Canyoning in Mauritius

Canyoning is an outdoor activity that consists of descending torrents, streams, rivers, gorges with or without permanent water and may include waterfalls, basins and vertical parts. Combining hiking, swimming and abseiling, discover the most picturesque landscapes of the island.

Mauritius is full of breathtaking landscapes. Its waterfalls, canyons and waterfalls make it the ideal place to go canyoning. This increasingly popular activity not only allows you to visit the island’s little-known corners, but also to push its limits even further. More immersive than idleness on the beach, more sensational than trekking in the middle of nature, canyoning is developing more and more in Mauritius to become a must.

canyoning sejour ile maurice

The Tamarin Falls waterfalls remain the most famous in Mauritius for their beauty visible from the “7 waterfalls” lookout. There are several ways to discover this site. You can start with a short and affordable hike to discover this beautiful site. A path will take you down the gorge. You will be amazed by the view from the top of the 40-metre waterfall. Arrived at the foot of the waterfall, behind the waterfall, a dazzling spectacle is offered to you when the light of the sun’s rays is reflected on the waterfall.

canyoning sejour ile maurice

Another emblematic place for the practice of this sport during your holidays: the waterfall de Charmarel. This waterfall is reserved for thrill-seekers! This fall, more than 100 m high, will give you adrenaline rushes. This site, known to all tourist guides, is undoubtedly the most impressive for canyoning.

Located on the central plateau of Mauritius, only 20 minutes by car from the city of Curepipe, discover Eau Bleue site (also called “Cascade Rama”). Its name comes from the bright blue color of the basins whose water is supplied by underground springs during the summer. Accessible to all levels, this canyoning site leads you along this blue river where you can slide in the rapids, jump from the top of the waterfalls and abseil or zip line down.

canyoning sejour ile maurice

Located in the south of the island, the Exil Falls Canyon runs along the Savanna River. During the trip, you will be surrounded by magnificent tropical forests. You will find a small path that will lead you directly to the 20m high Leon Waterfall. Hiking, jumping, swimming and abseiling will make you discover the superb landscapes of the lush nature of southern Mauritius.

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