Musical events in Mauritius

On the cultural scene of Mauritius, a lot has been happening on the island over the last few years to accomodate each and everyone’s taste in music. Especially when it comes to live performances of the many young talents of the country. The Mauritian culture is very rich and eclectic and it reflects in its local music.

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The sega, the typical and traditional music of the island was invented by the slaves brought from Africa long ago by the French. It’s a very rhythmic music created using a special percussion instrument called the Ravanne which is a large circular tambourine-like instrument made out of goat skin. Before playing, the Ravanne needs to be heated up. Traditionally, people would make a camp fire around which they would heat it up and dance the sega.This is a must-see if you want to feel and experience the island atmosphere and its culture.

Today, more and more young artists are going back to the roots and creating their own version of this traditional music, by modernising it and creating fusions with other musical styles. Music festivals are organized around the island where they can perform and present their art. These events inspired by international music festivals, can sometimes start from noon and end the next morning around 3 am.

For those who prefer the beats and mixes of DJ’s, such big events happen quite often through the year where popular international DJ’s are invited to perform in Mauritius for the great joy of techno, electro or house music lovers. Usually themed, these events allow for the public to be very creative with their outfits. These events can last a whole day through the night, where each artist performs one after the other.

If you would like to come spend your holiday in Mauritius, and experience its culture, you can go to one of the sega nights that happen every week all across the island. You sure will have special memories of the island. Or if you want to discover the local artists, the live performances during the music festivals is definitely something to go for if you are a music lover, keen to discover new musical styles.

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