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The most popular golf courses available in the west of Mauritius

Mauritius boasts world-renowned professional golf courses, often designed by champions, with views of the Indian Ocean or the mountains. This is just one of the advantages of being a sublime travel destination that perfectly combines relaxation and pleasure.   Golfing in Mauritius, an unforgettable experience  Whether you are an experienced player or a beginner golfer, why not take advantage of your holiday in Mauritius to play a perfect round of golf or improve your swing accompanied by a golf instructor? Let’s discover together the sumptuous scenery of the three accessible golf courses on the west and south coast of Mauritius. Tamarina Golf Club, nestled between river and savannah A 15m drive from your resort Marguery villa, Tamarina stands as a haven of peace within this western region’s somewhat dry landscape. The 18-hole par 72 championship course was designed by architect Rodney Wright and covers 206 hectares. Similar to all golf courses in Mauritius, the 18-hole championship par 72 course combines technical challenges with superb views of Rempart Mountain and Tamarin Bay to the delight of players. The beautiful course is perfectly suited to all types of players and its 18 holes do not feature any major difficulties. Drive your golf cart around the track and enjoy the small, wild river branch and share the green with the many monkeys and ducks that populate the area. Tamarina Golf Club offers a wide range of facilities, including a practice area, a Pro Shop and an Academy. Just starting out or dreaming of trying your hand at golf?  PGA instructors are available for an introduction or an improvement session if you are an experienced golfer After the game, take a refreshing dip in the Dix-Neuf, the clubhouse.   At the Morne Brabant, The Paradise Golf Club The Paradise Golf Club is located at the foot of the Morne mountain and consists of an 18-hole Par 72 course of almost 6000m professional course, set between the lagoon and the legendaryLe Morne mountain. A Tropical golf course, where native plants thrive along the beach lined with palm and coconut trees. With the Ile aux Bénitiers opposite and the mountain in the immediate vicinity, the golf course turns into an olfactory and sensory experience, under the gentle rustle of the coconut trees.  A guaranteed change of scenery that will appeal to experienced golfers with the design of bunkers and fairways by Pro Tony Johnstone. just to add some excitement to the course The clubhouse is open to golfers after the game. A fully equipped Pro Shop with a wide range of international brands, a practice ground, and three chip & putts for short game enjoyment are also available. The Golf Academy and instructors provide customized lessons.   Heritage Golf Club – an exceptional course Further south, in Bel Ombre, the sublime and award-winning Heritage course is one of the most beautiful in Mauritius and in any way the most spectacular one. Its 100 hectares of breathtaking scenery stretch from the mountain tops, the forests and rivers, the valleys and down to the rolling waves of the Indian Ocean. The 18-hole championship course was designed by renowned South African golf architect Peter Matkovich.. Heritage promises an unforgettable golf experience and thrill for experienced golfers and those looking for an initiation to the game, regardless of your level. Besides the 18-hole championship course, a 9-hole (Par 3) course, a putting green and a chipping green are also to be found. Night golf is also on offer. The Country Club at Heritage Golf Club offers refreshments and meals before and after a game. There is also a Pro Shop, changing rooms and golf instructors for private lessons How accessible are the golf courses in Mauritius?  You will be required to pay a fee to access these three superb golf courses and practice your favorite sport. Forgot your putts? No problem, each golf course offers them for hire. If you want to take a gentle introduction to golf as a family, the instructors will guide you through your first steps. Golfing on the west and south coasts of Mauritius is an intense experience not to be missed! Please ask our concierges for information on how to book.


A relaxing and idle holiday in Mauritius

The true essence of a holiday is allowing yourself time for your well-being, enjoy yourself, and recharge your batteries. Our Marguery Villas resort is an ideal setting for an exclusive and relaxing holiday. We make a point of ensuring your stay is a truly peaceful and serene one.     Peace of mind in a relaxing environment Your spacious and bright Villa serves as your stay’s highlight. Designed to be as comfortable as possible and to make you feel at home, your villa is a haven of tranquillity devoted to your well-being and relaxation. Its private garden offers all the privacy you could wish for in a swirl of exotic fragrances perfect for moments of total wellness. We therefore suggest a selection of exclusive experiences to make your stay unforgettable and treat yourself to the very best.   – The asana facing the sun Yoga is a Sanskrit word that stands for relaxation. Set up as a lifestyle practice, it helps to de-stress the body while bringing peace of mind. Never tried it before? Go ahead and introduce yourself to it! Yoga sessions are available in the Villa or on the beach. Along with birdsong or the gentle sea murmur, get back in touch with your inner self and energize your body.   – Meditation for complete serenity We also run meditation sessions in villas or on the beach. Feel yourself inspired by Mauritius’ natural energy. Close your eyes, let your body and soul drift in peace, feel the warmth of the sun on your skin: you soon reach a state of complete serenity.   – Personal or couple massage and wellness care Relaxation and well-being are the key words to describe body therapy. Treat yourself to the skillful hands of our expert and savour the moment from the comfort of your terrace or kiosk. Icing on the cake, a holistic and healing formula is also proposed inVillas.   – Indulge yourself with a healthy diet Holidays in Mauritius are the ideal time to pay due attention to your eating habits. Discover local, healthy and tasty Mauritian cuisine, ready to be delivered in your Villa. Check out our best addresses in Black River with our concierge desk if you wish to eat organic.   Soak up the Mauritian spirit of relaxed tropical living, taking the time to live at your own pace, to suit your moods and needs. At Marguery Villa, we pride ourselves on making well-being and serenity an integral part of your holiday. Let’s pause and savour the pleasure of slowing down the pace between two exciting excursions on the island, keeping in mind the famous quote by Baudelaire who once lived here: ” Everything here is luxury, calm and harmony “.


Ganesh Chaturthi: religious festival of Mauritius

Ganesh Chaturthi is the most famous national religious festival for both locals and visitors to the West Coast of Mauritius. Celebrated by the Marathi community on September 1 this year, this festival honors Ganesh, one of the most important gods of the Hindu pantheon. A unique opportunity to share fervour in a dazzling display of colour. Do not miss it! It’s also a great time to capture some wonderful shots and bring back amazing memories!   Religious festivals in Mauritius: open to all   Due to its multiculturalism, Mauritius celebrates at the national level the major religious festivals of the different Hindu, Muslim, Chinese and Catholic calendars. These are important public holidays within Mauritian religious life, which often practice interculturality. Thus, it is not uncommon to come across Mauritians participating in and accompanying the celebrations of religions other than their own. With their great kindness and sense of welcome, Mauritians celebrate their religious ceremonies in a tolerant and open-minded manner. Visitors are welcome, provided of course that they respect the rules (no alcohol consumed on the premises, decent dress). If you are lucky enough to stay in Mauritius during the celebration of one of these ceremonies, we strongly encourage you to attend and experience a beautiful moment of devotion and discovery of other cultures. This is the case of the very folkloric celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi which usually takes place in September, according to the Hindu lunar calendar (https://www.calendardate.com/ganesh_chaturthi_2023.htm ) If you stay at Marguery Villas, do not miss this unique ceremony!Ganesh Chaturthi: A ten-day celebration in Mauritius The Marathi community of Tamarin celebrates this important festival of their calendar with great devotion. .( https://magikindia.com/fr/ganesha-chaturthi-india/) The festivities begin with every household placing a clay statue of Ganesh in their home ten days before the final ritual, which consists of immersing it in the rivers or the sea. This period is devoted to fasting, prayers and the observation of rituals such as Vedic incantations in groups and the practice of the “jhakri“, a traditional dance native to the Indian region of Konkan accompanied by the “dholak“, an Indian drum. A visit to the pink temple on the main road to Tamarin village is a good opportunity to learn about the symbolic importance of the sacred site.Ganesh Chaturthi procession in Mauritius This procession signals the beginning of the festivities before its climax, the immersion. The Marathis depart from the temple in a joyful din of cymbals, music, prayers and the scent of incense and head towards Tamarin Bay. Beautifully dressed in saris or shimmering traditional outfits, women sing fervently, accompanied by young girls who dance with sticks that they clash in a twirling choreography. Men carry the statues of Ganesh that are to be immersed. The whole village gathers on the beach, near the boat landing, to join in the ceremonies.The immersion ritual After the traditional prayers, the men carrying the statues step into the water. Sometimes struggling against a rough sea, they hold the statues firmly and proceed into the water almost to the point of losing contact with the bottom. On the beach, songs and prayers intensify, everybody’s eyes glow. The statues are delicately placed on the bottom and some men do not hesitate to dive to make sure that they stand perfectly straight. Made of clay, they will gradually dissolve in the ocean. If you explore the bay with a snorkel, you may find traces of them.Coconuts Part of the final ritual is to throw the traditional coconuts used for prayers towards the statues. Some are plain, others are beautifully painted in bright colours representing female or male figures. After the festival in Tamarin, for four or five days, they may be found along the shore of the bay. As the sun sets, families gather to enjoy a traditional meal.  Our tip: Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated late in the afternoon. Park at the bay and head to the temple if you wish to watch the whole procession. Otherwise, join the spectators near the boat landing and feel free to chat with members of the Marathi community to learn more about their religious practices.


Top 5 for an aperitif in Tamarin, Mauritius

The weekend is just around the corner and you feel like relaxing after a day exploring the island or working from home? Check out our five recommended cosmopolitan, local, Spanish or French places for a laid-back aperitif within a ten-minute drive or walk from Marguery Villas, Mauritius.The best places for an aperitif near Marguery Villas, Mauritius.Take advantage of the best places for an aperitif with friends or family just a few minutes walk from your resort.The KioskLocated in front of Marguery Villas, it is the perfect place to sip your favorite drink while your children play around in the small shopping center. The place is always friendly and never crowded. Watch a rooster climb one of the big trees while sitting comfortably in the lounge area or at one of the tables. The ideal side dish for your beer or wine: chicken pops, French fries or a choice of samosas and spring rolls.Bodega La PlanchaThe excellent bodega La Plancha, also located in Ruisseau-Créole, serves authentic Basque cuisine and tapas. Perched on a stool around its high tables, customers may order several types of delicious imported products based on Mediterranean and Basque cuisine: squid, shrimp, shells, snails, clams, marinades… Gourmet pleasures are always on the menu along with good wines.The best addresses for an aperitif in Tamarin, MauritiusDirection Tamarin, a few minutes drive from your resort, Marguery Villas, to discover places with a good atmosphere for a successful aperitif.Chez Lulu at Cap Tamarin, Mauritius, for an aperitif in a bistroA friendly bistro atmosphere and conviviality are guaranteed on Thursdays from 5:30 pm at Cap Tamarin Square, at the entrance to the village. This authentic and trendy bistro attracts regulars of afterworks. On the menu: a game of pétanque, tapas and cocktails as well as the famous wine cellar. Moreover, live music is available for dancing and enjoying a great relaxing moment in a laid-back atmosphere. A new festive theme is selected every week and has become a favourite event on the West Coast.Big Willy’sA few steps away from Cap Tamarin Square, the Big (for the regulars) welcomes cosmopolitan customers in a spacious garden with two outdoor bars. Lots of space, a great screen for sports events, a Beer Garden to taste the best local and international beers and a wide choice of cocktails, a karaoke for music lovers… Big Willy’s is the ideal place to enjoy tapas or dinner before a night out. For a late-night drink, the club will play live music from 9pm on some Fridays.Le FrenchieLocated at the entrance of the Gorges route in a tiny shopping center, the Frenchie is a meeting place for both regulars and late-nighters. Sit under the coral garden patio or at the bar and enjoy a beer or a cocktail listening to our local DJ from 7pm onwards. A warm and relaxed atmosphere, perfect to start the weekend.To make the most of your stay and nightlife in Tamarin and Black River, nothing compares to an aperitif. All these places are open without reservation, except for Chez Lulu where it is recommended to book a table, given the affluence.  


Discover Le Morne Brabant, Mauritius with an anthropologist

There are much more than just beautiful beaches to discover in Mauritius. Among our recommended activities for families or sports enthusiasts during your holiday is exploring Le Morne. The most famous and breathtaking mountain of Mauritius profoundly influences the history of the country. With its rugged landscape and long history of misery, the Morne Brabant peninsula, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has become the symbol of resistance to slavery. The Morne Brabant mountain provides hiking enthusiasts and history buffs alike with the opportunity to discover a sumptuous cultural and geographical landscape, from the hollows of the waves to the mountaintops. Embark on both a cultural sporty outing on this mountain rich in history and oral traditions, led by a passionating anthropologist. Maya de Salle, your anthropologist guide in Mauritius Better understanding of Mauritian society. Maya de Salle is a Belgian anthropologist who has been living in Mauritius for 20 years. This enthusiast woman has studied the oral history of the descendants of slaves, the indentured labourers, the rituals of traditional medicine and even the Mauritian Tipik Sega. She also participated in the recognition of the Morne as a “Cultural Landscape” by UNESCO in 2008, which makes her the best guide to discover the history of the Morne. Maya is part of the My Moris tandem which offers exciting and anecdotal cultural tours of Mauritius.   Le Morne Brabant, the refuge and grave of maroon slaves A brief historical reminder: slavery was an integral part of the history of Mauritius until its abolition in 1835. On this south-western coast, some slaves fled the mistreatment and took refuge far from the properties in the heights. Despite its beautiful beaches and clear lagoon, the Morne mountain bears a dark and tragic story. The mountain, difficult to reach and strategically located, with its steep, forested slopes, was used as a refuge by escaped slaves, the maroons, during the 18th century and the first years of the 19th. In very precarious but relatively safe conditions, the escaped slaves gathered and settled in caves and on top of Morne Brabant. When the abolition of slavery was decreed by the English in 1835, military officers climbed the mountain to inform the slaves. The latter, misunderstanding the intentions of these men, took fright and many of them threw themselves into the void. This act of sheer determination shows the final escape of many of the slaves from servitude. With Maya your anthropologist guide, you will discover the unknown aspects of the slaves’ life on the mountain, as well as the importance of the oral tradition for these men uprooted from their native land in Africa or Madagascar.After the history, the landscape of Le Morne Brabant in Mauritius Climbing Le Morne Brabant also offers the advantage of a splendid panorama over the Black River Gorges and the lagoon of Mauritius. Hiking enthusiasts will appreciate this very pleasant and relatively accessible experience, provided they have good hiking or sports shoes. Even if this guided tour with Maya is not to the top, it is more than enough to discover a breathtakingly beautiful landscape over Le Morne beaches, Ile aux Bénitiers and the centre of Mauritius. This provides a taste for the sportiest who wish to climb the Morne in the company of our recommended sports providers, including Yanature for the more experienced: the effort involved is more than rewarded by the splendid view from the top. You can also discover Morne Brabant by taking a helicopter flight to the famous underwater waterfalls.   After this captivating cultural outing, just twenty minutes from your residence, Marguery Villas, in the heart of the history of your favourite holiday destination, why not savour the pleasure of strolling on the golden sands of the public beach of Morne Brabant and enjoy a refreshing swim and snorkeling in the fishy lagoon. Our concierge service is of course at your disposal for any activity bookings, guided tours of Morne Brabant, sport climbing or helicopter flights. 


A dream day out on a boat in Mauritius: swimming with dolphins and lunch on an island

A great crystal-clear lagoon with lots of fish, a chance to meet the dolphins that live on the west coast of Mauritius, an islet where you can pretend you are Robinson. A memorable day out on a boat in clear turquoise waters.  Embark on an unforgettable and intense excursion to make the most of it and enjoy a day of discovery of ocean wildlife together with an amazing swimming experience, just a stone’s throw away from your hotel residence, Marguery Villas, Mauritius.First step: a tour of the dolphins of Mauritius by boat Who hasn’t dreamt of approaching these fabulous cetaceans or swimming with dolphins at least once in their life? In Mauritius, and more precisely on the west coast, a whole colony of spinner and bottlenose dolphins has taken up residence and can easily be observed all year round during a boat trip.  Start the day with an encounter with the underwater environment of Mauritius. You will have the chance to admire the diversity and the calmness of the environment. Encounter with the dolphins in MauritiusEarly in the morning, excitement abounds at the pier of Tamarin Bay from where the dolphin watching and swimming boats depart.  To be able to observe the spinner dolphins in their natural environment at Mauritius and to witness how they perform is a unique experience. This is an exceptional and privileged area whose rules must be respected in order to ensure the sustainability of this exceptional activity.  On board the boat, you will be briefed by your skipper (DREAM DOLPHIN Mauritius | Swim with Dolphins Mauritius – Dolphin&Sea Guide – Boats trips – Underwater & “Sea “nery – Agence D’excursions En Bateau à La Preneuse (business.site) on the different species of dolphins in Mauritius and above all on the rules to be respected for a dolphin watching that does not disturb their routine. In Mauritius, it is possible to swim with the dolphins but it is forbidden to touch them which can make them shy. Dolphins most often travel in packs and their presence is reported as soon as it is detected. All boats on this tour are equipped with masks, snorkels and fins, so you can get in the water close to the dolphins or snorkel if you wish. Dolphins are powerful and fast, so keeping up with them is often difficult, but you may be lucky enough to see them pass by your boat if you want to stay dry. On certain days, the dolphins perform a veritable acrobatic and aerial ballet, to the delight of guests: a unique opportunity to immortalize moments of great emotion.  Swimming among tropical fishHave you had your fill of dolphin watching in Tamarin? The rest of the activities are just as enjoyable. After the cetaceans, it’s time for the countless guests of the lagoons on the west coast of Mauritius.  Having just recovered from these beautiful emotions, climb back on board: the boat anchors on a preserved fishy site in the middle of the corals. Another enchantment awaits you in these transparent waters, surrounded by swarms of multicolored fish. In 3m to 4m of water, explore the sea bed to spot the lagoon’s inhabitants, with a mask and snorkel, or skin diving. You can also just float on a buoy and enjoy a refreshing swim.Second step : Afternoon relaxation on Ile aux Bénitiers After this beautiful, highly emotional and sportive morning, relax on an island and share a unique moment of conviviality! Ile aux Bénitiers Are you hungry after all these explorations? Head to this comma-shaped island, uninhabited but home to a pretty filao (spruce) forest. In a lagoon with shallow waters, the surprising and  famous  Crystal Rock made of volcanic rock emerges like a mushroom.  Your boat excursion crew is busy grilling the meat and already, the tasty aromas draw you to the hut where you will have lunch. Barefoot in the sand, enjoy a cold beer or a rhum arrangé while kids explore the islet and pretend to be Robinsons. The island is so small, you can quickly get around it. Go to the southern tip to admire the majestic profile of the Morne mountain from the sandy spit that juts out into the sea. A short nap at the foot of a filao tree or a digestive dip, and you are ready to return to the mainland.A smooth way back to the coast If your crew is hosting a music lover, you may have already had a taste of the Sega sung by a skipper or discovered the local music favoured by the crew members . The mood is always relaxed and friendly. Enjoy the exceptional view of the coast of Mauritius emerging out of the sun. This exceptional day between swimming with dolphins and Robinsonnade has kept all its promises. Filled up with sun and swimming, enjoy the gentle trade winds and the flight of the sea birds over the water. You may see the round green head of a turtle emerge from the water to gasp for air to end this wonderful day on a high note.In addition to the various species of dolphins, humpback whales can be seen during the Mauritian winter, from July to October, on boat trips or during dives supervised by the island’s clubs. Experienced divers will have the opportunity to see the resident sperm whales off the south coast with the proper diving equipment or by skin diving. Sperm whale watching is permitted but swimming is strictly forbidden for safety reasons. To enjoy your day without constraints, ask your concierge to make your reservation with one of our recommended service providers who practice ethical and respectful dolphin, humpback or sperm whale watching in Mauritius. 


A trip to the south-east: a day in Mahébourg

This village in the south of Mauritius, close to the airport, boasts an authentic charm and a historical background dating back to the great colonial times. Very lively, open to the sea and focused on its history, Mahébourg offers many places of interest to discover in one day.Traditional handicrafts: vacoa weaving at the Utilis workshopYou will come across them in any market or shop in Mauritius. The woven vacoa is one of the country’s handicraft specialities and is available in baskets, ornamental objects, gift sets, etc. The pandanus or vacoa is a tropical plant shaped like a sun umbrella, and its leaves are the raw material. The Utilis workshop brings together women artisans who work with the plant at each stage: planting, cutting, drying and weaving. In the workshop, one discovers the meticulous and patient work to make basketry objects, that will be authentic holiday souvenirs to bring back in your luggage.The Museum of National History: The Navy comes to life!This is a place that will delight children and fascinate adults with its wealth of historical objects. At the end of a long tree-lined driveway, a colonial mansion, a former family home, has been transformed into a museum. Its beautiful rooms contain magnificent collections of objects tracing the history of Mauritius from its discovery to the present day.The museum displays several maps and drawings dating back to the Dutch colony of the island. A collection of furniture, paintings, coins and fine porcelain dating back to the Ming Dynasty is also on display. Among the most precious pieces is the bell of the Saint-Géran, the famous ship that sank according to the novel “Paul and Virginia”. There is also a display case showing the 1810 naval battle of Grand Port between the British and the French, Napoleon’s only maritime victory.In the gardens, canons, sea anchors, a railway passenger carriage and a governor’s carriage, alas in poor condition. The museum is open to all and free of charge.After this visit, walk through the streets of Mahebourg and stop at the waterfront to admire the view and find something to eat.The cassava biscuit, proudly Mauritian!For more than 140 years, the Rault family has been making delicious cassava-based biscuits, a unique product in the world that makes Mauritius proud. A visit to the biscuit factory is to immerse yourself in the traditional and timeless production of these products whose recipe has remained a secret. These manioc biscuits have a childhood memory for many Mauritians who grew up with them at tea time and they were particularly useful during cyclones when bread was lacking.Here, everything is handmade and the visit of the workshop is completed with aromatic delights that can be discovered in the shop. The manioc biscuits are now available in several flavours (vanilla, coconut, cinnamon, aniseed …). The shop offers you the opportunity to purchase these little biscuits which will remind you of Mauritius upon the end of your holidays.This day in Mahebourg will be a particularly enriching visit in terms of culture and heritage