Why choose a luxury villa with hotel services rather than a 5-star hotel?

The tourism sector is evolving, as are the attitudes and demands of everyday travelers. While 5-star hotels were once the luxurious experience we were all looking for, they are now approaching a more relaxed holiday where well-being, self-reliance, and intimacy are at the top of the list.

It is therefore not surprising that luxury villas became the trend, tempting travelers with exotic offers of places, and personal chefs. For the traveler who wants to bypass overcrowded swimming pools, costly meals and the hustle and bustle of a hotel, here are 5 reasons that should convince you to choose a luxury villa for your next Mauritius holidays.


Intimacy is one of the greatest advantages of staying in a luxury villa. And it is provided at a level that not even 5-star hotels can match. When you make a reservation for your vacation in a villa, you have an entire house for yourself, for a peaceful and serene environment.  The exclusiveness of your own home ensures that there are no obnoxious neighbors or other guests with whom to share your personal space.



A major myth about luxury travel is the belief that hotels have the best rates. However, if you are holidaying with a team of people, or if you are planning an extended trip, you will most likely discover that not many hotels can match the value of the money you get by renting a luxury villa.

No matter if you are looking for two or twelve rooms, room prices are generally more cost-effective than a 5-star hotel. And with stand-alone amenities, such as a complete kitchen, a laundry room and other facilities such as a swimming pool, you will also save a lot on the high costs of food, beverages, and other activities.



When you move from one hotel to another, you frequently move from one room to the other. But villas have an instinctive feeling for space, which can be even greater than what you are accustomed to at home! Imagine open kitchens, spacious living rooms, outdoor pavilions designed by professionals, stylish interiors with collectible paintings, and tropical gardens with day beds and large bathrooms. The bottom line is that villas provide more space for every penny you spend.


Customized holidays

To stay in a luxury villa is to be in a position to move at your own pace. There is a degree of customization with this experience that hotels cannot simply beat. Basically, you are in charge of your very own private hotel, and you can tailor your experience to suit your own personal taste. As a guest at a private resort, you are free to establish your personal timetable. You have no need to be concerned about when breakfast ends, or when the swimming pool opens, it all comes down to your time.

And then there is the food. After you have eaten at the hotel for a few days, you will note that the food will become repetitive. But when reserving a private villa, you can prepare your own meal, savor your food whenever you want, or have a local chef customize a menu to suit your needs.



Regardless of what we like about the holidays, no one feels like washing the laundry when they return and tucking it back in the drawer. The laundry service of the hotel may be costly and the cost of adding service taxes may be an undesirable expenditure. On the other hand, if you are in a villa, the washer and dryer are available.


At Marguery Villas, the concierge service gives you the opportunity to talk about your travel plans, the finest attractions in the country, your deluxe travel itinerary and much more to ensure you have a first look at Mauritius. If you want to rent a luxury villa in a resort Mauritius, do not hesitate to call the concierge of Marguery Villas.