Discover the Rhumerie de Chamarel

In the middle of a rich valley, in the south of Mauritius, is the local rum distillery of Chamarel. The South has a good climate and ideal conditions for sugarcane cultivation and other tropical fruits, which you can see scrolling along the way to the distillery. The distillery is proud to be among the rarest to grow its own sugarcane for the production of its rum.

The distillery will reveal the process of rum production throughout its tour. Of course, this visit cannot succeed without inviting you to taste the unique rum of Chamarel, made from the freshest sugar cane juice. The peculiarity of the rum of Chamarel is that it is purely ecological and that it is, therefore, a high-quality rum. The secret of high quality lies in the special land where sugarcane grows. In this field, no sugarcane will be burned but cut early in the morning and processed within the next four hours.

Rhumerie Chamarel Ile Maurice

By visiting the Chamarel Rhumerie, you can observe the rum fabrication process from June to November. In low season it can also be very interesting to listen to the explanations of each step of the work process. Guided tours explaining each stage of the process are offered in English and French. You will get different types of rum from different distilling processes, one with an alcohol content of 50% and the other with an alcohol content of 40%, which is enriched with a variety of fruits and spices.

The distillery building is suitable for high-quality rum and is therefore built in a very modern and elegant way. This also applies to the service, always friendly and able to answer all your questions about the production of rum.

Rhumerie Chamarel Ile Maurice

The Sugar Cane Spirit store offers the opportunity to take the rum with you as a gift or at home for your own consumption. In addition to this, you will also find artisanal products and a small collection of resource jewelry from the area of Chamarel. The small store is open from 10 am to 5.30 pm.

In the restaurant “The Alchemist” located next to the store, you can enjoy fine cuisine from the district of Chamarel and its surroundings. Fruits and vegetables are grown in the local culture and are served with deer or wild boar. With this menu, you will get a suitable wine or fruit juice. The restaurant is open from 12 pm to 4 pm.

Rhumerie Chamarel Ile Maurice

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