Exhibition at L’Aventure du Sucre – Refraction Citizens of the Ocean State

Since June 21, L’Aventure du Sucre hosted the temporary exhibition “Refraction – Citizens of the Ocean State”, by Mauritian artist Joshila Dhaby. The main theme of this temporary exhibition is the health of the oceans.

The island’s seabed and marine life are at the heart of the exhibition. By focusing on the marine ecosystem, the artist wishes to raise awareness among young and old about the importance of keeping the oceans clean for the survival of the species that live there. The exhibition will consist of three-dimensional installations, scientific information panels and interactive games. This will allow us to better discover the richness of underwater life.

L’Aventure du Sucre, located in Beau Plan, is one of the most popular outings in Mauritius and abroad. The recent 2019 TripAdvisor accreditation awarded to the museum and Le Fangourin restaurant encourages the management to do everything possible to offer visitors an educational and entertaining experience. In addition to the Special Holiday Promotion, Sugar Adventure has added two additional languages to its audio guide.

About L’Aventure du Sucre

exposition aventure du sucre sejour ile maurice

It is the best cultural centre on the island: an imposing project worthy of the great European museums and gathering a gigantic amount of information on the history of Mauritius through that of its sugar production, inseparable from the future of the island since successive colonisations. Located in the former Beau Plan sugar factory, the site covers 5,000 m2 and includes three autonomous entities: the restaurant Le Fangourin, the Village Boutik and the factory converted into a museum.

A tribute to a Mauritian heritage that can still be seen in all the island’s landscapes, the Sugar Adventure provides an opportunity to understand the manufacturing process of this commodity, but also to discover the history of the various Mauritian populations and their inescapable relationship to the sugar industry. While the visit takes place essentially in the heart of two huge rooms, it is divided into a multitude of spaces grouped around specific poles of attraction. It is bordered by an old factory chimney, giant grinding mills, cooking appliances and mixers…

If you would like to visit the L’Aventure du Sucre and attend the exhibition Refraction – Citizens of the Ocean State exhibition during your stay in Mauritius in our luxury resort, do not hesitate to contact the concierge service!