Discover the best markets of Mauritius

Colorful and friendly, the markets of the island are places of exchange for the Mauritians, where they make their purchases of the day. Ideally, the markets are to be discovered in the morning, while the animation is at its height. Don’t hold back to haggle over the prices.

The best way to discover the delicious fresh products that Mauritius has to offer is to visit the many lively markets of the island. There is a market in almost every town of Mauritius – from the covered and lively markets of Port Louis, teeming with vegetables, spices, herbs, salted dried fish and fresh meat, up to small fishing markets every afternoon at Grand Baie on the beach, where the catch of the day is displayed on two tables.

Port-Louis Central Market (Bazar Port-Louis)

port louis market ile maurice

The central market in the heart of the Mauritian capital offers a fascinating glimpse into the life of the city and its inhabitants. There are stalls selling freshly picked fruits and vegetables next to the scented herbs and spice stalls. There is a section of meat and fish where sellers thread and slice before your eyes. For souvenirs, you will find local traditional crafts stands, as well as T-shirts and other souvenirs. Make sure you save time, in the end, to enjoy authentic (and delicious) Mauritian street food.

The Craft Market

craft market port louis ile maurice

The Craft market is just a few steps from the Port-Louis Central Market, facing the port. The person behind the counter will most certainly be the artist behind the crafts. As you enter, the smell of teak mixed with mahogany cradles you from the hustle and bustle of the city. This warm atmosphere gives you all the time in the world to enjoy the most beautiful works of art that you can see around the island. From wood carved to basketry and glassware, the 36 stands spread over two floors testify to the unique local know-how. The only problem would be the size and weight of these treasures that are not suitable for travel. However, you can get away with embroidered flax, gift boxes containing local spices, or the very popular rum of Mauritius.

Quatre Bornes Market

quatre bornes market ile maurice

The Quatre Bornes market is a good experience if you want to explore Mauritius and the local population trade. Plus, you can shop for souvenirs and haggle, so you get a good price. The Quatre Bornes market is another attraction that costs you nothing, except for souvenir shopping and transportation costs. Three very good reasons to go there during your holidays in Mauritius. There, you will find a lot of clothes, like traditional Indian clothes, sportswear or underwear, you can find everything in this market! In addition, you will find kitchenware, sunglasses, rugs, makeup racks, and souvenir stands.

Mahebourg Market

mahebourg ile maurice market

Don’t miss the Mahebourg Central Fair, near the waterfront. Silk and other textiles were at the center of this fair, but nowadays you will find a very popular section of different products, sticky junks, and food stalls. This is the perfect place to sample local snacks: Gato Pima, Dhall Puri, and Samousas, usually distributed in boxes at the back of motorcycles. The market is open every day but its size doubles on Mondays. It doesn’t take much time to browse the rows of suppliers in a spin, but it’s worth taking your time to explore every nook and cranny.

Flacq Market

flacq ile maurice market

The Flacq market is the largest open-air market in Mauritius. This colorful market attracts a large number of people and some stands are open every day. The best days to visit the market are Wednesdays and Sundays when all the stands are open. At the Flacq market, you will find textiles, many local fruits, and vegetables, fresh fish and seafood, as well as vanilla and herbal teas, two of the local specialties of the Flacq region.

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