Experience open-air cinema in Mauritius

cinema en plein air ile maurice

Mauritius is a beautiful destination for holidays with friends, family or lovers. It offers you a multitude of choices of activities for both daytime and night. One of them is the open-air cinema, which attracts many film lovers. It is worth a visit during your Mauritius holidays.

A cinema under the stars for a unique experience

You are used to watching movies in a cinema where everything is black and formless. With an open-air cinema, you will have a unique experience. In addition to enjoying a beautiful projection, you also enjoyed an extraordinary setting. Mauritius’ open-air cinema can give you that feeling. It will not disappoint you; it is really not the same as a movie theater.

A projection of all kinds on a large screen

Do you have a preference when watching a movie? Mauritius’ open-air cinema screens all kinds of films: Bollywood, Hollywood, Blockbusters or Disney, everything goes. However, there is a big difference, you can relive all the strong emotions by watching them on a large outdoor screen. Indeed, you will have the impression that the actors have the same size as you, so much the screen is massive. It is an experience not to be missed during your stay in Mauritius. If you choose a Disney movie, it’s a fun time to spend with your kids.

A place to relax and eat

Unlike open-air cinemas in other countries, Mauritius has comfortable seats, luxury sofas, and VIP lounges. Everything is well thought out so that you can relax while enjoying your favorite movie. In addition, the place has a restaurant where you can buy popcorn, cotton candy or a snack to quench your hunger and thirst.

An open-air cinema in a magical setting

The goal when staying in a dream destination is to discover all that it has to offer. Mauritius’ open-air cinema is very different. In addition to the services that can be described as upscale, it is also set in a magical setting; it is nestled between trees with a natural setting. It is also decorated with breathtaking lights that accentuate the magical atmosphere. When renting a villa in Mauritius, it is a place you should not miss.

Mauritius is a small country that has a lot to offer in terms of tourism. If you stay there, you can’t ignore this open-air cinema. You will discover another way to enjoy and watch movies. It immerses you in an atmosphere that you will not find anywhere else.

So, feel free to contact the concierge of Marguery Villas for an outdoor cinema experience in Mauritius during your stay in this luxury resort in Black River !