Horse racing in Mauritius

Horse racing, an essential sport in Mauritius and well engraved in the customs of the country, attracts around 20,000 people in Port Louis the capital every week. And this since more than 200 years. Indeed, the Champ de Mars built in 1812 is the oldest race course in the southern hemisphere and also one of the oldest in the world.


Every weekend, a large part of the population lives to the rhythm of the races, especially when it comes to bet on the best horses, thoroughbreds that are very powerful. For those who cannot go to the Champ de Mars, the races are broadcast live on television or radio. You will find people glued to their monitor to hear the results of the races.



Whether on the grass patch or in the lounges, the atmosphere is electric and this frenzy wins everyone. On the field, you can see the crowd bounce like spring toys, as everyone tries to see which horse is in the lead while shouting to encouragement to the jockeys, many of them foreigners, who become real stars for horse racing fans. The incredible noise around the official bookmakers who take the bets is also part of the atmosphere of the Champ de Mars.

In the VIP lounges, the atmosphere is glamorous where men and women are elegantly dressed. Women especially do not miss to each wear their very original hat. From there, they quietly watch the races away from the crowd.


This event is not to be missed if you want to live and know this tradition rooted in Mauritian culture. The equestrian season is from May to December. Tour operators offer full VIP days, where you will be in the front row with a better view of the finish line. Drinks and canapés are served and private bets are available. You will even meet the coaches and jockeys of the different stables.

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