Place to visit : The stunning waterfalls of Mauritius

Far from the stereotypical image of Mauritius, including the white beaches with turquoise waters and filaos, this island is so much more than its typical image. This volcanic island is filled with panoramic landscapes, lush forests, mountains, roaring waterfalls, plunging cliffs, and gorges.

There are numerous remarkable waterfalls in Mauritius, and each one is just as beautiful as the other. With fertile soil and lush vegetation, these waterfalls are havens of relaxation and a means to connect with nature. Most of the waterfalls are located in isolated and serene places, and the paths to reach can be very difficult. Yet, it is worth to discover the rustic and wild side of this island.

Chamarel Falls

Located in the village of Chamarel, Chamarel waterfall is the highest waterfall in Mauritius, with a height of 100 meters (almost the same height as the Statue of liberty). It falls down in a picturesque environment of lush forests and breathtaking mountains. There are volcanic rocks from some 8 million years ago, representing some of the oldest rocks of lava of Mauritius.

Alexandra Falls

Another example is the iconic Alexandra Falls. Located at some 700 meters above sea level, the incredible Alexandra falls are located in the Black River Gorges National Park. The captivating green of the region, the diversity of its flora, its lush wildlife, and stunning scenery make this place a wonderful way to connect with nature. You can access the waterfalls going Plaine Champagne and in the direction of Grand Bassin.

Tamarind Falls

Also known as Seven Waterfalls, the falls are considered one of the most popular sites on the island. Located in the village of Henrietta in a remote and wild zone, Tamarind Falls represent pure nature in all its glory. They are surrounded by a stunning green forest nestled in the heart of a valley. These falls are considered dangerous and should be explored by taking all necessary precautions.

Rochester Falls

The iconic Rochester Falls is located in the district of Savanne, only about 2.5 km from Souillac (South of Mauritius). This waterfall is also known as the widest waterfall in Mauritius. This majestic waterfall is located in a remote, wild and lush green area where you can find unique and spectacular cliffs that have been transformed into rectangular blocks by the force of water over the centuries.

Grand River South-East

Located in the village of Grand River South East, the waterfall was an important place centuries ago. The river, which is the longest river of the island, was also used to store and ship ebony wood during the Dutch era. The visit to this waterfall is usually combined with a trip to Ile aux Cerfs, another tourist attraction of Mauritius. Along the way, you will be surprised by the radical change in the landscape.

Of course, there are many other waterfalls known in Mauritius that are gorgeous, but the waterfalls in the list above are the best. If you are planning a hike to these waterfalls, don’t forget your lifejacket and a rope, but also a nice pair of trekking shoes.

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