Discover Ile aux Bénitiers during your Mauritius holidays

Ile aux Bénitiers is located north of Le Morne Brabant. It offers an exceptional swim with its lagoon and its beautiful white sandy beach. Excursions are available for half a day or even all day, with picnics, grills, swimming and diving.

Before arriving on the island, the fast boat or catamaran will stop and you will enjoy snorkeling and swimming inside the lagoon. During the snorkeling, you will discover the reef up close, see many corals and many colorful fish. You will also visit the Crystal Rock in the middle of the lagoon, in the shape of a clam.

ile aux bénitiers sejour ile maurice

The next stop will be Ile aux Bénitiers where you will have lunch and free time to enjoy this beautiful island. On the way, there is a magnificent and impressive view of the Le Morne mountain. When you are on the island, the cooks will start grilling and in about an hour, you will be served a delicious menu consisting of: grilled skewers, seafood, chicken, sausages, garlic bread, and salads. After lunch, you can enjoy moments of relaxation – sunbathing on the beach, walking on the island or exploring the lagoons and coral reefs surrounding the island.

A few hawkers scattered around the beach, sell straw hats, jewelry made out of seashells, sarongs and other souvenirs. While the island may attract a crowd during peak season, you can hope to find an almost desert beach on a quiet day.

ile aux bénitiers sejour ile maurice

You can also have a unique experience swimming with dolphins in their natural environment. It is an exceptional activity that allows you to experience an unforgettable and spectacular adventure – swimming with dolphins in their natural environment, in the open sea, in clear water surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Swimming with dolphins is an exceptional experience where you will find yourself face to face with wonderful marine mammals and see them evolve in their natural environment by hearing their cries and, watching them play around you.

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