Armand Gachet, portrait of a multi-talented artist

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Armand, born in Tamarin, is a full-fledged artist who happily defends the very peculiar creative spirit of Tamarin. Originally a graphic designer, he converted to illustration and interior decoration. Having lived in an ashram for a year and studied the holy texts, Armand’s work is imbued with Vedic teachings. Surprisingly, he is also the bassist of the group Crossbreed Supersoul, a Mauritian rock group founded in 2004. Music and creativity are his guiding principles. Established painter, he is the author of an original piece of street art, the wonderful mural that can be admired around the corner of “boutique Noel” (Noel shop), on the road leading to the bay. A magnificent humpback whale, as often seen from this coast, mockingly guarding a goat stationed on its head, portrayed on a background featuring La Tourelle Mountain and the bay. His more traditional work is largely inspired by spirituality and is based on Vedic culture. Armand is a deep, engaged and modest artist. The acrylic and oil paintings of Armand Gachet, also known as Gaura Gopal das, can be found on his Facebook page.

Photo credit: Fundind Initiative Vrindavan Experience