End of year meals in Mauritius

Christmas and New Year are approaching quickly and family holiday meals remain a tradition. However, it is not always easy to know what to offer on the menu. Choose the right foods and you’ll be sure to have a real feast.

The starter is essential to start a proper holiday meal. Aperitifs and canapés will set the tone. Appetizers are the most important thing Mauritians order. If there is a wide choice of foods, it is important to keep in mind that the starter should be served in small quantities. The canapés must be light so as not to satisfy your guests before they can enjoy the other simmered dishes.

Another possibility of entry is the traditional foie gras. This food can be eaten raw, semi-cooked or cooked. But to get the full flavour, it is advisable not to overcook it. You will find a wide variety of foie gras in supermarkets. A lightly fried foie gras can, for example, be served with a small apple salad.

repas fin d'année sejour ile maurice

The recommended main course is still the must-have turkey. Making a dish with this poultry, which is associated with the Christmas spirit, is a way to be very “friendly”. It allows to feed all the guests around the same table and with the same dish.

Turkey is usually prepared to the taste of the guests but it is important to know that choosing the food when it is fresh instead of a frozen turkey is the best option. The secret is in the cooking, which allows the turkey to be melt-in-the-mouth and soft. Homemade roast turkey is the favourite of many Mauritians.

If the capon, whose flesh is finer than that of the turkey, can also be used for the main course, another poultry of your choice is the guinea fowl. The choice of poultry varies according to taste but also according to everyone’s budget.

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