Big game fishing in Mauritius

Big game fishing in Mauritius is a very exciting attraction. Do not miss an exciting sea trip during your vacation in Mauritius. You could catch a huge fish such as a blue marlin. Imagine… It is just like winning a gold medal at the Olympic Games!

Mauritius has always been one of the best destinations for big game fishing. Surrounded by the immensity of the Indian Ocean, the island is the ultimate spot for seasonal fishermen and experts in deep sea fishing. Each year, the island of Mauritius hosts several international big game fishing tournaments.

With its tropical climate, the warm sea of Mauritius is a paradise, filled with a big number of fish species. Thrilling and exciting moments are guaranteed! You will fight some ferocious predators such as the Sailfish, the Blue Marlin, the Black Marlin, the Mako shark, barracudas, Wahoo fish and a variety of tuna species.

Big game fishing in Mauritius is a life experience. This activity is done in private and offers you the possibility to benefit from the coaching of a qualified team, they will teach you everything about big game fishing. Marguery Exclusive Villas can easily organize this activity for you.

When to experience big game fishing?

Before booking any big game fishing activity in Mauritius, check out the calendar of the Moon for a forecast. The fish enjoy the full moon because visibility is optimal for them at that time. Many of them feed at night when the water temperature cools down. The problem is that they are not likely to find your bait very appetizing the next day. If you are an experienced fisherman, you know that it is preferable to avoid big game fishing during the full moon.

The best seasons for fishing in Mauritius

The best time for big game fishing is during summer, from October to April. The best months to catch the famous Blue marlin are December, January, February and March.

Experienced fishermen will tell you that the chances to catch a big fish are very good during summer. That is why they use of heavy equipment. Marlin, Tuna, Carangidae, Bream… you can catch them all. However, the sailfish is more difficult to catch because a different technique is required.

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