Whale watching in Black River

With sunshine even in winter, the island of Mauritius offers a wide range of interesting activities that will undoubtedly brighten up your holiday. Mostly known for its white sandy beaches as well as its palm and coconut plantations, the island is also bordered by a multitude of hills and mountains. But Mauritius is also known for its water sports activities. Indeed, with its turquoise lagoon and crystal-clear waters, the island offers the ideal setting for whale watching.

In June, after a very long journey, humpback whales come to give birth off our coasts.  Humpback whales are migratory animals: they move according to the seasons. In summer, they live near the poles, where they find food. During the winter, they swim towards the equator. Food is less interesting, but the waters are warmer to reproduce.

observation baleines sejour ile maurice


Every year, around June, humpback whales from the South Pole (Antarctica) arrive near the coasts of Mauritius and Rodrigues. This is where they reproduce and give birth to a baby every 2 or 3 years. At birth, the calf is already 4 m long and does not leave its mother. Towards the end of the year, they will travel together the 6,000 km of the return trip.

All year round, you can see sperm whales, one of the largest species of whales in the waters of the west of Mauritius (they can weigh up to 50 tons and measure 16 meters wide!). Observing whales in the waters of Mauritius is a more difficult trip in the sense that you have to go very far out to sea to find them. If the sea is rough or there is too much wind, it will unfortunately not be possible because it will be very difficult to find them, so choose a good day!

observation baleines sejour ile maurice

If you want to observe whales during your stay in Mauritius in our luxury resort Marguery Villas, do not hesitate to contact the concierge service for your reservations.