It is one of the nicest and quietest places in Mauritius and one of the best places for nature and animals’ lovers, where one can find numerous plants and exotic

Mauritius is considered to be a first-choice holiday destination, and as such, it can offer a wide range of activities to tourists such as hiking, golf, tennis, scuba diving, etc.

Mauritius is a relatively calm country in the Indian Ocean. The country is an island with beautiful beaches, tropical reefs and lots of sunshine. As such, most people come for

Mauritius, a tropical paradise island, is one of the best tourist destinations in the world and is probably the richest destination in Africa. To have an image of Mauritius, there

The island of Mauritius has a rich culture, which is due to the diversity of its population, native to Europe, Africa, and Asia. One of the ways in which tourists

Mauritian nature is generous. Across the island grow fruit trees that offer Mauritians a lot of vitamins on a daily basis. You do not even need to go to the

Mauritius has a great diversity of fauna and flora; very impressive for such a small space. It is because of its volcanic origin, time, isolation and its unique area. Mauritius

Mauritius, being a volcanic island, contains several breathtaking summits and valleys to explore by foot. The island is well known for its natural beauty. Maurice offers many hiking and trekking

Far from the stereotypical image of Mauritius, including the white beaches with turquoise waters and filaos, this island is so much more than its typical image. This volcanic island is

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