Tribute concert to Nirvana on December 7th at Big Willy’s

As part of its events aimed at popularizing and promoting the local rock scene, Culture Events presents the local group UnMind, which will pay tribute to the mythical American group Nirvana on December 7. Rendezvous at Tamarin’s Big Willy’s from 9pm to dance to the sounds of tubes concocted by Kurt Cobain!

concert hommage nirvana ile maurice

Kurt Cobain became infamous for ending his life very early (he was 27 years old when he shot himself). Nevertheless, when he committed the irreparable act on April 5, 1994, he was already at the time the flag bearer for a whole generation of young Americans as well as teenagers from all over the world! Indeed, less than three years before killing himself, Cobain had given birth, with his combo formed in 1987, Nirvana, to one of the best-selling albums in the history of rock music: Nevermind.

In just a few weeks, the album’s flagship track, Smells like teen spirit, was at the top of the world’s charts, breaking all the records known until now… In a short time, Nirvana came out of the shadows – a “garage band” like so many others were at the time – to become the symbol of a youth, that of Generation X, who totally identified with the anti-star character Kurt Cobain.

concert hommage nirvana ile maurice

UnMind, the local rock band, obviously did not remain insensitive to the international phenomenon that is Nirvana. Thus, the combo of Michael Baker (voice and guitar), Dan Murthen (lead guitar), Kenny Murthen (bass), Percy Sholay (bass), Neal Cretin (drums) and Kelvin Murthen (percussion), born in 2006 and a fan of grunge sounds, will pay tribute to Kurt Cobain’s legendary band on December 7. Beginning of events around 9pm: Tamarin’s Big Willy’s will be ignited, from there, by the riffs of ultra-popular hits like Pennyroyal tea, Dumb, Breed, Come as you are, Something in the way, Drain you, Serve the servants, Heart-shaped box, not to mention the Negative creep, Love buzz or About a girl… Note that the Xenolith band will be the first part of the concert.

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