Paradise on earth....

Mauritius is a little paradise surrounded by the Indian Ocean. Whether on the coast or inland, the island unveils its breathtaking landscapes: a myriad of shapes, colours and so many different scents. If you choose to be on the coast, your vacation in Mauritius will be an opportunity to, of course, relax on the pristine, white sandy beaches. The water activities available on the island are many and varied: scuba diving and fishing being the most popular ones.

Welcome to Mauritius

Inland, a walk in the Black River Gorges National Park will be the perfect change of scenery. And if for you, holidays and golf go hand in hand, you will here be amazed by the beauty of the 13 golf courses found across the island.

Discover also the island’s cultural traditions, which are still very much alive, by taking the tea route or the sugar route, attending religious celebrations or even Sega shows – combining music and dance.

Culinary discovery

We have not forgotten Mauritian cuisine : freshly caught fish, exotic fruits, vanilla, agricultural rum – all mouth-watering. Mauritius has in fact acquired the reputation of offering the best cuisine of the Indian Ocean.
As you can see, your dream holidays await you in Mauritius!