Delve into the colonial past

A visit to this small fort, situated on La Preneuse beach and dating from the times of the British colonial empire, is worth the detour. Built in 1834 by the British, the Tower has been repurposed into a museum where guided visits occur every half-hour. A tour guide welcomes you in the circular building, made of rough stone and limestone, where a small garrison was stationed for coastal defence. There, one can admire the splendid model of the eponymous La Preneuse frigate, the soldiers’ uniforms sewn by the Tussaud museum, the weaponry- muskets and cannonballs-, the powder magazine, the dormitory, and kitchen, as well as numerous utensils from the times. The Tower’s history has been well researched and loyally reproduced. Admire the view by climbing to the top of the Tower, where there used to be two cannons, and end your visit on the beach where you can still find one of the last cannons.

Exploring the rich history of the island, through an instructive visit, five minutes’ walk from Marguery Exclusive Villas.