Best Kitesurf spots in Mauritius

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Are you looking for the best Kitesurf destination? Mauritius is an island surrounded by a reef which forms perfect lagoons and waves for kitesurfers. During winter period (May – November), when the constant trade winds blow from 15 to 30 knots, Mauritius becomes the ultimate destination for kitesurf lovers, freestylers as well as professionals.

The kitesurf season in Mauritius begins in April until the end of November. It is the period of the Mauritian winter with strong and constant trade winds coming from the south-east, blowing from approximately 15 to 25 knots. It is the best time if you are planning kitesurfing holidays in Mauritius.

During the warmer months, from December to March, the strong winds decrease, leaving a little breeze coming from Asia, but it is still consistent. This breeze is noticeable throughout the year, mainly in the south. The north of the island does not have too much wind because this part is protected by the mountains. Also, the winds tend to break and are generally not as strong as in the South. That is why the South of the island of Mauritius offers perfect conditions for kitesurfing throughout the year, and the best kite spots of the island, suitable for any level of competence.

Le Morne

Le Morne is the most beautiful spot of kitesurf of Mauritius! This place is also ideal for beginners. It is also very suitable for experts with big waves, as well as the legendary spots of Manawa and One-Eye, with the mountain of the Morne Brabant as background scenery!

Bel Ombre

This spot is in the South, about 30 minutes to the east of the Morne with a very shallow lagoon. So be careful or else your kiteboard could get scratches! This spot is not very large, but the flat is ultra-Flat.

Pointe d’Esny

Pointe d’Esny is also known as Paradise Beach. The locals know this spot as being one of the most beautiful stretches of white sand beach and the best-preserved coral reef lagoon on the entire island. Pointe d’Esny beach is without a doubt a well-hidden gem.


Palmar is the perfect fit for any kitsesurf lover with its white beaches and its turquoise lagoon. Perfect side-onshore conditions for freestylers meet very good conditions for newcomers.

Trou d’eau douce

Trou d’Eau Douce is “kiteable” throughout winter (June to November). The lagoon is extra wide, most of it shallow and flat (riders must be careful at low tides). Launching is fine almost anywhere along the beach, especially nearer to the reefs (the East side), where there is plenty of space.

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