Mauritius is much more than an exotic holiday destination. It is an exceptional opportunity to discover an authentic and welcoming people. Considering its small area, it has a surprisingly large variety of scenery and surroundings to suit all tastes.

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From Albion to Le Morne, the sheltered coast is sunny and dry, which results in a savannah-like landscape, as the average rainfall is generally lower than on the rest of the island. Resting against the mountain ranges, it is home to some beautiful beaches that are very popular with Mauritians at weekends. Shaded by filaos and offering crystal clear lagoons they are perfect for a picnic or a day at the beach. The west coast is particularly adapted to the pleasure of water sports and the discovery of marine life.

As you drive along the swaying cane fields, you’ll come across the Jurassic Park-like entrance to Casela. It is the ideal wildlife and adventure park for a family day out. Right behind, there is a not to be missed horse-riding club, Cavalia.

Drive along Yemen, where the vestiges of an old train station that used to take the harvested cane to the factory have remained. Tamarina, opposite, has an excellent 18-hole golf course accessible to visitors. Find out more about our golf offer for Marguery Villas residents at our concierge desk. Cœur de Tamarin, a small smart city in the making, is home to a shopping centre, a French primary school and a sports complex. As you cross the historic Tamarin bridge, you may feel the change of atmosphere between past and future.


Tamarin, the Surf & Sun spirit of Mauritius

An authentic coastal village between sea and river, with its history still marked in the black rocks of the last active salt pans on the island. Large flat pools of salt sparkle in the sunlight. These are the thousands of tiny reflections of the former white gold, salt, now abandoned because of its low profits. Dressed in large skirts and wearing straw hats, women gracefully collect the salt grains from the surface. Feel free to visit the saltworks shop and take home a souvenir of this unique product.


Between the church and the Hindu temple, all the essence of Mauritius blends in this small fishing village. World-renowned for its surf spots, Dale, One Eye and Black Stone, Tamarin is one of the few open bays in the country. Its curved grey sandy beach is a place of wild beauty. Many surfers and morey enthusiasts gather here on swelly days, boards tucked under their arms, rushing to get into the water. It’s a great place to surf almost all year round. If you’re new to surfing, it’s best to stick to the small breakers in the bay as Dale is very busy and the competition is tough. And if you want to take this opportunity to learn this sport, our concierges will refer you to Cyril, the best surf instructor on the island.



The bay is only covered in sand once you pass the small river branch that flows into it and swimming is pleasant any time of year. Many families relax under shady filaos or umbrellas. You can have lunch feet in the sand with Chinese food – dumplings, mines, fried rice – sold in small stalls. With swimming, surfing, morey and beach volley, the atmosphere is fun and sporty. A small forest runs along the beach and Flic en Flac can be reached by a very pleasant 30-minute walk.


In the heart of the village, next to the football pitch, children are welcome to use the skateboard ramp.


The bay, an invitation to relaxation and contemplation

The west coast of Mauritius is famous for its splendid sunsets and Tamarin has made the “sun downer” an established tradition. Late afternoon, all year round, people gather on the beach with their mats, children and cool boxes. In a relaxed atmosphere, they sip a local beer with friends and enjoy the sea until dusk. The fishermen coming back with big tunas or bonitos is a special moment. From March to October, the very traditional large net seining, an ancient but controlled method, brings together the fishermen’s boats in an aquatic ballet.

The bay is also home to two species of dolphin, the long-beaked and a smaller species, which can be spotted on an early morning boat trip and swum with.

From 5am in summer, people practice yoga and meditate in this unique setting, perfect for relaxing and rejuvenating body and mind. Members of a women’s senior citizens’ association stroll the beach at a rapid pace, while young professionals catch a few waves before going to work. Living in Tamarin is all about adopting a slow living approach and taking time for yourself. It is the perfect destination for the long-term stay that we recommend.


Our concierge team will do their utmost to meet your needs and ensure you have an exceptional holiday. With their deep knowledge of Mauritius and their contacts, they will always recommend our best partners and advise you for a successful stay at Marguery Villas.

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Embrace the west coast of Mauritius. Whether you are active or contemplative, experience an unforgettable holiday in a magical setting.