services of a hotel on a daily basis:Daily cleaning with friendly and discreet staff, Bed linen and towels are provided The garden and pool maintenance is carried out by our technical services, We provide you with pool and beach towelsA tailor-made service to make your holiday a success    In addition to these daily services, Marguery Villas takes care of the well-being and needs of each of its guests. Want to make the most of your stay? Check on the tailor-made services of Marguery Villas for a holiday with your feet up.  Breakfasts served in the villa Meals delivered to the villa Chef at home for special occasions, or just for pleasure Barbecue rental and marinades Delivery of shopping according to your list Babysitting in the villaThe concierge service: making sure that your needs are met Smiles and efficiency: Jonathan, Vinesh and Olivier at the concierge desk are at your disposal to create the holiday programme of your dreams. Whether to organize your excursions, to book a restaurant or your services in the villa, the availability and dedication of our teams ensures that you receive personalized help that meets your wishes and expectations.  The Conciergerie can be reached via WhatsApp at any time during your stay.Food and entertainment  A cold drink, lunch or a snack? Our Food Corner located in the Club House is open every day from 8am to 8pm and proposes a simple yet tasty menu.  You can also enjoy our swimming pool with a terrace and deckchairs, our fitness room, the Kids Club, a regularly updated press room and the free travellers’ library.    You will love the idea of this de-luxe hotel residence concept where comfort and intimacy prevail. Visit our website to explore our offers and book your next holiday now: www.marguery-villas-resort.com


In the tracks of the humpback whales

Each year during winter (from June to October), the humpback whale migration in our waters is a spectacular experience for us. A breathtaking show you are most welcome to witness while staying at Marguery Villas.  The long migrationThe humpback is a species of baleen whale (or mysticete) whose adults usually reach 13 to 14 metres in length and weigh an average of 25 tonnes. They can be found in the world’s oceans and seas, and every winter they perform an amazing show during their migration to the Indian Ocean.From Antarctica during the Austral summer (December to May) to the Tropic of Capricorn during the Austral winter (June to November), humpback whales travel thousands of kilometres each year to the warmer southern waters to breed. Some mothers even stay until early December, waiting for their only calf to be strong enough to resume their migration. Mauritian winters are therefore an ideal opportunity to meet these impressive creatures.About whale watchingOperators who organise dolphin spotting trips also offer humpback whale watching. It is difficult to know in advance if the whales will be seen, so the skippers communicate with one another so that information can be passed on as soon as a herd or individual is spotted, notably thanks to the sprays of water that reveal their movement.Although it is sometimes necessary to sail a few nautical miles away from the coast, the observation can be made within fifteen minutes of the beaches by boat.As with any whale watching trip, a briefing is held by the crew to inform you of the approach, the rules and the potential dangers of being near the whales. Within the 300-metre zone, boats should reduce speed to make a slow approach, avoiding large speed changes and always keep a distance of about 50 metres parallel to the animal without coming from behind or ever crossing its path.A magical experienceMost humpback whales arriving in Mauritian waters settle in an area of several square kilometres in the south, near the Coin de Mire and the Round and Flat Islands in the north, as well as in the west, between Albion and Le Morne. As they choose shallow continental waters (between 25 and 60 metres) to give birth, they can sometimes be observed very close to the Mauritian coast.Also, during the breeding season, the males compete with each other in vocalizations to seduce the females. The songs can be heard by the human ear several kilometres away. But the most spectacular part is the love parade in which the males engage.Jumping out of the water in impressive choreographies given their size and weight, the humpback whales execute rare beauty leaps, with great splashes of foam. You have to carefully watch the surface to guess where the whale will emerge. But it is worth the wait!How to organise your humpback whale watching tripTell your Marguery Villas concierge about your plans, so that he can check with the operators for information on the whales’ whereabouts. Be flexible on the day, as humpback whales have their own agenda. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to see both dolphins and whales.As with any winter outing, remember to bring warm clothing. Unlike the dolphins, you won’t be able to get into the water, but you won’t regret it, as the show is mostly on the surface. Listen carefully, open your eyes and capture this wonderful memory of your holiday in Mauritius!On a family holiday in Mauritius this winter? Delight the children with this moving and majestic show and educate them on the absolute necessity to preserve the last giants of the sea.


TOP 4 brunch spot in Tamarin, Mauritius

Nothing like waking late in the morning and having brunch on a Sunday, that tasty compromise between a late breakfast and a lunch before going to the beach or the pool? Or why not have a brunch followed by a river trip in a kayak or a paddle boat? With your family, as a couple or solo, check out our suggestions for a brunch just five minutes from your resort, Marguery Villas.  Brunch adventure by the water at HakaOur favourite nature and wellness experience with family or friends, the ideal activity to enjoy with kids or teenagers! Running right by the beautiful Tamarin River, the Haka is located in the heart of the Riverland sports centre, at the entrance to the village and five minutes from Marguery Villas. It proposes several brunch formulas, either a la carte or buffet, with an hour’s kayaking or paddle boarding.Enjoy a traditional English or French brunch (eggs, pastries, bread, drink) under beautiful trees along the banks of the river, or opt for the all-you-can-eat buffet (if you are a group of at least eight people). After brunch, explore the river in a kayak or paddle. The water is shallow and the natural surroundings are beautiful, with seabirds, ducks, schools of fish, bats and sometimes monkeys. A real moment of peace and relaxation to enjoy with your family or friends, at your own pace.A family experience at the NomadAdjacent to old black stone buildings on the outskirts of Black River and shaded by Malagasy umbrellas, Nomad is not only a pleasantly exotic address but also a very friendly one. The restaurant is a relaxed and culinary destination, in the image of its three owners. The place is very child-friendly, with a large coral garden and a dedicated playground for kids. The friendly staff, the original and tasty menu and a live band on some Sundays: Nomad has everything you need for a relaxed brunch. Among the brunch specialities, you”ll find a good choice: Eggs Benedict, the huevos rancheros (a variety of Mexican tortilla) or the Florentine Nomad (slices of grilled sourdough with hummus), to go with fresh fruit juice and home-made coffee.A stopover to discover Vanilla VillageThis craft and cultural “village” five minutes from Marguery Villas is an interesting and eco-friendly place, inspired by the South African bohemian style, featuring a restaurant, shops, a small library and a children’s playground in a huge garden with century-old acacias. When leaving Black River, you can’t miss the beautiful garden with its many trees.As the birds sing, guests can taste the Vanilla Breakfast, a full British breakfast (eggs, sausages or bacon, beans), a Caesar omelette or a Breakfast Roll (eggs, bacon, caramelised onions), served with a selection of pastries. Special mention should be made of the refreshing homemade tamarind or mint iced tea. A vegan? Vanilla Cafe offers an English Breakfast (scrambled tofu eggs, vegan sausages) or the more exotic Breakfast Burrito (avocado, tomato, mozzarella). Then check out the various stalls at Vanilla Concept. There are excellent English pastries (carrot cake, cupcakes, cheese cake…), local and South African food products, local handicrafts (textiles, decoration, jewellery, souvenirs…) as well as, at some periods, a Pop-Up Store (temporary shop) which promotes local creations.Frenchie Café for couples!On the road to the Gorges and the Black River National Park and five minutes from your residence in the tiny Fairview shopping centre, the Frenchie welcomes its brunchers in a relaxed atmosphere thanks to its French owners. This address, known to night owls, attracts a family clientele on Sundays who love the peaceful and green surroundings. You can enjoy a quiet brunch with an English or French formula, in the shade of the coconut trees or, more recently, in the garden below the centre, at the foot of the Tourelle. Brunch is perfectly suited to the Mauritian lifestyle, where guests take the time to seize the moment. To start your Sunday with a gourmet meal before an active or lazy day, choose the formula that suits you best and let our concierges take care of your reservation.


Places to find local artists and craftsmen

Tamarin and Black River are great talent hubs: the west coast of Mauritius, with its distinctive background, is a favourite spot for artists. Somewhere between sea and mountains, savannah landscapes and rolling waves, the place where inspiration, sharing and talent flourish. Discover the local artists and craftsmen and learn about the cultural events and venues in the region.Focus on two talented photographers– Keïvan Cadinouche, the intemporality in black and whiteThe Tamarind photographer, fond of his country and Indian Ocean islands, portrays people and landscapes in a deep and delicate way. He is one of the very few photographers to use only argentic photography in Mauritius and uses a unique printing process: his prints are developed in argentic, scanned and then printed in digital to give a slightly grainy texture to the photo. Deeply influenced by the depth of a human gaze, the intensity of a particular minute, he shows the identity, the culture and the soul of the people of the islands, with a touch of poetry and nostalgia. Several times exhibited and awarded internationally, he proudly follows in the footsteps of Bresson and Salgado.  His poster format photographs are printed in Mauritius and available in bookshops (Presse Book in Ruisseau Creole, opposite Marguery Villas) as well as in some other stores. He also ships abroad.– Gada SchaubGada Schaub is a Swiss native who has been living in Tamarin for many years. She graduated from Sciences Po Paris and started her career as a journalist and columnist in Mauritius and on the web. As a committed citizen, with a passion for other cultures and civilisation, and with a deep interest in human diversity, her view of her host country is rich in both colour and charm.She has recently published “Mauritius Street Art”, a great take home souvenir, a collection of photographs of Mauritian street art artists. She regularly participates in group exhibitions and has published another successful album.Discover Gada’s colourful world.Swinging with local musiciansTamarin is home to one of the best local jazzmen, Philippe Thomas, a Mauritian jazz trumpeter who graduated from the Berklee School of Music, Boston. He performs every Thursday night over beer and tapas at Crazy Jazzy Time at Crazy Fish, a bar facing Tamarin Bay. Other local musicians and singers are also on show on Fridays.Some bars and restaurants also provide entertainment, such as Big Willy’s at the entrance of the village, La Bonne Chute, Vanilla Café and Nomad. (Ask your concierge for the programme)One of the most famous Mauritian musicians, Eric Triton, a bluesman who plays internationally, used to hang out in Tamarin and the bay, where he could be heard doing an impromptu singing tour on the beach at sunset. His Creole blues, his poetry and his commitment to brotherhood and peace can all be discovered in his albums and make excellent cultural gifts to bring back in your luggage. Our favourite: “Blues dan mwa»Galleries and artistic projects: – Tamaris GalleryThis beautiful gallery located in front of your Marguery Villas residence, displays a wide range of design and contemporary paintings. It hosts both Mauritian and international artists. The gallery also offers Art Therapy sessions, art and recycling tutorials, painting workshops for children.– The Art School of Tamarin PointFor more than 15 years, the Tamarin painter Jean-Yves l’Onflé has been giving free painting lessons to children and teenagers. These young artists are on display in the village of Tamarin.– The Tamarin Arts CentreThe Tamarin Arts Centre is a hub of artistic expression and meeting places located within the Nomad compound (link Brunch). It acts as a creative space for local artists, art groups and members of the local community. It also hosts art events, art classes and lectures.– HandicraftsLocal designers are talented and there are many stalls where they can display their products.The regular locations:– Ruisseau-CréoleJust cross the alleyway leading to your residence to discover the shops offering a variety of handicrafts: jewellery, clothes, decorations…– Vanilla ConnectJust outside Black River, the craft village welcomes several stalls selling various handicrafts (LINK brunch).Temporary exhibitions :– La Place Cap Tamarin and Tamarin Cœur de VilleAt the entrance to the village, the Place and the shopping centre regularly organise exhibitions and sales of local crafts: clothing, jewellery, food, decoration, lamps, mosaics, paintings, etc. The Super U shopping centre also hosts temporary exhibitors.A great initiative to highlight is the Pop-Up shop, a temporary shop that regularly gives local craftsmen the opportunity to display their know-how. Fnd out about the artisans’ catalogue and when they come to Tamarin.Other cultural products from local artists are available in the local bookstores of Tamarin’s two supermarkets: books, comics, CDs and DVDs…. The bookshop Presse Book in Ruisseau-Créole offers a wide range of literary works and has a good selection of publications. Tamarin offers a wide range of artists and craftsmen from the west coast of Mauritius to make you discover and enjoy their art.


Horse-riding in Mauritius: our favourite rides in the west

Whether on holiday or on a long stay in our hotel residence Marguery Villas, the stunning surroundings give you the opportunity to experience Mauritius differently. Our horseback riding trips in Mauritius are an ideal way to discover the island’s beautiful landscapes and to enjoy a unique activity with your family or with your loved ones.Horse riding, a national heritageDid you know that Mauritius has the oldest racecourse in the Indian Ocean? Mauritians are fond of horse racing and the island boasts of some fine equine specimens. Most of the horses in the riding schools are former racehorses, large and impressive, alongside peaceful poneys and Percherons for children to ride. Both beginners and experienced riders can enjoy some unforgettable rides at a slow pace or at full gallop.Riding along the lagoons’ shores.Located between mountain and lagoon, the stables of the Haras du Morne are surrounded by the mountainous and grey cliffs of the Morne, the sandy beach and lush green nature. Visitors are welcomed by a large sand arena following a forest path. The stud team is very welcoming, well trained and quickly puts you at ease. Once your level is determined, the grooms harness your horse. These former racehorses are impressive in size but very malleable and obedient.After riding along the property, you reach Le Morne beach. The lagoon’s turquoise colour contrasts with the white sandy beach nestled in the shadow of the mountain. Depending on the time of the walk (early morning or for an exceptional sunset), you may want to gallop hair blown in the wind. Or, if you’re feeling more romantic, stroll or trot along the beach. The guide might even suggest a dip in the water, as horses love to cool off. Pat your horse’s neck as it snorts, a Hollywood dream come true!Mountain and forest as playgroundsMore physical, reserved for more experienced riders, the mountain ride of Le Morne is an exotic immersion in the natural ecosystem of Mauritius. The forest trail is made for nature lovers. It is also an opportunity to discover this part of Mauritius’ history, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The view over the lagoon and the Ile aux Bénitiers is breath-takingElsewhere in Mauritius– Domaine de l’Étoile is one of the most beautiful eco-tourism estates in Mauritius and is located on the wild east coast.  It offers 1.5-hour horse rides on South African “Boerperd” horses.– You can also ride a horse on the deserted beach of Riambel, in the very south of the island.– With incredible views and a spectacular circuit of fine sand, Belle Mare beach offers a unique experience for those looking for an unforgettable ride.– How about a horse-drawn carriage? Discover gentle rides with these Percherons and Irish cobsFeel like riding on the beach or in the mountains? Our concierges are at your disposal to organise this unforgettable activity of your equestrian holidays in Mauritius.


Rent a luxury holiday villa in Mauritius

The real luxury on holiday in Mauritius is to enjoy both space and privacy. The privilege of being far from the crowds and the one of feeling at home in a luxurious villa on the sunny west coast. In the heart of a lush garden, with a private pool and gazebo, enjoy the Mauritian lifestyle in our villas equipped with all the comforts while benefiting from all hotel services. So why not choose an outstanding experience at Marguery Villas, our top of the range West Coast resort?   Rent a luxury villa on the West Coast of Mauritius   The West Coast offers the best of Mauritius in terms of water sports, land activities and cultural discoveries. Bathed in bright sunshine and set between the golden sands of the magnificent beaches and the intense green of the surrounding forests and mountains, it offers the best of Mauritius. With its fishing villages, national park, surfing and kiteboarding spots as well as beautiful turquoise lagoons, it has a real authentic character while offering services and shops. It is the ideal place for a dynamic and intense holiday in the comfort of an individual villa.   The Mauritian way of life as a signature Because the Mauritian lifestyle is our signature, we have designed individual villas where space, light and privacy give a unique touch to your desire for exclusivity. Your holiday at Marguery Villas is carefully thought out to ensure your well-being and peaceful break from the hustle and bustle. Live at the Mauritian pace to give yourself time, and enjoy your day in your private villa, five minutes from the beaches. Spacious and island-like, our villas are made to feel like at home, with beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces to live the Mauritian way according to the indoor-outdoor concept, to make the most of the magnificent sunshine of this coast. Relax and unwind in your pool, tropical garden and kiosk with complete peace of mind.  A 100% functional villa for a relaxing vacation At Marguery Villas, we want you to feel at home immediately and enjoy your vacation without reservation. That’s why our individual villas are designed for your well-being and comfort, with a focus on the quality of service included in the rental. Fully equipped, with linen and beach towels and all the necessary comforts, elegantly decorated, our villas are serviced daily by an efficient and discreet staff. With an open plan kitchen with appliances, a laundry room, a large indoor and outdoor dining area, a TV corner and high speed wi-fi, make yourself at home.  Three types of villas to suit everyone’s holiday needs  With family or friends? With a capacity of up to 10 people, our villas are the ideal choice for a memorable and relaxing holiday in Mauritius.The Superior VillaWith its master suite opening onto the swimming pool, its beautiful interior and exterior living areas, the Superior Villa is definitely Mauritian style, with its large veranda ideal for family or friends. This beautiful villa is adjustable to suit your needs: book one, two or three bedrooms.The Villa DeluxeIts main features? Elegant and summer-like moods. In this privileged and spacious setting, you will feel well and relaxed. The swimming pool shines beneath the Mauritian sun, the garden and the veranda invite you to relax and feel good… A great way to spend an exceptional stay with a great feeling of freedom feeling!The Villa Prestige A unique experience in the elegant and modern setting of this exceptional villa, filled with light. Set amidst a lush tropical garden, the Villa Prestige is a charming and exclusive getaway. With its four large bedrooms, its spaciousness, its swimming pool and its refined decoration, you should feel agreeably privileged.   Hotel services for your convenience   Enjoy a perfect and serene holiday by taking advantage of all our hotel services: concierge service, room service, fitness room, club house, “Le 64” food corner, reading corner, library, Kids Corner, bicycles at your disposal… Everything has been thought of to satisfy your needs and desires. The long stay in Mauritius to experience your Mauritian adventure to the full How about enjoying life, appreciating, dreaming and getting away from it all? The long stay gives you the opportunity to experience a truly unforgettable and memorable holiday. When booking one of our long stay villas, you benefit from discounts thanks to our special packages. Experience a different, more intense and personal holiday in the beautiful surroundings of our individual villas and feel at home with the comfort of excellent hotel services. To book the villa for your next holiday in Mauritius : Please check out our availability. Need a personalized quotation? Contact our booking department directly, Sandrine or Rebecca will get back to you shortly.