Tea, an aromatic drink usually prepared by pouring hot or boiling water on leaves, is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. Known under the name of “thé”

Ile aux Cerfs is a small island near the east coast of Mauritius in the district of Flacq. This paradise island represents approximately 100 hectares of land. Nowadays, there are

The sugar is inextricably linked to the history and the development of Mauritius, which in fact makes it what it is today, concerning its mixed legacy, its economy and, of

Mauritius is an island located in the Indian Ocean near the islands of Reunion and Rodrigues. The clear and warm turquoise water and the white sand beaches with coconut trees

Mauritius, in spite of being a well-developed country, still has areas of unspoiled nature where people can relax. Outside of the beaches, there are parks and nature reserves where Mauritians

Mauritius is a real paradise for all water activities and water excursions. Even if you are not accustomed to being in the water, Mauritius will make you fall in love

Are you looking for the best Kitesurf destination? Mauritius is an island surrounded by a reef which forms perfect lagoons and waves for kitesurfers. During winter period (May – November),

Big game fishing in Mauritius is a very exciting attraction. Do not miss an exciting sea trip during your vacation in Mauritius. You could catch a huge fish such as

There is an incredible number of golf courses scattered throughout the island, either 9 holes courses or world class 18 holes championship courses, designed by famous golfers such as Ernie

Scuba Diving in Mauritius Mauritius – an island of incomparable beauty located in the Indian Ocean is home to some of the most spectacular coral reefs. With hundreds of colorful