Philately in Mauritius

Since the technological revolution, stamps and everything around them has quickly fallen into oblivion in most of the world. But Mauritius is an exception. Philately is an activity as alive as ever. More than a hundred of the population is still very focused around this activity. If you plan to spend your holidays in Mauritius, do not hesitate to meet the collectors. You will be surprised by the beauty of this activity.

What you need to know about philately

Did you know that even though philately is no longer known to everyone, it still attracts the attention of a part of the world’s population? Polls show that there are as many stamp collectors as there are amateur football players.

In some countries, philately is a popular passion shared by a large part of the population. This is the case of Mauritius. Every year, this country offers collectors a wide variety of stamps. If you have planned a trip to Mauritius, you will see that a large part of the population is passionate about this activity.

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A hobby accessible to everyone

Anyone can join philately. Some begin at an early age to collect all kinds of stamps. The activity consists in buying or taking the postage stamps. Then you have to sort and classify them according to their categories. There are three main categories of stamps:

  • The new stamps
  • Obligatory stamps: this means that they are covered with a stamp
  • Theme stamps: these are country or motif stamps

If you are not yet initiated to this leisure, enjoy your holidays in Mauritius to start this new activity.

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Philately is more than just a hobby

Rare stamps are the most sought after. If you have some in your collection, then you have a real gold mine. The shorter the marketing period, the more its value increases over time.

And those dating back several years are very popular. They have incredible traits.

Stamps of great value can be exchanged. They can be bartered with items of equal value or even money.

If you are planning to spend a Mauritius holiday, do not hesitate to take a short hop at the post office. You will discover stamps as original as authentic.

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Mauritian stamps

Some Mauritian stamps are very expensive because they are only issued in limited edition. Those drawn in only a few copies, according to a definite date, are the most popular. The most valuable are probably the two Official Posts red and blue. These Mauritian stamps are the subject of collection. They are very rare since they date from the time of British colonization on the island.

Print quality plays a role in its particularity and value. Your Mauritius holidays would not be complete without having contemplated the beauty of the Mauritian stamps.

Collecting stamps in our time is part of art. They are considered as representative symbols of a specific period or history. Philatelists spend their time searching for rare and new stamp varieties. Philately brings together thousands of people including amateurs in Mauritius. The stamp collection becomes valuable over time. It can be resold at a very good price.

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