Discover the most beautiful waterfalls during your stay in Mauritius

Mauritius is a dream destination for a family holiday. It offers many activities to do such as excursions, water sports or just relaxing on the edge of a beautiful beach. However, for your Mauritius holidays, you must not forget to visit the most beautiful waterfalls it has.

The seven waterfalls or the falls of Tamarin

chutes de tamarin ile maurice

These are waterfalls found in the Black River district, precisely in the small village of Henrietta. It’s a must that you cannot miss. It is a green destination, and if you are looking for some serenity, this is the place. This fall comes from the Tamarin river itself and it falls on 7 simultaneous waterfalls. You can see a whole declination of exotic plants. It is also populated with endemic bird species. In the area where it is, you will also have the opportunity to go hiking or canyoning.

The Chamarel waterfall

chamarel sejour ile maurice

It is the highest waterfall in Mauritius. It is very spectacular because it is listed among the main tourist sites of the island. It is a waterfall with a height of more than one hundred meters, surrounded by a dense forest. The rock excavated where it fails gives it a very beautiful mystical aspect. It is possible to swim in the pool. It is visible from several points of view on the island. By visiting it, you will also have the opportunity to visit the village of Charamel which is historical. It is a very important village for geology.

Mare aux Joncs waterfall


For Mauritius holidays, you cannot ignore the Black River National Park. During this visit, you must make a detour at the waterfall of Mare aux Joncs. The most spectacular thing about this waterfall is not only the waterfall itself, but especially the path that leads to it. It takes a 4km hike from the National Park car park to get to your destination. It is easy to find, as several signs indicate the path all along the way. On arrival, you will see the beautiful rainbow at the foot of the falls.

The Grande Rivière Sud-Est Waterfall


It is a waterfall accessible from the sea. The tourists who make a cruise in the lagoon of the South cannot refrain from making a turn there. The South East River is the longest river in Mauritius. It is lined with many cliffs with lush vegetation. However, if you want an adventure, it is possible to go by car. During your journey, watch out for the monkeys who can play tricks while taking your belongings. This is a place not to miss for your Mauritius holidays.

If you are a nature lover, the waterfalls that are in Mauritius are important discoveries for you. If you have the means, you can visit them all, but if you can only visit a few, make sure to choose the most spectacular for you. But it is certain that you will have a hard time having a preference.

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