The book nest of Tamarin

vacance maurice boite livre villa a louer

Few travellers embark on a trip without a book or a magazine. After all, is the quintessence of holidays in Mauritius not the glorification of idleness, illustrated by a deckchair or a towel on which one lies, sunbathing, and enjoying a nice novel?

And what if you became a part of this beautiful solidarity chain of culture sharing? Come and discover as well as enrich the book nest located less than a three-minute walking distance from the Villas, at the local supermarket. The idea germinated in Europe, spread to Africa and reached the island last year. Brought back from England by two exceptionally gifted youngsters, altruistic at heart, the book nest is installed in an area buzzing with life. Take a book, leave a book or even a magazine. The idea is to share culture with a greater number of persons in an entirely free way. In Tamarin, it is a passionate bunch of friends, the “Kolektif Livr’ Tamarin” who manages the nest and ensures its permanent supply.

The broad social and cultural diversity existing in Tamarin allow each and everyone to please and be pleased: the children of the village may find magazines or school books, people who cannot afford them, bookworms, the curious ones… Go there and leave your hefty novel; discover French, Creole, English, German or Swedish books and be part of the sharing chain.