Tulawaka Gold Coaster : New thrilling activity at Casela

Tulawaka Gold Coaster: New thrilling activity at Casela

Those looking for strong sensations and adrenaline rush will rejoice to learn that there is now a summer luge in Mauritius. We are talking about the Tulawaka Gold Coaster at Casela World of Adventures. The circuit extends on more than 800 meters. The track includes raised bends, dizzying descents and stunning waves. The Tulawaka Gold Coaster allows visitors to have a bird’s view on the leisure park and also on the stunning west coast of Mauritius.

Tulawaka Gold Coaster

According to Paul Williams, director of Casela World of Adventures, the work has cost about Rs 50 million and lasted nearly a year. He explained that the name “Tulawaka” such as the name of the gold mine located in Tanzania, has been selected because it reflects this African atmosphere and safari which reigns in the park.

The toboggans are two seaters but also allow you to practice in solo or in tandem. They can reach a maximum speed of 45 km/h. The user can control the speed at which it performs thanks to levers located on each side of the sled. “Several security measures have been put in place by our teams; starting with an explanatory briefing on the operation and handling of the sled. The sleds move at 45 km / h and each user can hit the track at his/her own pace while admiring the panoramic view of the west coast!” explains Oumesh Rummun, Senior Operations Manager of Casela.

The Tulawaka Gold Coaster has received the TUV certification (Technischer Überwachungsverein). This technical inspection association works to validate / certify products of all types to protect the environment and human health.

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