End of year holidays in the tropics in Mauritius

Traditionally, New Year’s Eve is a big celebration in Mauritius, with an abundance of parties, firecrackers and dance parties. Then, on New Year’s Day itself, the calm is back to make way for a very important gathering day for Mauritian families, with celebrations and rallies lasting often up to a week.

New Year in Mauritius is celebrated under the summer sun with a good mood, and under the beautiful and colorful glowing flame trees. According to the budget, the celebrations range from a good family meal to great dancing evenings accompanied by delicious banquets. The outfits are fragile, chic but comfortable. Everyone dresses to celebrate as it should the new year to come, with a lot of good resolutions and good projects. Forget the long sleeves and let yourself go on the colors!

Fêtes de fin d’année sous les tropiques à l’Île Maurice

Christmas and New Year are the most festive moments of the year in Mauritius. Whether you are in Port Louis, Rose Hill or along the coast, you will find in the cities and in every corner of the country a noisy atmosphere and cheerful rhythmic preparations. The streets are particularly lively with shops and Christmas carols that are heard all over the hubbub of the population. Toys, clothes, Christmas trees and decorations fill the stalls and the shopping spree affects all sectors, including household appliances and food products.

Fêtes de fin d’année sous les tropiques à l’Île Maurice

You will have the opportunity to shop late at night and visit the various corners of the island to discover the spirit of Christmas around the beautiful Mauritius. More than a tourist destination, Mauritius is above all a dynamic place to live alongside warm and friendly people. On the menu, Christmas and New Year are greeted with chocolates, candies, the yule log which is a typical specialty of the festival and other local gourmet dishes. Wines, whiskies, punches and fruit juices or non-alcoholic beverages are also available and will fill the shopping carts.

If you want to spend Christmas and New Year on Mauritius quietly, away from the noise and lively cities, enjoy its natural sites and its beautiful lagoons. Between relaxation and exoticism, your Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Mauritius will be rich in colors, scents, and souvenirs. To get off the beaten path, feel free to discover the island’s underwater treasures or an excursion dedicated to outdoor activities or wellness. Spend your year-end holiday in this little paradise and you will leave the island with beautiful memories that you can never forget.

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