Scuba Diving in Mauritius

Scuba Diving in Mauritius

Mauritius – an island of incomparable beauty located in the Indian Ocean is home to some of the most spectacular coral reefs. With hundreds of colorful fish, the underwater world of Mauritius can be considered as a natural wonder.

When you immerse yourself in the waters of Mauritius, you enter a world of underwater wonders and you explore the coral reefs, the multicolored marine life, the shipwrecks from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, as well as some vessels sunk more recently, which have created magnificent artificial reefs.

Unlike the coral reefs of the Seychelles and Maldives, the coral reefs of Mauritius have not been bleached or affected by the warming of the ocean. The crystal-clear water, the abundance of marine life and the colorful reefs provide the perfect setting for submarine photography and filming.

The island of Mauritius, almost entirely surrounded by a coral reef, is home to many sea anemones and a variety of colorful fish such as the ladyfish, the trumpet, without forgetting the mischievous clownfish, as well as the Mauritian scorpionfish with its unique color orange. These magnificent colorful creatures and the decorative vegetation offer a magnificent spectacle to all divers.

Want to know where you might see these magnificent creatures (and much more) by diving into the waters of Mauritius? Here are our main recommendations:

The north coast

The North Coast of Mauritius is home to several small islands including Coin de Mire and Flat island, these are excellent places to see the pelagic life. Schools of barracuda, enormous parrot fish, several species of sharks, and tuna are often seen near these islands. Flat island, in particular, has a high concentration of sharks, but it is only accessible if the sea is calm. On the west of Coin de Mire is a dive site where you can see turtles, rays, and gorgons.

The wrecks in the North include the “Silver Star Wreck”, an old fishing boat with a lot of marine life. In the sand at 34m is a Japanese fishing vessel, the “Djabeda Wreck”. This vessel includes nudibranchs and scorpion fish on the deck.

The west coast

The “Cathedral” is one of the most popular dive sites in Mauritius. It is a huge submarine cave with a lot of light entering through the walls, giving the impression of being in a cathedral. The great visibility, the fish, and the corals make this site a favorite place for submarines photographers. “Rempart Serpent” has got its name because the site looks like a snake moving through the sand. Hammerhead sharks can sometimes be seen on this site as well as dolphins. In the corals, there are moray eels, lionfish, and stone-fish.

“Boulders” is another favorite site with massive basaltic volcanic rocks and large coral heads. Fish love hiding in cracks and crevices. This site also got a lot of large size eels. The “Stella Maru” was sunk as an artificial reef in 1987. Its little time under the water did not permit a strong growth on the wreck, but there is a lot of frogfish, moray eels, and stone-fish.

The south and east coasts

These less popular coasts for diving are often windy and known for their difficult sea but offer a drift dive when conditions are good. The pass of Belle Mare on the east coast extends over 2 km, including rays, barracudas, black seer fish, and sometimes bull sharks.

On the south coast is located the Blue Bay Marine Park, which is a protected area with a wide variety of marine life. The Saint Jacques pass is perfect for drift dives, with its narrow passage. There is also “Roches Zozo,” a 40m submerged rock and the ” Sirius Wreck”, a British frigate from the 19th century with a lot of marine life.

Best time for diving in Mauritius

Throughout the year, the island of Mauritius is a very safe and interesting place for a diving holiday. But the summer months (November to March) are considered the best time for diving.

During the summer season, the hot water attracts an abundance of fish and marine life. The people who experience scuba diving during this particular period can easily see very exotic fish, such that parrot fish, groupers, sweetlips, angelfish etc.

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