Discover Les Salines of Tamarin

Situated in the south-west of Mauritius, the town of Tamarin is known worldwide for its salt pans, where nearly 1500 tons of salt are produced every year to meet the needs of the local population.

Far from the hordes of tourists, the bay of Tamarin offers an astonishing sight: huge salt tables emerge from the landscape from which you can see the salt pans in the distance. Equipped with a large hat to protect themselves from the sun, the women take care of the salt production according to techniques that have not evolved for centuries. The water brought directly from the sea passes from one basin to another and evaporates little by little to make way for the salt crystals. It is here in Mauritius that many workers collect salt with shovels to supply the whole island.

Les Salines Tamarin Sejour Ile Maurice

A real plunge into time awaits the traveller during his visit to the Tamarin salt pans.0. A destination off the beaten track, it is here that they take some of their most original pictures. It must be said that the multitude of basins gives the landscape the appearance of an oyster park in a setting that is authentic to say the least. The workers with their salt pans on their heads, the hills in the background… We are here far from the tourist trails.

Swimming with dolphins and bathing in the Tamarin waterfall are far from being the only attractions of the region. So, it is possible, as soon as daybreak, to go and visit the Tamarin saltworks and learn a little more about how they work. As early as dawn, you can watch the workers with gloves and boots brushing the salt and forming small pyramids. They then fill baskets which they carry on their heads to the storage building.

Les Salines Tamarin Sejour Ile Maurice

The Tamarin salt works are one of the must-see places in Mauritius. You can discover all the authenticity and richness of the traditions where the work is done by hand from beginning to end. The visit is made with a guide who tells the whole history of salt in Mauritius and takes you from basin to basin to discover the different stages of manufacture. You even have the opportunity to treat yourself to different varieties of salt and fleur de sel, to be bought directly on the spot!

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