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The six favourite waterfalls in Mauritius

  • 09/26/22
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Mauritius is a beautiful island with stunning scenery, including many spectacular waterfalls. The pleasant temperatures that prevail all year round are perfect for exploring some of the island’s most beautiful waterfalls within easy reach or a hike away. Take a refreshing swim in some of the island’s pristine natural pools surrounded by stunning scenery. Check out these 6 waterfalls to discover during your stay in Mauritius.


 The most breathtaking waterfall in Mauritius

Chamarel Waterfall

Located in the south-west, the island’s highest waterfall is nestled in the Black River Gorges. It can be easily reached from the reserve of the “Seven-coloured earths” in Chamarel. Within this natural setting of endemic flora and fauna, the waterfall unveils itself in its full splendor. Its cool waters make for an invigorating bath all year round.

Chamarel water falls

Waterfalls to explore with a guide


To make the most of your discovery of the local waterfalls, hire a guide for these less accessible ones, to enjoy your day in complete serenity.


The 7 Waterfalls (Tamarind Falls)


This permanent water flow spreads and scatters in several small waterfalls, which gave it its name. Located in the Black River Gorges National Park, it can be reached through the small village of Henrietta in the center of Mauritius. Several hiking trails lead to it and the best way to get the most out of this place is to hire a guide to spot the endemic species along the way. (http://www.randonnees-ile-maurice.com/7-cascades/)

Water falls

Alexandra Falls


Although less easily accessible and reserved for experienced hikers, Alexandra Falls is a real opportunity to get deep into the heart of the local fauna and flora: the pink pigeon, the green catechist, monkeys and many endemic trees can be spotted along the way. Get a guide to escort you on this magical trip.


The easy waterfalls to discover on a short hike


Eau Bleue


Clear turquoise waters, Eau Bleue is a true delight for the senses. Close to the village of Cluny in the south, in the middle of cane fields and forests, this very accessible waterfall is perfect for a picnic and swimming during a family walk.

Mauritius water falls  

Rochester Falls


Further south, near the village of Souillac, Rochester Falls is the best known and certainly the most spectacular waterfall in Mauritius. Access to it is easily reached by car prior to a short walk. Famous for its refreshing rushing water, the waterfall is very popular during school holidays. With boulders shaped by water flow, it offers a unique and spectacular experience.



Seaward side: Grande Rivière Sud Est Waterfall


On this occasion, a boat will take you to this smaller waterfall located in the south-east of Mauritius near Ile aux Cerfs. The site is very popular but the visit is worth it. Once you cross the lagoon, the boat will take you to the foot of the waterfall, a short distance away from a densely vegetated river branch. 

Finally, the spectacular underwater waterfall off the Morne lagoon is not really one, but rather the visual illusion of an underwater drop-off. The helicopter flight over it is breathtakingly beautiful!

Water falls mauritius

Our advice: ask our concierge to book you a day trip with a guide to the hard-to-reach waterfalls or go on your own with a picnic ordered in advance to discover the easily accessible ones. Enjoy the coolness of the pools and don’t dive from the top without checking their depth or without swimming abilities.