Experience an unforgettable trip by speedboat in Mauritius

If you like to sail at high speed, make sure you experience one of the amazing speed boat trips, each of them taking you for an unforgettable adventure in one of the many small islands and cruise destinations surrounding the main island of Mauritius.

Bateau rapide ile maurice

In the north, you can choose between a speed boat trip on Gabriel Island and Gunner’s Coin, or/and a snorkeling trip at Gunner’s Coin. Gunner’s Coin is a natural reserve nestled within a large quantity of ” Paille en Queue ” and other endemic reptiles. With a high cliff of 162 meters, Gunner’s Coin island has a very dominant view over Flat Island and Gabriel Island. Unknown, Gunner’s Coin is famous for its seabed and its Confetti Bay, which remains an essential place for snorkeling divers.

Coin de Mire Ile Maurice

On the beautiful East coast, you can choose between different trips for an adrenaline-filled adventure, visit Ile aux Cerfs and many other islands scattered along the east coast, making your way to the famous Blue Bay Marine Park. The marine park is renowned for its remarkable coral garden, which houses hundreds of varieties of coral and its abundant fauna. Close to the coastline, the site offers ideal conditions for snorkeling with a rich biodiversity as well as a calm and shallow sea water.

Parc marin Blue Bay Ile Maurice

You will have the pleasure of traveling through the crystal-clear waters of the lagoons on the southeast coast of Mauritius with breathtaking scenery. You will discover the small islands along the southeast coast (Iles aux Aigrettes, Ile aux Phares, Ile de la Passe, Ilot Flamants, Ile aux Cerfs et Ilot Mangenie), and the waterfall of the large southeast river which is the only waterfall accessible by speed boat. Dive inside the beautiful lagoon and enjoy the bar services aboard a speed boat.

Ile aux Cerfs Ile Maurice

If you want to live an amazing aquatic adventure, Marguery Exclusive Villas can arrange a special trip in a speedboat where you will be able to swim next to the dolphins and dive with a snorkel under the waves with these majestic and mysterious creatures! Don’t forget to take your camera!

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