Lunch break at Vanilla Café

location villa vacance ile maurice cuisine creole

Located right on the edge of Black River, 5 minutes from the Villas, a favourite local spot: Vanilla Café, a lush garden filled with tamarind trees, “longan” trees and banyan trees, where one may enjoy lunch (or even breakfast and dinner – recently introduced) in the soothing shade. It is the only place in the region to offer pub-style gourmet lunch outdoors, and with no fuss in an extremely pleasant environment. The welcome is warm and the space convivial. Give the mint iced tea a go, very refreshing in summer. No alcohol is served here, but you may bring your own. The café offers delicious and hearty mixed salads, burgers, sandwiches, panini’s and local dishes…

You are likely to come across groups of readers, sharing their treasures, families with babies, calmly sleeping in the shade and rocked gently by a light breeze; such are the people you will meet at Vanilla Café. You can even enjoy a nice book in the quietude of the library or have a drink at the rustic wooden pallet bar.

Before you leave, make sure to visit the artisanal shop, Vanilla Village, where local and national artists showcase their products that are suited to all budget and removed from commercial routes.