Islets around Mauritius

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If you chose Mauritius as a vacation destination, you will not regret it. Mauritius is not only a haven of peace where the beaches are breathtaking. Mauritius is an island surrounded by wonderful islets, do not miss the opportunity to visit them.

Whether you’re staying in a hotel or villa, the visit of the islets is not a big task and is accessible to all, with the exception of some nature reserves accessible on request. However, those which are inaccessible can be observed by boat excursions or sailing around the islets.

Ile aux Cerfs

Ile aux Cerfs is known for its white sandy beaches, its beautiful lagoon and its wide range of activities and facilities. At Ile aux Cerfs, you are sure to spend a day of relaxation and entertainment on one of the best beaches in Mauritius, to swim and to snorkel in the lagoon. Every day, tourists visit Ile aux Cerfs, spend a whole day and enjoy the many facilities and activities on the island. Over the past years, Ile aux Cerfs has become one of the most popular tourist destinations of Mauritius.

Round Island

Located 22 kilometers north-east of Mauritius, this island is an ecological treasure. Many species of endemic plants, some of which are no longer on the main island and the presence of endemic reptiles make this island a unique place. It measures approximately 150 hectares and rises like a cone out of the water to reach a maximum height of 300 meters. The composition of geological basis is an agglomeration of volcanic ash deposited in compact layers that look like to rock.

Flat Island

Also North of Mauritius, Flat Island is one of the biggest islets of the island, with an area of 253 hectares. It has a rich endemic flora. You will see an old lighthouse in the South-West of the island that will simply amaze you. A dive site of 20-40 minutes journey by boat is accessible to the public upon request. As the sea can be rough, diving must be organized in advance and divers must be experienced.

Ilot Gabriel

Ilot Gabriel is a sheltered cove offering an interesting place for snorkeling. You can spend a day on the island and have lunch on a catamaran. With its captivating turquoise waters, you will certainly not miss a swim. Diving takes place around Pigeon House Rock, where the main attraction is the proliferation of sharks, especially from November to April.

Ile aux Aigrettes

This popular ecotourist destination is a nature reserve of 26 hectares, located on an island about 800 meters from the coast. It preserves very few remnants of the coastal forests of Mauritius and is a refuge for many endemic and endangered wildlife species. Visits are possible as part of a guided tour. Highlights include the giant tortoises of Aldabra, the Ebony trees, wild orchids, the threatened pink pigeon and other rare species of bird.

Ile aux Bénitiers

Located off of La Gaulette (South-West of Mauritius), Ile aux Bénitiers is a large island of coral sand of about 65 hectares. On the northern tip of the island, there is a small colony of migratory seabirds which will fascinate any visitor. The lagoon is wide and shallow, with large fields of relatively healthy coral. The area around the island was a fishing spot for residents who, for years, have used the island for recreational purposes and as a stop when fishing in the lagoon.

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