Discover the endemic plants of Mauritius

Mauritius is blessed with a diversity of flora and fauna, unusual in such a small region. It is because of its volcanic origin, age, isolation and unique area. Mauritius has 670 native flower species, of which about 45% are endemic to the island. If you want to decorate your garden with some of these beautiful plants, you should know that several of them are available in most nurseries on the island.

A very beautiful plant appreciated for its decorative qualities, the “song of Jamaica” (Dracaena reflexa) is almost invisible in its natural habitat. This succulent with long, intensely green leaves clustered at the top of the trunk is reminiscent of a candle whose leaves are the candles. The plant can measure about four meters. It originates from the Coin de Mire and Ile aux Aigrettes, where it has recently been reintroduced.

plantes endémiques sejour ile maurice

Trochetia Boutoniana or called Boucle d’Oreille is an endemic plant of Mauritius and is one of the rarest, moreover this flower is the national flower of the island. The bush of this flower can reach 3m in height and the flowers have white background petals with red striations. The branches are numerous and multiply at the base. This plant flowers from June to October. Its ear-shaped flowers gave the plant its vernacular name.

Unintentionally, ebony wood was probably the cause of the first major deforestation in Mauritius. The heart of its trunk, dense, smooth, very resistant and extremely dark, is one of the most sought-after wood species in the world. Entire forests of ebony, once present in large numbers throughout the island, precipitated its decline by causing the greed of the first settlers. This tortuous and majestic tree, however, is still present in several forests on the island. It is also one of the most common endemic species in nurseries.

plantes endémiques sejour ile maurice


Senecio lamarckianus, the bois de chèvre, is a species of flowering plant in the aster family and a member of the genus Senecio. It is endemic to the island of Mauritius and is threatened by habitat loss. Endemic to Mauritius, now very rare, it is found in dry mountainous regions around the summit peaks of the island.

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