Discover the hiking trails of Mauritius

Mauritius is a heavenly place very popular with tourists. Its beautiful landscapes, beaches and turquoise waters make it one of the best destinations in the world. Through its mountains, the island also has beautiful hiking trails, with varying levels of difficulty. If you are passionate about this type of sport, Mauritius is the ideal destination. Discover the different hiking sites for your stay Mauritius.

Le Pouce

le pouce ile maurice

Le Pouce is located northwest of the island. It is part of the Moka mountain range. The summit of the mountain Le Pouce represents the third highest point of the country. It is visible for miles around. It has a peak of 812 meters, and lies between the signal mountains and Pieter Both. At first glance, the proposed course at Le Pouce seems pretty hard. But once on the ground, you will find that the path to the summit does not require great physical abilities. By cons, the few meters before the finish at the top are quite difficult. But once up there, you can admire a 360 ° view on the northwestern side of the island.

The waterfalls of Tamarin

chutes de tamarin ile maurice

Accessible to all, this site is ideal for a day hike. Go on an adventure in this unique place. The falls of Tamarin are recommended to the lovers of nature, it has a breathtaking landscape. In all, this site has 11 waterfalls. The difficulty level of the courses is varied. By calling a professional guide, you can browse the falls of Tamarin in peace, while choosing the level of difficulty. You can rent a villa Mauritius near Tamarin and discover this beautiful course.

The Bras d’Eau mangrove

bras d'eau ile maurice

The course is located along the wild and unspoiled coast of the island. It is not a very frequented place, which extends on 500 ha. You can practice your favorite sport in multiple trails that crisscross the forests and the coastline. It is the ideal place for people who want to walk away from other visitors to the island. You will only hear the birds singing and the sound of your footsteps during the course. By opting for a villa to rent Mauritius, you can fully enjoy your vacation, discovering the 500 ha of this course.

Black River Gorges

gorges rivière noire ile maurice

The Black River Gorges National Park is a place not to be missed during your stay in Mauritius. It offers a fabulous landscape on more than 6500 hectares. The park alone is home to more than 28 bird species and 160 endemic plant species. By choosing this place for a hike, you will discover during the course the natural treasures that the park reserves for you. A single course will not be enough to discover these wonders of nature. Stay comfortably, while discovering this site during your holidays Mauritius private villa.

Morne Brabant

Le Morne Ile Maurice location villa sejour vacance maurice

This course has the particularity of having a great cultural significance for Mauritians. The mountain of Morne Brabant offers hiking trails while discovering the natural beauty of the endemic species found there. This is the only place where the national flower, known as Trochetia boutoniana, grows. You may have the chance to find one during the course.

Kestrel Valley

kestrel valley ile maurice

This course gives an impregnable view on the Mauritian rattle. Stretching over a hundred hectares, the site offers a blazing landscape with sea views. For hikers, this site is among the best because it offers magnificent views, only after 2 hours of walking. During your Mauritius vacation rentals, discover the endemic bird species that have found refuge in Kestrel Valley. An area of four marked trails exclusive to hikers is at your disposal.

Mare Longue loop

mare longue loop ile maurice mauritius

Located in Pétrin, this site offers several challenges of course, in marked trails. It is a good place to take beautiful walks. Hikers will leave the visitor center to access the reservoir of Mare Longue, walking through the forest, Macchabee altitude and the Mare Longue plateau. The route is accessible to all and lasts about 3 hours. En route, you will meet beautiful little birds, including the Madagascan shredder (Cuckoo Shrike), the Pigeon Mares (Pink Pigeon) and the big Green Cateau (Echo Parakeet). More beautiful surprises await you at the end of the course, so you have to persevere.

Sophie Nature Walk

domaine sophie ile maurice

The Sophie’s walk covers a forest area of 10 hectares. It is close to Grand Basin and Plaine Champagne. You will be able to practice your favorite sport, while discovering the history of the island through a museum, presenting the tools that the inhabitants of the forest used formerly. Several courses are available at Sophie’s walk, including that of Ébène, a length of 3 kilometers. On the way, endemic plants will welcome you, such as fandias, endemic mascariens. You will also see monkeys jumping from tree to tree.

Mauritius is the ideal place for a hike. In family or solo, you will have at your disposal several courses. Difficulty levels are varied, and most courses are accessible to all. You will have the opportunity to discover the endemic plants and species that forests cover during walking. The more experienced hikers can also exploit much more difficult routes, while admiring the fauna and flora according to the chosen region. To stay during your stay in Mauritius, private villas are at your disposal, such as Marguery Exclusive Villas. Choose establishments located near the course of your choice, and discover the beauty of the island through guided walks.

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