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A dream day out on a boat in Mauritius: swimming with dolphins and lunch on an island

  • 06/16/22
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A great crystal-clear lagoon with lots of fish, a chance to meet the dolphins that live on the west coast of Mauritius, an islet where you can pretend you are Robinson. A memorable day out on a boat in clear turquoise waters.  Embark on an unforgettable and intense excursion to make the most of it and enjoy a day of discovery of ocean wildlife together with an amazing swimming experience, just a stone’s throw away from your hotel residence, Marguery Villas, Mauritius.

relaxing on a boat in mauritius

First step: a tour of the dolphins of Mauritius by boat

Who hasn’t dreamt of approaching these fabulous cetaceans or swimming with dolphins at least once in their life? In Mauritius, and more precisely on the west coast, a whole colony of spinner and bottlenose dolphins has taken up residence and can easily be observed all year round during a boat trip. 

Start the day with an encounter with the underwater environment of Mauritius. You will have the chance to admire the diversity and the calmness of the environment.

Encounter with the dolphins in Mauritius

mauritian dolphins jumping

Early in the morning, excitement abounds at the pier of Tamarin Bay from where the dolphin watching and swimming boats depart.  To be able to observe the spinner dolphins in their natural environment at Mauritius and to witness how they perform is a unique experience. This is an exceptional and privileged area whose rules must be respected in order to ensure the sustainability of this exceptional activity.  On board the boat, you will be briefed by your skipper (DREAM DOLPHIN Mauritius | Swim with Dolphins Mauritius – Dolphin&Sea Guide – Boats trips – Underwater & “Sea “nery – Agence D’excursions En Bateau à La Preneuse (business.site) on the different species of dolphins in Mauritius and above all on the rules to be respected for a dolphin watching that does not disturb their routine. In Mauritius, it is possible to swim with the dolphins but it is forbidden to touch them which can make them shy. Dolphins most often travel in packs and their presence is reported as soon as it is detected. All boats on this tour are equipped with masks, snorkels and fins, so you can get in the water close to the dolphins or snorkel if you wish. Dolphins are powerful and fast, so keeping up with them is often difficult, but you may be lucky enough to see them pass by your boat if you want to stay dry. On certain days, the dolphins perform a veritable acrobatic and aerial ballet, to the delight of guests: a unique opportunity to immortalize moments of great emotion. 

Swimming among tropical fish

swimming with dolphins

Have you had your fill of dolphin watching in Tamarin? The rest of the activities are just as enjoyable. After the cetaceans, it’s time for the countless guests of the lagoons on the west coast of Mauritius. 

Having just recovered from these beautiful emotions, climb back on board: the boat anchors on a preserved fishy site in the middle of the corals. Another enchantment awaits you in these transparent waters, surrounded by swarms of multicolored fish. In 3m to 4m of water, explore the sea bed to spot the lagoon’s inhabitants, with a mask and snorkel, or skin diving. You can also just float on a buoy and enjoy a refreshing swim.

diving in mauritius

Second step : Afternoon relaxation on Ile aux Bénitiers

After this beautiful, highly emotional and sportive morning, relax on an island and share a unique moment of conviviality!

Ile aux Bénitiers

Are you hungry after all these explorations? Head to this comma-shaped island, uninhabited but home to a pretty filao (spruce) forest. In a lagoon with shallow waters, the surprising and  famous  Crystal Rock made of volcanic rock emerges like a mushroom.

 Your boat excursion crew is busy grilling the meat and already, the tasty aromas draw you to the hut where you will have lunch. Barefoot in the sand, enjoy a cold beer or a rhum arrangé while kids explore the islet and pretend to be Robinsons. The island is so small, you can quickly get around it. Go to the southern tip to admire the majestic profile of the Morne mountain from the sandy spit that juts out into the sea.

A short nap at the foot of a filao tree or a digestive dip, and you are ready to return to the mainland.

dolphins in mauritius

A smooth way back to the coast

If your crew is hosting a music lover, you may have already had a taste of the Sega sung by a skipper or discovered the local music favoured by the crew members . The mood is always relaxed and friendly. Enjoy the exceptional view of the coast of Mauritius emerging out of the sun. This exceptional day between swimming with dolphins and Robinsonnade has kept all its promises. Filled up with sun and swimming, enjoy the gentle trade winds and the flight of the sea birds over the water. You may see the round green head of a turtle emerge from the water to gasp for air to end this wonderful day on a high note.

Sunset and dolphins in mauritius

In addition to the various species of dolphins, humpback whales can be seen during the Mauritian winter, from July to October, on boat trips or during dives supervised by the island’s clubs. Experienced divers will have the opportunity to see the resident sperm whales off the south coast with the proper diving equipment or by skin diving. Sperm whale watching is permitted but swimming is strictly forbidden for safety reasons. To enjoy your day without constraints, ask your concierge to make your reservation with one of our recommended service providers who practice ethical and respectful dolphin, humpback or sperm whale watching in Mauritius.