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Discover Le Morne with an anthropologist

  • 06/24/22
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The most famous mountain of Mauritius profoundly influences the history of the country. With its rugged landscape and long history of misery, Le Morne Brabant has become the symbol of resistance to slavery. A cultural outing on this mountain rich in history and oral traditions, led by a passionate anthropologist.

Maya de Salle, your guide in Mauritius

My Moris agency has been organising cultural discovery tours of Mauritius for several years and has much more to offer than its magnificent beaches. A pioneer in cultural tourism, My Moris offers a unique insight into Mauritian culture.

Maya de Salle is an anthropologist who has studied the oral history of the descendants of slaves, the indentured labourers, the rituals of traditional medicine and even the Mauritian Tipik Sega. She also participated in the recognition of the Morne as a “Cultural Landscape” by UNESCO in 2008, which makes her the best guide to discover the history of the Morne.

Le Morne Brabant, Mauritius , the refuge and grave of maroon slaves

The mountain, with its steep, forested slopes, was used as a refuge by escaped slaves, the maroons, during the 18th century and the first years of the 19th. Almost impossible to reach, the fugitive slaves – the maroon slaves – gathered and settled in caves and on top of the Morne.

When the abolition of slavery was decreed in 1835, military officers climbed the mountain to inform the slaves. The latter, misunderstanding the intentions of these men, took fright and many of them threw themselves into the void. This act of sheer determination shows the final escape of many of the slaves from servitude.

With Maya, you will discover the unknown aspects of life on the mountain, as well as the importance of the oral tradition for these men uprooted from their native land in Africa or Madagascar.

After the history, the landscape

A visit to Le Morne Brabant also offers the advantage of a splendid panorama over the Black River Gorges and the lagoon of Mauritius. Even if the visit is not to the top, it is more than enough to discover a breathtakingly beautiful landscape from the viewpoint. This provides a taste for any of you who would like to climb the Morne in the company of our recommended sports providers.

This exciting cultural outing, just twenty minutes from your residence, Marguery Villas, will plunge you into the troubled history of your favourite holiday destination. Our concierge service is at your disposal for any reservation.