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Encounter with dolphins by boat in Mauritius

  • 06/16/22
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A great crystal-clear lagoon with lots of fish, a chance to meet the dolphins that live on the west coast of Mauritius, isolated islands where you can pretend you are Robinson: embark on an unforgettable excursion and enjoy a day of discovery of ocean wildlife, just a stone’s throw away from your hotel residence, Marguery Villas.

First stage : Morning boat trip in Mauritius

Start the day with an encounter with the underwater environment of Mauritius. You will have the chance to admire the diversity and the calmness of the environment.

Encounter with the dolphins in Mauritius

Early in the morning, excitement abounds at the pier as we set out to discover these magnificent marine mammals of Tamarin. To be able to observe the spinner dolphins in their natural environment at Mauritius and to witness how they perform is a unique experience. On board, the skipper will brief you on the species and above all on the rules to be respected for a dolphin watching that does not disturb their routine. In Mauritius, it is possible to swim with the dolphins but it is forbidden to touch them. These animals, even if they are used to the ballet of boats, remain wild and may be hunting or accompanied by young. With a mask and flippers, enjoy their graceful, powerful and fast motion.

Swimming among beautiful fish

Having just recovered from these beautiful emotions, climb back on board: the boat anchors on a fishy site in the middle of the corals. Another enchantment awaits you in these transparent waters, surrounded by swarms of multicoloured fish. Some skippers keep breadcrumbs to feed these shy guests. With your mask and snorkel, set off to meet the species that populate this great lagoon, where the water is as refreshing as can be.

Second step : Afternoon relaxation in Mauritius

After this beautiful and sportive morning, relax on an island and share a unique moment of conviviality!

Ile aux Bénitiers

Are you hungry after all these explorations? Head to this comma-shaped island, uninhabited but home to a pretty filao (spruce) forest. In a lagoon with shallow waters, the famous and tiny Crystal Rock made of volcanic rock emerges like a mushroom.

The crew is busy grilling the meat and already, the tasty aromas draw you to the hut where you will have lunch. Feet in the sand, enjoy a cold beer or a rhum arrangé while kids explore the islet and pretend to be Robinsons. The island is so small, you can quickly get around it. Go to the southern tip to admire the majestic profile of the Morne mountain from the sandy spit that juts out into the sea.

A short nap at the foot of a filao tree or a digestive dip, and you are ready to return to the mainland.

A smooth way back

If your crew is hosting a music lover, you may have already had a taste of the Sega sung by a skipper. The mood is always relaxed and friendly as you enjoy a cocktail while gazing towards the skyline. Filled up with sun and swimming, enjoy the gentle trade winds and the flight of the sea birds over the water. You may see the round green head of a turtle emerge from the water to gasp for air.

To make the most of your day, ask your concierge to arrange your booking with one of our recommended providers.