Summer fruits in Mauritius

The paradise island of Mauritius offers a varied selection of tropical fruits in summer for the enjoyment of fruit lovers. Most fruits ripen in summer, but some can be bought at any time of the year. All these freshly grown delicious fruits can be found on the markets throughout the island.


Here are some of the fruits you can find during the summer in Mauritius:


longane ile maurice

Longan is a small translucent tropical fruit enclosed in a firm outer layer. Once husked, the fruit resembles a peeled grape, but a large black inner seed explains why it also bears the nickname “Dragon’s Eye”. In recent years, this ancient fruit has been hailed as a super food because of its high content of iron, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus. But we just love them for their juicy, succulent texture and subtle sweetness.


jamalac ile maurice

This fruit is known as Jamalac in French, as Zamalac in Mauritian Creole, Love Apple in English or a variety of other names in the world, including Champoo in Thai and Makopa in the Philippines. Whatever you call it, this bell-shaped fruit looks like a shiny red apple, but the similarities stop there because once opened, the flesh looks more like that of a watermelon. In the Indian Ocean cuisine, you will often find the jamalac used in salads or accompanied by salt and chili powder.


mangue ile maurice

Mango is one of the most popular and abundant tropical fruits in Mauritius. This sweet and succulent fruit is a favorite of many and is never refused when offered. It is grown mainly during the Mauritian summer season and has several uses. It can be consumed raw, ripe or mixed in the form of juice. This fruit has a delicious source of vitamins and minerals. With a hard skin, whose tone varies from bright green to yellow, a mango shows its maturity by releasing a sweet odor. By removing the skin, an oblong expanse of vibrant orange-yellow surrounding a hard core is discovered. A common way to eat them is to cut the fruit in half to remove the pit, then to crack the flesh and bite it.


letchi ile maurice

Originally from China, where it has been cultivated for more than four thousand years, the Litchi was considered the most beautiful fruit of the Celestial Empire. These small red berries have become very popular in Mauritius and even have a variety named after the island. The Litchi is a succulent fruit with intense aromas of Rose and Muscat. Its translucent and soft pulp, which envelops a stone, is protected by a bark of red color at maturity. This spherical fruit weighs an average of 24 g. Rich in carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins B and C, it contributes to the general well-being.

Water Melon

melon d'eau ile maurice

Watermelon is a very rich source of vitamins and minerals as well as potassium and is devoid of any amount of fat and calories. The watermelon has a neutral taste because of its water composition at 95%. Therefore, it is ideally considered the best fruit to fight heat in summer in Mauritius. This fruit is basically very cleansing, alkalizing, diuretic and mineralizing. It is very effective in promoting intestinal elimination, keeping the body free from toxic waste.