The Indian Ocean Island Games in Mauritius from 19 to 28 July 2019

Jeux des Îles de l’Océan Indien sejour ile maurice

After the 2nd edition in 1985 and the 6th in 2003, the Republic of Mauritius will host the tenth edition of the Indian Ocean Island Games (IOIG), from 19 to 28 July 2019. This was decided by the International Games Council. It is also worth mentioning that the Indian Ocean Island Games remains a major sporting event, generally organized every four years.

This tenth edition coincides with the 40th anniversary of the Games, which brings together seven islands in the Indian Ocean: Madagascar, Reunion Island, Seychelles, Maldives, Comoros, Mayotte, and Mauritius.

Fourteen sports disciplines have been selected for these 2019 Games, namely athletics (including disability), badminton, basketball, boxing, cycling, judo, football, weightlifting, swimming (including disability), rugby, table tennis, volleyball, beach volleyball, and sailing. The athletes involved in the 14 disciplines on the program are already training hard to be in top form.

At the last meeting of the International Games Council in April, the draw for team sports, the participation of Sri Lanka and the next host country were among the topics discussed. Sri Lanka has expressed its willingness to participate in this 10th edition but the Council has decided: Sri Lanka’s membership and participation are refused. The absence of the representative of this country, who is also Vice-President of the Olympic Committee, did not plead in its favor. As a reminder, since the launch of the Games, Sri Lanka has never taken part in the competitions. However, the country was one of the founding members of the International Games Council in the 1970s.

To know the host country of the IOIG in 2023, it will still be necessary to wait. But the Comoros and Maldives have already applied. The decision will be known in July after a field visit to both territories.



A mascot always reflects one of the characteristics of the country that hosts a major sporting event, particularly by drawing inspiration from the fauna and flora. Thus, after Tizan the Dodo in 1985, then Momo the Dolphin in 2003, our country will have a third mascot of the IOIG, Krouink the Green Cateau. The Green Cateau is an endemic bird of the island that was endangered. Through determination and hard work, this bird continues to spread its wings in Mauritius.

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