Let’s go on a family trip

Casela, one of the star attractions of the island, only ten minutes away from the Villas, is a unique adventure and safari park in the Indian Ocean. Located at the mouth of Rempart River, the park covers over 250 hectares of grasslands and forests. One needs to spend a full day there to engage in as many activities as possible. Casela welcomes visitors as from 9 a.m. Once you have passed through the Jurassic Park-inspired entrance, you face its pioneering activity, the exotic birds park. You will be greeted by a cacophony of squeaks, chirrups, and tweets, revealing the multitude of species present. Next, you will visit the monkeys, including lemurs from Madagascar, and local macaques next to the tortoises. The mini farm where there are fawns, grey parrots, a llama, rabbits and other poultry is irresistible to children, who are allowed to bottle feed the animals. It is now time to admire the pygmy hippopotamus taking their bath, before climbing onto a fence to feed the giraffes. It is already time for the safari! Hop aboard open buses to enjoy watching antelopes and zebras in a reproduction of their natural environment. It is also the occasion to feed the permanently hungry ostriches which sometimes try to steal bread from your hand.
Pause to take in the majesty of the lions, with whom it is possible to take a stroll that is highly guarded but nevertheless very impressive. Several lion cubs were born in Casela and frolic next to their mother casually basking in the sun. The white tiger and the cheetahs are also fairly popular.
In addition to interacting with the animals, Casela offers a wide range of exciting activities: quad and mud quad, zip line, canyoning, 3D cinema, segway, canyon swing, jeep safari and more recently, karting, 3 minutes from the Park. You may also have lunch and refreshments at any time of the day during this exceptional visit.