Surfing during holidays in Mauritius

If you plan to go on a surfing holiday, choose Mauritius as the next destination. Mauritius and its beautiful beaches filled with coconut trees will seduce you. This small island that is full of raw treasures has more than one trick in its bag. It offers a sea where you can surf quietly and swim. Let’s take a look at surf on this wonderful island.

surf ile maurice

Ultimate surf destination

The famous subtropical climate of Mauritius, its perfect beaches and translucent waters place it on the same level as some of the best island destinations in the world. There is no doubt that it is suitable for holidaymakers who wish to spend their days enjoying the sun from the comfort of their deckchairs. But what most jet-setters don’t realize is what the island can offer to thrill-seekers and active travelers alike.

The pristine lagoons are perfect for snorkeling (which is absolutely indispensable in Mauritius), Standup paddle, kayaking and swimming, but beyond the reef is the dream site of a surfer, especially during the mild winter months (which go from May to September). Long eclipsed by the world fame of surfing in Réunion (located about 200 km southwest), Mauritius continues to gain popularity among surfers from around the world who are looking for safer surfing paradises not infested with Great White sharks (In fact, sharks in Mauritius are very seldom seen and when they are, these are usually the smallest, reef sharks).

surf ile maurice

The main surf spots of Mauritius

We recognize the Mauritian territory by its long hot days under the palm trees. Vacationers appreciate this tropical atmosphere all year long. During your stay, enjoy the pleasure of surfing on its turquoise sea. Do not worry, a Mauritius vacation rental opens to all vacationers. Namely the rental of surfboard, windsurfing, water skiing. To practice this activity, these beaches are the best:

  • Le Morne: This beach has a translucent sea which is at the south-east end of the island. It is undoubtedly the most frequented by surfers. Le Morne is even one of the surf competition venues as big waves enliven the surroundings. The spot of Le Morne is exceptional because it is suitable for beginners as well as surfing experts.
  • Tamarin Bay: A little further north of Le Morne, Tamarin Bay Beach is ideal for surfing in October. You will be able to ride huge waves, whatever the height of the tide. The bay of Tamarin is especially popular thanks to it being in the movie “Forgotten Island of Santhosha”. The film, shot in 1974, has earned this beach worldwide renown.
  • Rivière des Galets: Surrounded by incredible expanses of tropical landscapes, steep cliffs, and untouched coastlines, Rivière des Galets is an exceptional place for experienced surfers looking for phenomenal waves that tend to be consistent, thanks to a reef partially exposed coral that forms a classical left reef. This makes it not only an incredible surf spot – the fact that the water draws more difficult on the rocks than on the sand – but an incredible change of scenery.

surf ile maurice

The reasons why Mauritius is an ideal place for holidays

There are many major assets that Mauritius offers to tourists. Mauritius is above all the place to visit once in a lifetime. The landscape it offers from sunrise to sunset is beautiful. Not to mention its tropical atmosphere during the evenings that make you want to jiggle around the fire.

Also, no matter what time of year you want to spend your holidays, the Mauritian seas will always be pleasant and warm days. It is full of sites with waves and winds, worthy for the best, but also for surfers’ apprentices.

We do not offer to stay in expensive hotels, but rather in the rental villa Mauritius, especially if you are many. The reason is simply that villas for rent Mauritius have a better value for money. Villas for rent in Mauritius usually have the same services as a hotel, like Marguery Exclusive Villas.

Mauritius is also a country rich in culture. You can admire art, listen to music and especially enjoy the typical Mauritian dishes. Not to mention that the inhabitants of this small island bordered by the Indian Ocean are hospitable, friendly and helpful. So, do not hesitate to book your ticket for this island.

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