The historical Black River Post Office

poste riviere sejour ile maurice villa privee a louer

In Black River there is a place unaffected by the passing of time, well hidden beneath the foliage of the Banyan trees, these centenarian trees with branches dipping towards the ground. Cross the road facing Ruisseau Creole and discover the post office, a remnant from the English colonial era. The post-office clerks welcome the clients by name in two tiny, worm-eaten wooden rooms. Looking for someone, an address? They provide information with a smile. In front of the post office, the bicycle, whose bell suggested news was on its way, has given way to the motorcycle. Virtually intertwined with the post office, an ancient Banyan tree overhangs the dated building, just about hiding one of the magnificent marine cemeteries of the island. Take a stroll among the tombs in bright shimmering colours, pink, blue, green or yellow. Decipher the headstones and other stelae of the nineteenth century. Savour the quiet silence of the place, barely affected by the rustle of the wind in the branches. Still in the same area, take the opportunity to discover the ruins of ancient lime kilns, covered with vegetation (by crossing the road and heading along past the bus stop). A picturesque experience, a mere 5 minutes walking distance from the Marguery resort.