Spend the Christmas and New Year holidays in Mauritius

Is this the first time you will spend the Christmas and New Year holidays in Mauritius? Don’t go any further, you’re exactly where you need to learn a little more about the unusual customs of Mauritians in this very special time!

You are fed up with white Christmas, evenings sipping mulled wine in front of the fireplace and the awful sweaters your aunt offers you every year… So, you decided to have a little fun and try the holiday experience on a tropical island. You have chosen to settle down in Mauritius, a small paradise in the Indian Ocean, with its white sandy beaches, coconut palms, rum, swimming pool parties, exotic dancers, campfires…

fêtes de fin d’année sejour ile maurice

And you’re quite right. Far from the snow, the freezing cold and the usual clichés, the end of the year in Mauritius has something magical. Here, instead of firs, it is the flamboyant tress that are adorned every year with mirrored colors to welcome the new year. It is also the best time to taste the many delicious fruits that grow on the island, from the famous letchis to mangoes and the juicy longans….

In Mauritius, the New Year is celebrated under the summer sun in a good mood. Families prepare a good meal and organize dance evenings with delicious banquets. Everyone wears new clothes to welcome the new year as it should be with many good resolutions and projects.

fêtes de fin d’année sejour ile maurice

On the eve of New Year’s Eve, Mauritians generally go to nightclubs or hotels to celebrate the New Year with dignity by drinking an honorable quantity of alcoholic beverages and jiggling on the “records of the year” devoted by national radio stations. The population’s favourite drinks include beer, rum, whisky and wine.

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