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What to do in Mauritius?

  • 04/07/23
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Mauritius is a popular travel destination for visitors looking for an exotic change of scenery. With its superb white sandy beaches, crystal clear lagoons, national parks, endemic forests, unique flora and fauna, Mauritius is the perfect place to enjoy a holiday full of discoveries, sports and leisure activities, but is also ideal for those who love to relax and sunbathe.

Whether you stay for five days or ten, as a couple or with your family, there is plenty to do and see around the island, with tailor-made tours to suit all your desires. Follow the guide and plan your dream vacation.

The very best Mauritius has to offer

Mauritius has everything you could possibly want or expect from a destination with so many unique assets.


Mauritians’ authentic hospitality

What sets Mauritius apart from other holiday destinations is the friendliness of its people, which makes it one of the cornerstones of its international reputation. The bilingualism (French/English) combined with Creole breaks down the language barrier. In addition to the warm welcome, Mauritius is an extraordinary cultural melting pot. A land of successive and diverse immigrants, Mauritians are a fine blend of European, African, Malagasy, Chinese and Indian cultures. From this fantastic cultural and ethnological combination was born a tasty cuisine, rich in colours and exotic spices, a real culinary odyssey filled with diversity, enough to satisfy the most demanding palates.

Sumptuous beaches

Mauritius’ other asset is its miles of magnificent beaches and turquoise lagoons. The beautiful beaches of Trou aux Biches, Mon Choisy, Flic en Flac or Belle-Mare and the paradise-like Ile aux Cerfs boast stunning landscapes with transparent waters inviting you to laze around or to engage in fabulous discovery and leisure activities. The islands surrounding Mauritius make for exceptional excursions by boat or catamaran to explore the wild beauty of these beaches.

Between sea and land, there is a wide range of activities: snorkeling or scuba diving to discover the richness of the seabed, boat trips to visit the islands or to see dolphins in their natural environment, surfing, kite or paddle, parasailing, water skiing, skydiving, beautiful and easy hikes, discovery of local fauna and flora in the parks and nature reserves, visits to extraordinary geological sites and fascinating museums to better understand the history, exceptional culinary and cultural heritage ….  Your stay in Mauritius will leave you with unforgettable memories.

snorkling ile maurice


What to do in Mauritius in five days?

Your stay will be short but intense. How to enjoy the best of Mauritius in a short stay? Here is a non-exhaustive programme of activities and excursions focused on sea, nature and Mauritian culture to optimize your time here.

Day 1: Enjoy the beaches to the full

No matter where you’re staying, there’s always a beautiful public beach within a short drive. Whether you like deserted beaches lined with filaos rustling gently in the wind or more vibrant beaches where you can satisfy your passion for water and land-based activities, discover the beautiful lagoons where swimming in crystal clear turquoise or emerald waters is ideal year-round. Soak up the beautiful Mauritian sunshine and start tanning on the beach at Mont Choisy or Trou aux Biches or try your hand at kiteboarding in the Morne lagoon and surfing in Tamarin!

Day 2: Cruise to Ile aux Cerfs or the Northern Islands

The mythical Ile aux Cerfs gives postcard beach lovers a taste of paradise on earth. Accessible by boat from the small coastal village of Trou d’Eau Douce, just a short distance from Mythic Suites & Villas, Ile aux Cerfs is a must during your stay in Mauritius. Have fun exploring its creeks, discovering the underwater life of its coral reefs by snorkeling, sunbathing on its fine sandy beaches, having lunch barefoot in the sand, and enjoying the many water and land activities offered to visitors.

You can also opt for a day trip aboard a catamaran to the northern islands, where you will discover the islets surrounding Mauritius and enjoy the pristine beaches and beautiful lagoons of Gabriel Island or Plate Island (https://www.croisieres-australes.com/fr ), with a barbecue on board.

Day 3: Discover dolphins in their natural environment and Robinsonnade

This is one of the most popular excursions to do during your stay in Mauritius. On the west coast and departing from the fishing village of Tamarin, embark with one of our service providers respectful of the observation guidelines to discover the pods of dolphins that live off the Mauritian coast. It is possible to get into the water to watch them swim.

After this exciting experience, take a day trip and picnic on “Ile aux Bénitiers”. Snorkel for tropical fish and spend a Robinson-like day exploring the islet.

dauphin ile maurice


DAY 4: Explore Mauritius’ lush natural surroundings

Nature lovers? Put on your sports shoes and head out for a hike in the Black River Gorges National Park. Located on the south-western coast, a ten-minute drive from Marguery Villas, the island’s major national park is home to exceptional and endemic flora and fauna in its native forest. Ask our concierge to prepare a picnic lunch for you the day before so that you can make the most of your excursion. From endemic trees to protected birds, explore the waterfalls, hiking trails and panoramic views of the south and central part of the island from its forested mountains.

Riviere nor ile maurice


After this green interlude, continue south to Mauritius’ small coastal and fishing villages, where the rhythm of life is unique. Take a look at the magnificent mountain of Le Morne, with its tragic history, which was once home to the maroon slaves who ran away from the estates and threw themselves into the void out of fear of repression. Listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it overlooks a beautiful public beach with trees and a magnificent lagoon where you can learn to kite and watch the ballet of multicoloured sails.

DAY 5: The Thousand Faces of Port Louis

The capital of Mauritius is best visited on foot to discover its historic heart and to better immerse yourself in its rich multicultural and historical heritage. Accompanied by a private guide during an exciting discovery with a gastronomic or historical theme (https://mymoris.mu/ ), or simply on a walk, Port Louis will immediately give you a change of scenery in a profusion of colours and smells. Start your discovery with the explosion of colours and scents of the central market, called “bazaar”. Here, all strata of the Mauritian population come together to look for fruit and vegetables, spices or textiles, meat or fish, amidst pyramids of unfamiliar vegetables and fruit, exotic spices, the hailing of merchants, giant tuna carried on the backs of men, local crafts, herbal tea makers…

Wander the ancient cobbled streets and admire the sumptuous Jummah Mosque, the Saint-Louis Cathedral and the Chinese pagodas. Discover the street art in Chinatown and try the local culinary specialities in street food mode. Shop in the malls, bazaars and shops. Get a bird’s eye view of the harbour from Fort Adelaide (La Citadelle).

This condensed itinerary will enable you to explore some of Mauritius’ beautiful attractions in five days. There is much more to discover on this beautiful island during a longer stay!

What to experience in Mauritius on a 10-day trip?

If you have 10 days to explore Mauritius, you can enjoy more activities and visit more sites. Here is a suggested itinerary:


Day 1: Discovering Port Louis and Pamplemousses

Start your journey by exploring Port Louis, our capital city. Visit the central market to stock up on spices and smells, the historic Place d’Armes and its great men and women, and the street art of Chinatown. Visit the Blue Penny Museum on the harbour to learn about the history of the island and admire the Blue Penny, one of the rarest stamps in the world. Nearby, at the Aapravasi Ghat, walk in the footsteps of the first ‘indentured’ Indians, Chinese, Malagasies and Africans who came to the island to supplant the slaves after the abolition of slavery and who became the original inhabitants of the island in a beautiful interactive display.

For local and international shopping, head to the Caudan Waterfront or wander the central streets to browse through the capital’s small shops for local gems.

You may also want to visit the Pamplemousses area with its Botanical Garden created by the famous Pierre Poivre, whose 25 hectares are home to thousands of species of plants and flowers, some of which are unique to Mauritius. Go ahead and check out the Aventure du Sucre, an ecomuseum five minutes away from the Garden to learn about and understand the central role played by sugarcane in the history and economic development of Mauritius.

jardin pamplemousse ile maurice


Day 2 and 3: Relaxation and activities on the beach

A good way to get into the Mauritian rhythm on one of the island’s white sandy beaches. While popular beaches include Trou aux Biches, Mont Choisy and Flic en Flac, there are just as many different atmospheres and beaches to discover in Mauritius.

The grey sandy beach at Tamarin in the west, where the coastal village is home to the best known surfing spot, Dale, where you can try your hand at surfing or swimming in this beautiful bay where dolphins live year round. The powdery sand of Grand Bay in the north, with its clear turquoise waters, is the starting point for excursions to the northern islets. The confidential beaches of Casita and Cap Malheureux, lined with coconut trees, with an exceptional view of Coin de Mire, Round island and Flat island, and wonderfully fishy lagoons. The wilder beaches of Grand-Gaube, Roches-Noires, Trou d’Eau Douce, and Belle-Mare with its whitewashed kilns and Hindu temples. The jagged cliffs of Gris-Gris in the south, with a touch of Brittany, or the deserted beach of La Cambuse… You are spoilt for choice when it comes to relaxing or having fun with the many water sports on offer, the most accessible of which is snorkeling to discover the underwater life.

mont choisy ile maurice


Day 4: The north of Mauritius: shopping and local cuisine on the menu

The north of the island is more touristy and cosmopolitan. On the road, stop at the factory shops selling locally made textiles for the international brands. In the north, some of the most popular beaches in Mauritius are spread out, both for Mauritians and visitors. Sunbathing, swimming, shopping and tasting local dishes are on the agenda. Trou aux Biches with its fine white sand and clear waters has plenty of water activities. It borders on the famous beach of Mont Choisy with its huge turquoise lagoon and its trees that are perfect for a nap.

Cap Malheureux offers an awesome view of the Coin de Mire and is home to many art galleries and shops. Finally, the seaside village of Grand-Baie is the most lively place on the island. Very busy, lined with dozens of restaurants, shopping centers, discotheques and bars, an artisanal market and shops of all kinds, it is situated on the edge of a sublime turquoise bay and serves as a departure point for numerous excursions and activities.

Grand Bay offers all types of Mauritian cuisine, from finger food to fine dining restaurants, you’ll be spoilt for choice! End the day with a cocktail at one of the bayfront clubs.

Day 5: Discovering the East of Mauritius

The wilder Windward Coast is full of surprises for lovers of uncrowded beaches and typical Mauritian villages. Numerous fishy creeks to explore with children, the emerald and clear waters of the large lagoons, temples emerging in the middle of sugarcane fields, vegetable plantations, lime kilns now inactive … visit Poste Lafayette, Belle-Mare, Trou d’Eau Douce, all poetic and evocative village names where you can make beautiful and authentic encounters. Don’t hesitate to take a very accessible hike in the Bras d’Eau National Park to discover the local fauna and flora. Have lunch in one of the many Mauritian restaurants and taste the amazing Mauritian cuisine.

Day 6: The mini-cruise: dolphins, fishing, picnic or discovering the islets

If you like sailing, Mauritius is the ideal place to combine the joys of sailing and discovery. Many activities linked to the ocean will satisfy your desire for the open sea and beautiful surprises. The dolphin trip at Tamarin is a must to admire these cetaceans in their natural environment and during the Mauritian winter (June to October) to follow the migration of humpback whales. You can also spend the day on a catamaran with swimming and snorkeling stops and grilled food served by the crew for a midday trip to Ile aux Bénitiers.

Try your hand at big game fishing in the fishy waters and try to catch a tuna, bonito or swordfish on a well equipped boat.

In the north, the main excursions consist in discovering the islands around Mauritius on a catamaran mini-cruise, an opportunity to admire the breathtaking view of the Coin de Mire, to sunbathe on immaculate beaches and to swim in the crystal clear waters of the islets. During the off-season, you’ll enjoy the feeling of exclusivity on deserted beaches.

Day 7: Golf course and a matinee at Ile aux Cerfs

Head to the beautiful Anahita International Golf Course while the rest of the family enjoys an exotic day out on the stunning Ile aux Cerfs. Head to the east coast to drop off the family’s Tiger Wood at the 18-hole professional golf course with its breathtaking views across clear lagoons and green mountains (https://www.anahita.mu/en/golf-mauritius ).

 While you perfect your slice, the family boards one of the boats in nearby Point Mauritius for the short crossing to this little paradise. White sandy beaches, turquoise waters, small isolated coves: on the programme, sunbathing, lunch and the joys of the beach to perfect your tan or to try out one of the many activities offered on site.

golf anahita ile maurice


Day 8: Discovering the west of the island

Authentic and less developed in terms of tourism, the west of Mauritius is home to many fishing villages. Start with Albion lighthouse and its jagged cliffs from where humpback whales can be spotted during the southern winter, then enjoy a coconut or a pineapple on the famous Flic en Flac beach, after a dive in its transparent and warm waters.

On the way to Tamarin, and if you dream of feeding a giraffe or walking alongside a lion, stop at Casela, a huge wildlife and activity park that will delight the whole family. Rhinos, lions, giraffes, cheetahs, tigers, monkeys, ostriches, zebras, magnificent birds…, you will be carried back to Africa in the heart of the Mauritian savannah. Zip lines, 4D cinema, mini-farm, quad bikes, suspension bridges… rediscover your child’s soul in these fun and open-air places (https://caselaparks.com/ ).

End the day on the grey sandy beach of Tamarin, a tiny fishing village where everyone practices surfing on the mythical spot of Dale or paddling on the bay or river. Very family friendly and relaxed, it is a tradition to watch the beautiful sunset on the beach with a local beer in hand.

casela girafe ile maurice


Day 9: Acting as an eco-friendly guest

Like all islands, Mauritius is vulnerable to climate change and human impact on nature. Take a guided tour of one of the island’s nature reserves and contribute to the conservation of endemic species thanks to the income generated.

One such example is the Ile aux Aigrettes nature reserve off the south-east coast, which is home to unique fauna and flora and is considered one of the most important biodiversity conservation areas in Mauritius. Restored by the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation, the nature reserve is now home to a wide variety of endemic species, including the pink pigeon, the Mauritius fruit bat, the Mauritius gecko, the Aldabra giant tortoise…

rhum ile maurice


Other wildlife sanctuaries include the Heritage Nature Reserve on the south coast of Mauritius, the Ferney Valley in the south-east, the Ebony Forest and the Black River Gorges Park.

Day 10: The south of the island

On this last day, explore the south of the island, taking the coastal road to discover the typical and peaceful life of the small Mauritian villages. Don’t hesitate to stop and soak up these authentic places where time seems to have no hold. Head for the charming village of Mahébourg, colourful, lively and overlooking a magnificent bay renowned for its pirogue regattas. The historical museum of the Mauritian Navy is a must-see, offering a nostalgic and fascinating look at the island’s past, with its collections of maps, furniture, objects, weapons and old cannons. Stop by the Rault biscuit factory, which has been making delicate manioc biscuits for more than a century, ideal for gifts.

If you’re a marine life enthusiast, head to the magnificent Blue Bay beach and its protected marine park, the ideal place to discover the exceptional underwater life by snorkeling or paddling.

Continue on the road to the wild south to Chamarel and its famous Land of 7 Colours, a surprising geological singularity with a beautiful palette of colours, and a superb refreshing waterfall. A visit to the nearby Rhumerie will give you the opportunity to bring back some local rhums before your flight back home.

Rhumerie ile maurice



An intense stay alternating between peaceful days and active holidays with this tour designed for ten unforgettable days. Contact our concierge to book your activities.