A culinary exploration in the streets of Port Louis


A culinary exploration in the streets of Port Louis

Mauritius is well known for its cosmopolitan character. Located in the Indian Ocean between the maritime routes of Asia, Africa and Europe, its port, Port Louis became the capital of the Island in 1731. Today, Port Louis is the witness of its rich history.

The route we chose is a walk in the streets of the capital to discover its heritage. On the way, we will stop to try typical foods, which reflect the different ethnic groups of the island.

Come and discover the Mauritian lifestyle by tasting typical Mauritians dishes: succulent dumplings in broth, “rotis”, pancakes of Indian origin filled with cooked vegetables and spices, roasted pistachios, and for those who are a little more daring, “gatos pima”, fried cakes filled with peppers.

Strolling in the narrow-cobbled streets of Port-Louis is like traveling back in time. The old buildings made of black stone are the traces of a hectic colonial past. By leaving the main street and strolling in the streets by the side (narrower but not less crowded), you will notice of distinct odors: spices, incense, fried dough, exhaust and sea water (it’s a port after all!)

Each of the foods of Port Louis is a story in itself: the history of the person who made it, the history of his family (the recipes are transmitted from generation to generation) and the history of those who have migrated to the island of Mauritius over the centuries. Some of the dishes have remained the same. But many have been revisited to adapt to the Mauritian style.

Strolling along the cobbled streets of the capital will give you an overview on the history and culture of the people who have migrated over the centuries.

Contact the concierge of Marguery Exclusive Villas () for a visit to Port Louis and discover Mauritian street food. You will see why the Mauritian are so proud of their culture and their cuisine!